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  1. Sheer is actually available in selected stores in the UK, and you can see actual pictures of Sheer Fantasy's bottle on IG. So I guess both fragrances are legit and they're just the first to announce.
  2. Totally agree ! She needs space and definitely not for the fans to be intrusive and to inspect every single aspect of her personal life.
  3. Again, she didn't say she watched it... She said there is a new one coming and it's not nice to have your whole personal life exposed all the time.
  4. Felicia and Lynne are not as exposed as Britney... And we can suppose these three people obviously don't have the same personality from A to Z. On this basis, we can admit that it's definitely possible that Britney don't like her personal life to be exposed, even if siblings contribute to a documentary.
  5. I think Britney takes care of her IG, and that's precisely why she doesn't post anything about the brand for the past 2 years. She did post about fragrances and stuff before that. And I think the useless posts about her training and doing yoga is the proof she posts herself because it's just some girl next door's IG, not a superstars or businesswoman defending a brand. So, no doubt for me. If we admit she is behind the posts on her IG, then we can understand she might not want to talk about her private life, or probably might have no right to discuss publicly about the conservatorship. But this can only be supposed by people who, like me, think she posts herself on her social medias, of course.
  6. Might be very difficult for your to live in a democracy... People are allowed to have a different point of view and to argue without being insulted...
  7. She never said she watched the BBC documentary... She only complained about a new one to be released.
  8. The fact Jamie is a **** doesn't mean it's pleasant to have your whole personal life exposed for 90 min on TV and talk about for 20 years.
  9. I really feel that you want Britney's happiness sincerely. And I can only approve. In my opinion, she doesn't owe us any explanation about the situation, or any public speech about what's happening or not happening in her private life, because it's meant to stay private. We, as fan, are here to support her work as an artist. And I don't think any of us would like customers from the office to have opinions on how we deal with our private life. That's what I think. I think we need to step up and to stop thinking we're meant to defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow. It's an intrusive behavior, and none of our business in my opinion. Of course, I respect people thinking differently.
  10. 100% agree ! It's like people always claim for a drama to make sure she sends signs of desperation.
  11. It's a fact : it was not a mental health facility she's been going to in 2019... Just check the kind of stays the property offers. Has nothing to do with a mental health hospital.
  12. I'm not pro or against the Conservatorship : I'm just explaining how it works and how, of course, a conservatorship implies that people decide for you... That's the point of a conservatorship. Regarding the fact Britney should or shouldn't be under one, I don't know what to think since I don't have the whole court documents and medical statement in hands to have a point of view. So I stay humble and admit I don't have enough elements to say she should be under one, or she shouldn't.
  13. Why is it so hard to understand that she might be tired of being in the center of attentions 24/7 ?
  14. I think she's happy too ! I think people have decided to believe she was not. And if she happens to say she actually is, people will just claim it's her team twitting.
  15. Are you providing elements that are 14 years old, when Britney was under influence (+ drugs & medicines thanks to Sam Lutfi), as a consistent proof of her point of view in 2021 ?
  16. So... Basically... 10 minutes ago, you were convinced her social medias is controlled by her team. And now you're trying to decode the secret message of why Britney herself tagged this person or that person on her IG to send us an hidden message. Dude, you need consistency and coherence in your point of view.
  17. I'm not supporting the conservatorship. I'm supporting the right for Britney to have privacy. And not all the time served as a guinea pig for all kind of social analysis.
  18. Being a victim is not a permanent status... And it's not an end in itself. Some people just decide to be a victim for ever. Some people just don't want this status, and decide to be fighters. We need to stop with this permanent vision of society : good/bag, victim/executioner, beautiful/ugly, moral/immoral... Life is not about Manichean points of view.
  19. She didn't say she watched the documentary... She just mentions that there is a new "Framing BS" to be released soon and it's not nice to see again her private life to be rambled on TV.
  20. So... Basically, if the Instagram looks normal (and we need to give a definition to what's normal and what's not...), people say that it's not her. And when her Instagram looks not normal (again, what's not normal ?), this is done to make Brit look like a mentally sick person... So basically, any post on her IG - no matter what it is - will be analyzed and construed to feed your own believes. Don't you realize Britney has been complaining for 20 years about people over-analyzing every single word or movement ?
  21. Have you considered the fact she doesn't like talking about her private life and isn't even happy about telling what is her favorite ice cream flavor ? Just accept her the way she is. Why do you require anything or any proof from her ? She doesn't owe you anything...
  22. First, it was not a mental health facility : it was a rest house. Just check the website of the facility to understand what it is exactly. It's a place where you can cut from the rest of the world, enjoy gardens, no annoyance, no regular life worry, and you have appointments with psychiatrist upon request which is not mandatory. When you're under a conservatorship, of course you don't take your own decisions... So, of course, it's decided for her if she goes to a rest house. As many other stuff are decided for her. Again, she never said she wanted the conservatorship to be removed. She's only fighting for her father not to be involved in it.
  23. How is it part of supporting the Britney Brand to just post videos of her doing yoga and fitness ? If the brand controlled 100% of her social medias don't you think they would post promotions about The Zone, and at least post a picture of the new fragrances she released twice a year ? If these social medias account had nothing to do with the brand, we wouldn't see Britney painting flowers in the garden, and dancing on some French songs twice a month, dude ! This is obviously Britney herself.
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