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  1. 4 hours ago, Style. said:

    The people I interact with, especially that they are embracing my little angry ball attitude (it be like that sometimes). I love there’s so much diversity in here and we can talk about it on various topics, for example I can express and discuss about my ***uality with my people without them judging me. Last but not least, a round of kissy hearts for my mods - the best mods this site ever had! :barbie_hair_flip_hairflip_weave_proud_cocky:

    yeah. always GOOD admins here (Y) but always room for improvements ;) ;)

    Remember, Jordan wants the best for you all, and best from you to all

    i hope we can have a trusty future me you Jordan whoever'

    what i appreciate is the work that has been done with this forum CONSTANTLY over time

    it can be true that this time mods work out a little better for me too

    attitude is the key thing, work on it, believe me i work on mine too

  2. 5 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

    Fixed :billie_eilish_green_chuckle_cackle_lol_lmao_haha_hehe_laugh:

    And thank you!

    you never do yoga ?

    sideline, this is not an exaggeration, and you know it too :-)

    you have made this forum quite SOMETHING

    i would say you have also improved my life

    i remember exhale helped me to open up communicatively in life

    even if i am not always the best explainer, exhale has helped me to speak more a day IN_REAL_LIFE too

    i have never really confessed to it here

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  3. 1 hour ago, bas che said:

    I wish these awards would feature genres other than pop. I remember when the EMAs introduced us to so many European acts that we would otherwise never heard of them. Now it’s all about the views so they only nominate ones who would bring in the clicks.

    TRU tho
    no diversity or very little

    now they already started showing 0.3 of some acts singing and if you want more you have to scan a code or go to some web page. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AWARD SHOW??

    some brusque moments in the award show to show: oh we have different songs too and on to Best Male

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  4. 1 hour ago, SlayOut said:

    Well your reply wasn’t brief, was it? :shadelaugh_tiffany_ny_new_york_ms_miss_cackle_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:

    No, I have not intentionally spit on the ground.

    No, I have not spit on anyone.

    Happy? :whitney_houston_huh_oh_really_well_look_stare_welp:

    it was brief...case, duh!!!!??

    you lazy *****es think brief is an expression for fast, i can't even, - i can't ever

    intentionally? internationally? ARGUABLE!;)

  5. your answer is too complicated for me to stay simple!! 

    its much like if id tell Meghan looks like Kelly Clarkson on this well known avi gesture. bat****''*** crazy'

    and lets just say Kelly would not be the onnly one to get heart attack EVEN if Kelly is so calculated and it would be a slow 'tranquil' one


  6. On 10/8/2021 at 8:59 AM, SlayOut said:

    I have never spit on anyone, nor have I really spit on the ground unless it’s some brief health crisis… or the odd moment when a bug might make its way into my mouth… :billiebarf_ew_gross_disgusting_throw_up_vomit_green_eilish:

    SORRY but based on your text it kinda seems you can't really decide if you have or haven't spit on the ground whereas you totally have. i don't like that on your reply. health crisis still counts! you have spit on the ground and you are shy to decide upon. i see what you did here. its funny cause in this world simplicity and SIMPLE LOGIC often counts much more. do you like kinda hope you won't split on the ground in the future? or have all your sick spittings happened inside your home so you don't wanna count them? so much for honesty? i mean my simple logic thinks you gotta have a more simple answer if you expect me not making fun of you. is this not brief enough?

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