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  1. yeah saving at least a little has always been one of the keys. i fully intend to use this tip on. however i think i shouldn't live too below the means.
  2. yasss ***** can you imagine Britney say "theres some ****** in this house" over and over again (Y) very good choice, her voice would absolutely shine on this, it would be the new "its britney bish"
  3. such a good choice. Street is a really good song like, it shows authenticity of Doja , she really meant to say something with the song
  4. YES she is so sad she lost her hair in 2007 now in her diary she can't have hair quite some of that year and all her congruency is gone.
  5. in case you have a plan if you have a good plan what to do with your life then nothing fails (thats what i say as what i think is very true. i think we should always pave our way to a dream future, and if we are saving, then we should also think what for.) i mean i come from the walk of believing in being a dream builer. in short, i think we should have a dream too. and we should know our calling. ANYWAY, thats just my beliefs.
  6. BUMP, Come on, it would be interesting to hear from you also i know this is not gonna be a popular opinion but something from Justin Bieber 2021 could sound completely different and perhaps even better from Britney with few adjustments
  7. i thought maybe something from Billie Eilish.from her recent album. what do you think?
  8. NONE TAKEN 99.999999999999999% what i drink is obviously dat holy dose of water 1) world is full of weirdolike wonders 2) you can't get too much of a good thing ♥ ♥ ♥♥.
  9. these days for me, even Perfume is better than Work ***** but i might change my mind. work s*ut like i am
  10. good for you, you'd probably die if you drank these drunks every day isn't it?? * drinks i am talking about old women who are smoking cigarettes couple times a day, being more than hundred years old, and claim they are perfectly healthy. there are always news about people who seemingly have very unhealthy habits, but live well till at least ninety and no bad health it seems my only ormain bad habit is bad explanation in communicaton lol do you understand now? i claim there are news about people who are more than 90 years old smoke 5 times a day but have no ill health. always news like this around in newspapers where i live i know you might say being even 75 and smoking 5 cigs a day , the wellbeing is an exception but hey look what some humans are capable of , in this resourceful world, living to 105, smoking 10 cigs a day and being as healthy as the best sportsman. its like shut up, it IS an acheivement. maybe they have good beliefs too maybe some of them believe so hard that they can smoke daily and get to live well in their 100s that that alone helps them.
  11. YEAH i guess the stomachs of dif. people react differently to things, that to begin with i would say much more but you all have certainly heard news about grand mas who died at 100+ or even 110+ smoking every day a couple.. in good health.. edit: they didn't smoke cannabis. but the regular, very regular
  12. but i said tho that Stronger the whole concept could be reshaped but thank you Daddy for your opinion , sure , you have points to be considered
  13. id want more of these summer sea breeze songs that would be more refined than Boom Boom or Soda Pop. maybe add something from demos like Conscious to it or Pleasure Me even and Welcome To Me is just so chill these songs combined with Soda breeze i get part of Glory like kinda wanted to bring this in some parts but the song should be more dancey and even more of a SURF vibe even Glory has sometimes this over refinement that makes the songs less fun
  14. the song could have been made more lollipopey and bang! it works actually if Britney's songs many of them would have junior versions it would be good for a change many of them take themself so seriously and while its classy i get it it gets depressing sometimes whereas Britney's earlier songs in her career... id say i prefer Blackout. but even so, its all so serious and thats why i love Glory, its a little more fun. so yeah i guessssssssss something for every mood
  15. id think with a proper clever video and very good marketing Britney could have had Stronger as a debut single i think ,moreoever, that it would be original maybe changing some lyrics and adding to the song too in my mind, it could have been an original way to come out also, i get that BOMT is so good in y'all heads but i mean.. look what Olivia Rodrigo came out with. this choice is kinda nosy too but noone compains. everyone adores her i assume she could have fun Katy Perryish video for Stronger with some maybe tongue-in-cheek twist. i like Stronger. a lot of marketing could have been done around it and Stronger and full of herself? no way! drivers licence is much more of a full of oneself but only in these imaginary lands of Olivia's career
  16. I'd say i'd choose Stronger what you? saying it should stay the same is not allowed in this thead :D
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