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  1. 22 hours ago, SlayOut said:

    Whoever invented mayonnaise deserves prison time! :kesha_sunglasses_pink_talking_telling: Admittedly, I enjoy an aïoli on sandwiches or for dipping, but other than that, it is a flop condiment in my estimation. I especially hate when too much is put on a sandwich and, when you go in for a bite, you just get a mouthful of mayo. :billiebarf_ew_gross_disgusting_throw_up_vomit_green_eilish:

    Ketchup is a pretty universal, unbothered condiment. :queenflopga_walk_sass_pink: Vinegar is cute, but I don't really put it on much...

    i think so too actually, mayonnaise makes me already just feel bad. so far i don't like it. maybe i'll change my mind.

    i should just admit i really like vinegar even less than mayonnaise. but this is not direct answer to your post, just confessing.

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  2. ENJOYABLE but not gonna read all these 9 pages. but the fact this thread might be possible interests me from theoretical perspective. you all think you're doing wonders? building a castle maybe? well, its of sand some (actually a lot of, sadly,)... cases in life. i might not whine but i dine on positive and that makes me stand out. if there were 3 times less analytics of you who make it all seem like a research school, nobody would lose nothing!!

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Stannedforever said:

    :orangu_orangutan_ape:Okay this thread is a mess, and completely off topic by this point, but I just want to say that the original line in mona lisa was "she's gone" so the song was more about the cruelty of how we treat celebrities like **** until they die and suddenly they become mythical legends. The line was changed to "she's been cloned" (as in copying the original masterpiece painting with cheap mass prints) so it kinda tells the story how people can be replaced by other copycats and no one cares about the "original"

    lovely answer

    this is art

    and Kesha did not die young, so far

  4. What i mean is a song from Britney that you didn't really pay much attention in a while but came to appreciate later?

    It can also be that this all happened in the past: in the past, for a while, you didn't listen a song from Britney much, then had a favorite and now don't listen again

    I wanted to make a different interesting thread, i hope the description is understandable and also you all have a memory of geniuses so you can spot songs like that from your listening preferences


    for me it has been 3. first i didn't like it, then i adored it for a while but not anymore


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  5. 002093534


    I like Monster so much, as well as I like Pipeline Punch and drinking it now

    Pssst - don't be a negative nancy in this thread!! It is for appreciation. you can make your own thread for criticizing the cause to drink energy drinks. Be negative and you will surely be "awarded" in my eyes at least ;-) Xause we all know the dangers, you don't need to educate energy drink appreciaters like in school lesson

  6. On 9/13/2021 at 9:00 AM, princessmimi said:

    I of course like Diet Coke/Pepsi, so i'd say that for drinks but for food,

    I'd say sauces and ingredients for italian food.

    Me and my sis like to cook this dish called Buccatini and its REALLY good! (its like spaghetti)

    So yeah I say those


    When macaroni is good its really good, i have loved to eat macaroni in one restaurant in my local place (Estonia)

    i also love Pepsi and fun fact, I will buy Pepsi today, two big bottles :-)

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