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  1. - Once, when I was drunk, I peed on my flatmate's plants and they died (I told her they must have got some mysterious plant disease). Another time I took her vibrator from her room & used it (desperate times call for desperate measures). Yes I am possibly the worst flatmate in the history of flatmates. - I still regularly google the girls me ex cheated on me with even though it's been a year since we broke up, it makes me feel like $ h 1 t but I can't stop doing it - I'm almost 30 years old and I still sleep with stuffed animals - Last time I had sx was a one night stand with some guy on a mattress in the back of his van, the next day he gave me a chocolate bunny & then ghosted me and well let's just say this wasn't where I saw myself at 30 but hey roll with the punches I guess
  2. good to see her happy and laughing! this is the britney we know and love, we stan a goofy queen
  3. "Believe it or not pretending that I’m ok has actually helped …" Yeah sorry I don't believe it I was always on the fence as to whether she controlled her own account but this is just too blatant. "but honestly who doesn’t want to capture there Instagram in a fun light 💡🤷🏼‍♀️" I don't think she would make light of the situation like that right after giving such a heartwrenching testimony! So tonedeaf.
  4. What I want is for her to hang around the beach with her boyfriend, swim in the pool and in the ocean, ride horses in the hills, have fun days out with her kids, go to concerts and to the movies, have an amazing wedding and try for a baby, have lunch dates and spa days and girls' weekends away and parties with all of her friends she hasn't been able to see for years, travel to Hawaii - hell, travel all around the world if she wants to, and finally get experience some of it outside of airports and hotel suites and concert arenas, play with her dogs, bake cakes, make instagram posts about the flowers in her garden, dance in her living room, go on shopping sprees without anyone having a say over how much money she spends, make paintings... All of these things and more I wish and hope and dream for her. Recording albums and touring? Not very high on my list tbh. She's already given us so much amazing music, more than we could expect from anyone in a lifetime. I know she enjoys singing and dancing, but maybe she's perfectly happy just doing those things in her own home or on instagram for the rest of her life, just having fun with it without all the pressure of working in a professional environment and being "Britney Spears, global superstar", with all the expectations that brings. I'd be perfectly happy if she never makes music again, as long as it means she's living her life the way she wants to. God knows girl has earned an early retirement, if that is what she wishes to do. And if she does decide to make music or perform again, on her own terms, all the better, I'd be over the moon! But I'm definitely not counting on it. And honestly, it really shouldn't be our focus right now. This woman needs to be able to live a normal, human life first, free from abuse and exploitation, and experience all the joys that come with that.
  5. Lol if even Piers Morgan thinks you're evil you've really got to do some soul-searching
  6. Makes me so so happy to read this honestly! I've been thinking of her all day and hoping she's doing well and able to recover from all the emotions and stress. It must have taken a lot of courage and strength to do what she did & I can imagine she's feeling pretty overwhelmed and drained right now. She deserves a break, I hope they have a wonderful time together and I'm glad Sam is there for her and supporting her & I hope she comes back with renewed energy for the Final Battle & DESTROYING team C-ship once and for all!
  7. It's already been a whole year?! I swear ever since COVID hit time moves in mysterious ways. Anyway my favourite song is probably Sine From Above because it's so shamelessly over the top and because Elton John and that crazy drum & bass breakdown at the end. Favourite music video is Rain On Me, I literally don't think I would have survived the past year without that song/video. Though the 911 video is amazing too. Loved the whole album in general, it was exactly the vibe I needed to get me through a rough year. So many times I danced around my living room to these songs. She should've taken Miss Dula Peep as an example though, and released more singles and videos. The era kind of feels unfinished, like she just abandoned it.
  8. This! It's criminal negligence. It was his job to inform her of her rights and her options. He's just as bad as the rest of them. He probably knew that once she was aware of her rights, she would try to get her own attorney and he would be out of a job and $$$
  9. Not just team C-ship, but also the court system itself is super slow, so yeah I agree it might take a while before everything is completely over & done with. But as long as things are moving in the right direction & the right steps are being taken, that would already be such a huge relief. Ultimately, she's been under this thing for 13 years now, I think she can probably bear one more year (even though it's obviously not ideal) if she knows there's an end date and the end is in sight, and things aren't totally hopeless anymore. But yeah if only she could just be free right now, today, without having to wait for all this bureaucracy and legal proceedings
  10. I don't think she meant to shade her, I think she meant she found it difficult to believe Paris' story at first, just as an illustration of the fact that people in general find it hard to believe women's stories of abuse, or to believe that bad things can happen to people who are famous or rich. I think she meant it more like: "I even had trouble believing Paris' story, so how is anyone ever going to believe me?" I don't think she meant to imply that Paris lied, it's more to make a point about our own attitudes towards the stories & experiences of women. I guess she could have worded it better but considering the circumstances and the stress she was under I don't blame her. Anyway I think her and Paris are in touch so I'm sure Paris knows no shade was intended.
  11. Honestly? Probably everything she made post-Blackout, when the C-ship started. As much as it pains me to say this (Femme Fatale en Glory are some of my favourite albums by her), but I'll always see those albums as (at least partly) the products of coercion now, produced within an abusive situation. As good as some of those albums are, I can't imagine she had much, or even any, control over their content.
  12. Oh my god yes. I hardly slept (it's morning here) and I think today is gonna be a write-off.
  13. I truly think its days are numbered now. Not only does the world know about the abuse, but most importantly Britney now knows that she can file to end it, and it sounded like she's determined to do so. I'm optimistic this nightmare will be over soon! It might take a while to go through the courts etc., but I think things are going to be set in motion soon.
  14. That was such an iconic, kick-*** moment. My jaw hit the floor when she just cut her off like that. Pop history in the making.
  15. oh man the champagne glass filled with apple juice... that's brutal 😭
  16. Yes agreed, 100% this! & no I think she meant it metaphorically, like she's heartbroken because of the way they've treated her (or that's how I understood it!)
  17. Exactly, I mean of course there might be stuff we don't know about but I don't think there's any evidence she ever had a drinking problem. Sure, she got drunk sometimes when she went out partying, and maybe things got a bit out of control at times, but she was in her mid-20s and had just gone through a divorce so that just seems like pretty standard behaviour in that situation. Alcoholism is a very serious issue and it's not the same thing as just going through a phase of partying hard. If that amounts to being an alcoholic, then me and most of my friends would have been in rehab at some point. I chuckled when she was like "I should be drinking alcohol after what they've done with my heart", like yeah let her LIVE! She deserves a drink after everything she's been through tbh.
  18. I'm Belgian! Are you in Spain? Yeah tbh I'm kind of scared of going to sleep & having to catch up on sooo much tomorrow when I wake up!
  19. I've listened to the full recording three times now but I still... can't quite believe this is really happening? It almost feels like it's not real, like it's a dream. I have such mixed feelings y'all... In a way this is everything we've hoped for, Britney finally speaking her truth and standing up for herself, finally blowing this whole thing wide open, finally it seems like there's a way out of this situation that seemed so hopeless at at times. But on the other hand I can't be truly happy about it because it's just so heartbreaking, so gut-wrenching. I mean we all knew things were bad, but this level of abuse is just... it's confirming my worst fears to be honest. It's 3AM here but I can't go to sleep because I'm feeling so many emotions at once. Like things have been building up to this for so long and now it's all finally happening and it's exciting and hopeful but so, so sad and painful at the same time. My heart just breaks for Britney, for the innocent young girl that she was, for the strong and courageous woman she is today and who deserves so much better than this.
  20. ugh agreed! out of ALL the people we should be angry with, Sam is NOT one of them. She basically said she wants to get married to him, what more do these people want?
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