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  1. Grounding a 39-year-old woman for meeting up with a friend... Are they just taking the piss at this point? This makes me think of For The Record, when she says it's worse than jail and every day is like Groundhog Day. This is what her life has been like these past 12 years. It's unimaginable. Depriving someone of basic human interaction and friendship is a cruel, inhuman thing to do.
  2. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Britney take my energy ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ My thoughts are with her, really hope we see some positive developments today. Our Queen needs to be free.
  3. I honestly, like... don't get it? I think both the song and the video are so mediocre and forgettable. I can understand people liking it but the way it blew up is mystifying to me. Guess I'm too old
  4. Michelle Trachtenberg's response to SMG's post is so ominous. She hints Whedon behaved inappropriately towards her when she was a teenager and says she was "subjected to a lot." I have a bad feeling about this, sounds like something pretty bad happened, and she was only 14 at the time. Heartbreaking.
  5. Yeah I've been a fan of him since forever! I live in Europe though, he was huge around here up until the mid-2000s and I guess he's still pretty famous, though not as big as he used to be. I saw him live three years ago, he's an amazing performer/entertainer and he still drew a massive crowd.
  6. Damn, I can't believe this, I'm in shock. This is so incredibly sad and heartbreaking, what a tragic loss. My thoughts are with her loved ones, I can't imagine the nightmare they're going through right now.
  7. In Europe definitely Katy. Even Taylor's biggest hits (I Knew You Were Trouble, Blank Space,...) never got anywhere near as much airplay as Last Friday Night, California Gurls, The One That Got Away, Firework or Dark Horse. These days, I probably listen to Taylor's music more, but I still think she's kind of boring compared to Katy.
  8. I was in an open relationship for a while, but it didn't work out. Our agreement was to always tell each other everything, but then I found out my (now ex-)boyfriend had been lying about loads of other people he'd slept with Despite this experience, I'm not opposed to the idea of an open relationship per se - I'm not a very jealous person, the only thing I really hate is being lied to. I don't think I could handle polyamory, but the occasional casual hook-up with someone else wouldn't really be an issue for me. As long as my partner is honest with me, that's the main thing. But yeah, what I have learned is that open relationships are hard. Even if you agree in theory, actually putting it into practice is a whole different ball game. Both partners need to put in the work to be totally open and honest and courageous in their communication, and to have difficult and sometimes painful conversations with each other. So I think it can only really work out if you're both very mature and have excellent communication skills, and unfortunately that's very often not the case
  9. "Trip To Your Heart" because I can't believe she made a PC Music song before PC Music existed, she's always been ahead of her time
  10. Sooo from this it definitely sounds like Britney is in the movie? Kind of weird though if the movie has been out for a while that nobody knew about this. Not sure if I trust the Daily Mail anyway, they might have misquoted her to make it more sensational.
  11. "Stole" by Kelly Rowland, especially after I realised it's about a school shooting. "Cool" by Gwen Stefani, she really captures that feeling of nostalgia for bygone days that you know will never come back, big dreams that never really materialised & the intensity of your first love. "Northern Star" by Hole. Ugh, so heart-wrenching.
  12. I mean, it's hard to tell what is going on here from an outsider perspective. Maybe she's not doing well at all, in which case I hope she's getting the help and support she needs and feels better soon. Or maybe she's just being silly and having a laugh and we shouldn't read too much into it. Either way, she's not hurting anyone, so I don't think it's necessary to mock her or make fun of her. It makes me sad how some people seem so eager to shoot down these famous women with mental health issues, to label them "train wrecks" or "hot messes" or "cringey", as if they're not just, y'know, people going through a rough time who deserve our empathy. Mental health issues are no joke.
  13. Reading a book or watching a reality TV episode while taking a long hot bath. Spending time with friends - going to the pub or out dancing or having house parties (well, pre-COVID at least ), or just chilling together or playing boardgames. Cooking a meal for other people. Chilling on the couch with a book and my cat. Days when I'm hungover and I don't have to do anything but eat greasy food and watch trashy movies. Eating pizza.
  14. So apparently Britney did a telephone interview on TRL in January 2004 where she spoke about the wedding with Jason Alexander and said: "I do believe in the sanctity of marriage, I totally do. But I was in Vegas, and it took over me." "We landed on Mars that day, why aren't they talking about that?" (https://www.irishexaminer.com/world/arid-10107584.html) I've been looking for a recording of this interview but can't seem to find it anywhere so I thought I'd post here on the off chance anyone here has ever come across it/knows where I could find it?
  15. You're right, and she deserves a lot of credit for that. Makes me sad when some people still see her as a laughing stock to this day. Her traumatic homelife combined with the insane media scrutiny she received would have been enough to make anyone go off the rails for a while. I have no doubt she's a very strong person.
  16. I watched them a few days ago after YouTube recommended them to me, super interesting!! I remembered some of the LiLo drama from way back (I was a teenager in the aughts so I used to read about her in the gossip mags) but I learned a lot of new things from these videos, so many details I never knew about or forgot. LiLo is so iconic.
  17. She looks AMAZING. The way she just keeps on serving ugh
  18. Plastic Hearts, hands down. While I love Bangerz and Dead Petz, on those albums she very much sounds like a girl trying to figure out who she is and what she wants to do (not that there's anything wrong with that). But on Plastic Hearts, she sounds like a woman who has found her true voice. The rock sound suits her so well, and the way her voice has evolved is just Plastic Hearts was one of my favourite albums of 2020 and it honestly deserved so much more
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