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  1. 27 minutes ago, BrianFriedman said:



    The changes are generally due to the creative breakdown for each performance, the stage layout or the treatment. We rehearsed for the VMA's and video at the same time so we just picked sections to go into the video. 


    She had ZERO difficulty learning Slave 4 U. One thing that we did as a choreography team was let Britney and each of the dancers shine and make the material their own. They were "artists behind the artist". That is why you see different takes on the choreography. Britney did it was a **** effortlessness while I am over her shoulder hitting hard. It's all about seasoning... we all taste different. there is no right or wrong, only preference. 


    She could pull it off if she wanted to ;) I see her on IG... she's gettin it in with that fitness 

    this sounds so true that dancing for Britney is personal. she made it her own on POM. i don't see POM dancing as bad dancing, but different dancing, different style...

  2. 12 hours ago, JordanMiller said:


    My initial reaction was 'YESSSS.'

    Then after some thought... though his past actions are inexcusable... what if this was one step towards finding some sort of healing or resolution and he was denied that. I'm not trying to sympathize with an alleged child abuser. $200k could help a lot of kids. I see both sides. 

    I see a usual brainwash in this sentence

    people are not doing just one or two activities rhytmically their whole life 

  3. 1 hour ago, joanhs said:

    Okay lets take it one more time. It didn't fate away. The contract ran out. It was all the time, only about 2 years. 
    I read a press release before Britney announced it, and it clearly said 2 years.
    In denmark, where Change is from, there was never any secret about it - only a contract for a time-period. 
    I don't believe all the "Britney contacted us"-bull****. It was Change who contacted Britney. They hired her. 

    And CHANGE is a store, we have many of them in Denmark, I only buy Bra's from CHANGE because everything else is not for ma big b00bs..

    I really needed to hear that. thanks!

  4. 3 minutes ago, Roxxy said:

    Because I don't really care for him and I don't know him, I just know what he looks like. I don't go on Youtube to watch interviews of him. So I can easily separate the producer, from the ******. :donewithit: I have no problem listening to Britney, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha's old music. Also, they're irresistible bops. :bop:

    This might sound weird but, truth is, I don't want to ruin my music experience over someone else's problem with him. I don't even stan Kesha for me to be even that affected that i'll stop listening to Circus, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Blow, and Hot n Cold:mattafact:

    It's different with, say, Chris Brown. Cause I really cared for him back in the day. It really bothered me. I still made it to the Fortune era though. And that was IT for me. :imacat:

    I think the reason can also be the artists, you got to put the artist first, cause how for example you have an incomplete discography, for example for me it is one reason

    If Dr Luke sang it I wouldn't be attracted to it maybe

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  5. 17 minutes ago, Roxxy said:

    It's like. For example, I bought something online and then I think about what if it arrives damaged, and then I get scared that it might arrive damaged so I shake it off - and that makes me even more scared because I still thought of it, therefore I might have attracted it for like 10% so what if it does arrive damaged after thinking about it even if i shook it off but I still thought of it so it could still happen. :deadbanana:

    Like, I just fall into a blackhole. :imacat:

    I understand your concern. I usually never think that something could arrive damaged from Amazon for instance, but there is this really good beautiful bag I have, and on picture its Punisher's teeth's black lines of this toothspace are slightly off the lower spaces so I thought that it would arrive slightly off like on the picture but when I got it the black lines were in sync. So that's funny. But some of my thoughts just sound so ugly and they are mainly descriptive. For example, I like someone who I usually consider beautiful and then I look at the picture and out of a blue unawarely I scream in my head for a second "So ugly!" while generally long-term thinking the picture is beatiful.


    The Punisher bag https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01HN6M8W6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1


  6. 6 minutes ago, Roxxy said:

    I believe that our thoughts are powerful. :donewithit: So whenever I have negative thoughts, like by accident, I shake it off. :sobbing: But I get scared that i'm gonna attract it and it's gonna happen cause I thought of it :embarrassney: and that makes me even more scared. :deadbanana:Like I just fall into this pit and overthink everything. I don't like when that happens. :imacat:

    So you sometimes have bad thoughts about what could happen?

  7. 12 hours ago, Buffybot said:

    But what she did in today stories are the only moves she seems to know. Like, she repeats the same poses over and over again. 

    I just realized The Zone promo still there... :gimmemoar:

    yes, some moves are the same, but i think her moves , the way she moves is so unique. i dont kno but i think her personality is positively overflowing in her yoga moves. sunshiny and meditative kinda

  8. 12 hours ago, Roxxy said:

    Omg Knighty, I don't and I can't. :sobbing: My OC-ness will never let me. I don't even listen on shuffle. I never skip, like ever. :idkney: I always finish an album no matter what the circumstance. If I need to do something that requires me to not listen, I put it on mute so I won't have to stop the album midway or without finishing it. :donewithit: I don't alter anything. I like things to be in their true and official form - how the artist wants them to be. I feel like, if I change things, I feel like i'm listening to a bootleg or something. :eheeek: I don't like to include album tracks to playlists because I feel like it's not official to play a song that was never intended to be consumed outside of the album. I feel like if it's an album track, it should be played with the other album tracks. :blol:

    I do however play an album track solo without any restrictions. I can play it on repeat and not think it's getting more plays than the others. :yesokay:

    I wish I was more adventurous like most people though. :embarrassney:

    Lav ya mami/papi. Or are you just an unicorn? Don't know yet :embarrassney:

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