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  1. Honestly wasn't expecting this. Wow. I don't know what to say at this point except that I'm so, so proud of her, she is so strong, and she is going to GET her freedom <3
  2. Honestly, I get where she's coming from. The amount of documentaries scheduled to come out doesn't sit easy with me either. One documentary, sure. But now awareness has been raised, people know about the conservatorship and about #FreeBritney, so arguably, the goal has been reached. What justification do these other documentaries have to keep rehashing, as Britney says, the most traumatic moments of her life? They can't claim they're doing it to raise awareness anymore, because that goal has been achieved by Framing. So the only possible conclusion is that they're just jumping on the bandwagon in the most cynical way to generate clicks and earn $$$ off Britney, and off her problems and her suffering. Which is exactly what they're criticising the media of the 00s for. So imho, she's right, they are hypocritical, because in the end they're still just using her for their own monetary gains. Yet again, people that she doesn't know and that don't really know anything about her day-to-day life, are constructing a narrative about her beyond her own control. It's a different narrative this time round: now, she doesn't get painted as crazy or as a bad mother, but as a helpless victim. Which I think is potentially just as damaging, and has the same effect of taking away her control over her own narrative. Even in For The Record she stated that she hates being portrayed as a victim, so her reaction does not surprise me. I can totally imagine that she finds it embarrassing, not to mention patronising, that she's being painted as a victim for all the world to see. Sure, she has been victimised and treated unfairly in many ways, but she's also so much more than just a victim, and with all these documentaries, people are at risk of forgetting that. And to everyone who refuses to even entertain the idea that she wrote this caption herself: imagine if she did write it, and everyone refused to believe it was her? Aren't you then guilty of doing the same thing team C-ship has been doing all these years - silencing her and taking away her voice, refusing to listen to her because what she's saying isn't convenient to you?
  3. Yeah... I love Lindsay and I'm rooting for her but this isn't it. I'm hoping it'll grow on me after listening to it more but idk I want more bops like Xanax and Back To Me!
  4. I agree with every word you've written. The way she conveys emotion and vulnerability is really something special and unique. I feel like she really has her own perspective and way of looking at the world that is very different from most people, and yet her music manages to touch so many people on a deep emotional level. And to think she's still so young and only at the beginning of her career, I can't wait to see her evolve & develop. In summary, this (unironically):
  5. Obsessed with 'On A Mountain' by Danny L. Harle (the entire album slaps tbh). I've been listening to it on repeat, I find it soothing somehow.
  6. ContraPoints. Not only are her videos almost works of art (I'm a huge fan of her aesthetic), she also really does her research, knows what she's talking about, doesn't shy away from complexity and always makes interesting points/analyses. And she also just seems like a really cool and fun person. Sarah Z makes super interesting videos about online culture/communities, fan culture, fanfic, so if you're into that kind of thing I definitely recommend her channel. She really digs deep and often goes way down into the rabbit hole of internet lore. Big Joel is also a video essayist, mainly media criticism/analysis, I think his videos are hilarious but I also always learn something from them. milatequila makes videos about early 2000s pop culture (she made a great video about Lindsay Lohan), so I can't not stan.
  7. I really enjoyed The Haunting of Hill House! And not sure if this counts as it's more of a horror comedy (it's pretty gory though), but I loved Santa Clarita Diet with Drew Barrymore. Still mad at Netflix for cancelling it after 3 seasons and letting it end on a huge cliffhanger I've also heard The Terror is pretty good and very scary, but haven't watched it yet.
  8. Wow I only just saw this, super interesting analysis, I think many of your points really make sense Thank you for this! Something else I was also thinking about - I think the leopard might have a deeper symbolic significance. Britney has always had a fascination with big cats, lions, tigers, etc. Like when she posted the "Rebellion" snippet on her website way back in 2006, it was accompanied by a flash animation of her face morphing into that of a Bengal tiger: And then around the same time, when she used to have her blog on her website, she also made a post called "TIGERS" where she talks about her fascination with tigers and their sense of mystery and freedom. Remember, this was around the time she was really trying to gain control over her life and break free from the image the she had had to conform to for her entire career. Little over a year prior, she had been working on the Original Doll-album, apparantly without her label's knowledge, and taken the "Mona Lisa"-demo to a radio station, again without her label's permission. So she was in full-on Rebellionney-mode around this time, trying to find her own voice and to tell her own story. That's why I've always thought big cats seem to symbolise REBELLION and FREEDOM to her. In the face morph animation accompanying "Rebellion", her inner tiger (which symbolises her rebellious nature) literally takes over her appearance as she goes into rebellion. So in conclusion, the appearance of a leopard in this video, especially combined with all the other imagery and symbols and hints, might not be a coincidence, and it might further symbolise her inner desire for rebellion, her desire to break free from her constraints.
  9. Wow that "sweet soul" comment is disgusting. So condescending, patronising and just plain inappropriate. He really strikes me as a manchild with a severe lack of empathy. Yikes
  10. Such a beautiful couple Glad to see she's having a lovely Valentine's, she deserves it
  11. That is just heartbreaking. The idea that Britney was calling her and probably had no idea why she wasn't answering.
  12. Yeah I mean I wouldn't necessarily compare Taylor's situation to Britney's, but I do agree that Taylor gets a disproportionate amount of hate that often seems totally unjustified and irrational (and I'm not talking about people not being into her music, I'm talking about hate for her as a person). There are so many people who just seem to jump at the chance to tear a woman down for no real reason, and that does make me sad. I like Taylor and I think she deserves better.
  13. I'm from Belgium, currently living in Ghent! Lived in the UK for 4 years though and am hoping to move back there after this whole rona mess ends
  14. When my ex and I first got together, I made an off-hand comment to him about how my previous ex (who was an emotionally abusive *********) had borrowed my favourite book from me and never given it back. I'd already forgotten about it when a few months later, for my birthday, he gave me the book - the exact same copy my ex had borrowed! Apparently he'd invited himself over to my ex's house under false pretenses (they work in the same field and so were vague acquaintances), waited till he went to the bathroom and then stole the book from his bookcase. That's definitely the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.
  15. Ahh so glad to hear this!! I'm literally done with all the Sam-hate, he seems like a good guy and more importantly, he seems to make Britney happy (and even more importantly, their relationship is none of our business). I'm glad the narrative about him finally seems to be shifting after he called Jamie a d*** and now with Felicia speaking out. Bye-bye Sam haters
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