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  1. The fact that her own family was vacationing at her beach house while they had her locked up in a mental health facility against her will... These people are sick, evil. A family of narcissists and sociopaths. Britney needs to get as far away from these people as possible. There's a lot of healing to be done and I really hope she can start healing from all this trauma and abuse soon.
  2. Britney thanking her fans is just...... how is this woman so sweet and kind?! I'm not crying you're crying Soooo glad she want's to press charges against Jamie. He can pack up his colon and get ready for jail, Daddy Rosengart is gonna take them alllll down
  3. This is truly the beginning of the end of the c-ship y'all... I cannot believe this is finally happening. Britney must be over the MOON right now. I'm so happy for her, first time in 13 years she can feel hopeful again
  4. Oh wow I've never even thought about this... Well she used to keep that blog on her website back in 2004-2007 where she wrote about her life & her feelings & frustrations, so we know she's into writing about that kind of stuff. I can totally imagine her keeping some kind of secret diary.
  5. I really really hope that first caption wasn't her (& I don't think it was). Taking it out on her housekeepers? That's punching down. Not a good look and so unnecessary.
  6. Disgusting disgusting disgusting. Not surprising; but still disgusting. No human being should have to live like this. Poor Britney, I can't imagine the stories she has to tell once she's free. I bet we can't even imagine half the stuff she's been through over the past decade. Jamie Spears & Lou Taylor, there's a special place in hell for people like you. Like, the seventh circle of hell. Close to Satan's balls.
  7. Wow, throwback! I was in my late teens when she had her 15 minutes of fame, I feel so old now In my mind she's in the same category as people like Cassie or Amerie, who made some bops but in the end had no staying power. Anyway, apparently she's still making music... This ain't got nothing on "Whine Up" or "Run the Show" though.
  8. I love Billie's new songs & am really excited for her album. I definitely agree that this whole dynamic of building (female) stars up just to tear them down is really toxic (and also boring). If people don't enjoy her music, they should just not listen to it, but there's no need to spread so much negativity imo. Let her live, basically. I do feel like she's selling herself a little bit short with this response? Like girl, you're super talented & smart, why make it about your t***?
  9. Even at such a young age you could tell she had that fire inside of her. She was always just a force of nature. I hope we'll see that spark & that joy again once she's free.
  10. Basically this. I mean, Free Britney is super important to me, but come on. It's kinda delusional to think the universe revolves around this issue when we're also dealing with rampant climate change, a global pandemic, the second economic recession since 2008, and ever growing inequality. That is not to say Britney's struggles are trivial or unimportant! But people (and politicians) do have limited time and energy and no one can devote themselves to caring (or even informing themselves) about every single issue in the world. Everyone has their priorities and I do think it's slightly immature if you can't accept that someone else's priorities might be different from your own. + I think this is definitely also the journalist's fault for asking a question that was completely unrelated to the topic of the interview & which Bernie probably wasn't prepared for at all? I can imagine him being annoyed at that
  11. This is amazing!!! Rats leaving a sinking ship lmao. Hopefully Britney will be able to hire her own lawyer now! Hoping for Adam Streisand or Lisa MacCarley!!!
  12. Went to my local supermarket and they had these Brewdog beers on display, the label had a cartoon on it of Britney with her shaven head... It just made me so angry & sad I needed to come here to vent. Maybe it's not meant to mock her, but after everything that has happened & come to light over the past few months, I think it's just so tonedeaf & insensitive & insanely disrespectful that they would use this image of a traumatising moment in her life for... marketing purposes? To make a buck? Because they think it's "funny"? So wrong imo. Profiting off of someone else's trauma & darkest memories, & using it to sell a product, is Not Cool™ esp. considering how many people have already been profiting off of Britney's suffering.
  13. Poor guy. I've had a good feeling about him from the start, and knowing what we know now, I really believe he is the only person close to Britney who is really on her side and who she can really trust. Good on him for sticking by her despite everything, too -- it can't be an easy situation for him either, and many guys would have bailed when the going got tough or things became complicated. The fact that he's still there speaks volumes and tells me he must genuinely love and care about her. **** them if they try to blame the only person who has been there for Britney, one of the only things in her life that seem to make her happy at the moment.
  14. Wow, that is really sick. I mean we all knew or at least suspected he was corrupt and wasn't on Britney's side at all, but if this is true, it is hard proof & his role in all of this can't be denied anymore. This is not just incompetence, this is straight up immoral.
  15. Posting here again because I can't stop thinking about this. I can't imagine how awful Britney must feel right now. After she gathered all her courage and her strength to make that statement, to be so vulnerable in front of the whole world... And then to be ignored yet again. She must feel so powerless, unseen, unheard right now. It's just a slap in the face tbh. I really hope she doesn't give up hope, I hope she knows so many people are on her side and that she's able to draw strength from that. A system which allows something like this to happen is just corrupt and rotten to the core. All these judges, all these lawyers... I don't trust a single one of them, clearly Judge Penny is not to be trusted either. The whole thing is just a big scam.
  16. This is insane. He has attacked one of her kids and there's a restraining order against him. Britney has testified that he has been emotionally abusing her, working her like a slave, limiting her human rights over her own body and using her as a cash cow. How is this man allowed to stay on for even one more day? What the hell is Miss Penny thinking??? The mind truly boggles.
  17. What the actual, literal ****? It's not because someone is on lithium (or any other medication) or has mental health issues that they should be under a conservatorship! Millions of people are bipolar, or have other mental health conditions fo which they take medication, and still lead normal lives where they are in control of their own bodies and decisions... I think it's really disgusting not to mention ableist to imply that a conservatorship would be somehow "justified" if it turned out that Britney was bipolar or whatever. Even if she is dealing with some mental health condition, that still doesn't mean she shouldn't be able to live life how she wants to. People with mental health issues are not subhuman.
  18. Jamie Lynn always gives me the impression of not necessarily being "evil" so much as just... really dumb. I really think that girl is as dumb as a bag of bricks. And she comes across as really selfish/self-centered too. That remark about "if she wants to go the the rainforest and have a bazillion babies" is shocking though, it's such an insensitive and dehumanising thing to say after her sister spoke out about having contraception forced on her against her will. And it's still kind of giving the impression of "oh Britney's crazy, she wants to do crazy things", which is exactly the type of attitude that has kept her under the c-ship for so long (when in reality she just wants very normal things, get married and have baby and drive in her car with her boyfriend). So yeah perpetuating that type of language and that way of speaking about Britney is very toxic, very damaging imo. On a final note, I'm very close with my sibling, and I literally can.not.imagine I would ever speak about them in that way, or not be 10000% supportive (not to mention shocked and heartbroken!) if they spoke out about abuse like that. Jamie Lynn should be out there fighting for her sister.
  19. I love Christina & it makes me so happy to her speaking out! This feels like a really heartfelt & genuine message and omg that picture of the two of them I wish they would become friends again.
  20. I'm so happy I found this place & this movement, it is truly something special I think it's so rare to find a sense of community on the internet these days, sites like Reddit are so big it feels very impersonal and anonymous. So many of the forums I used to visit don't exist anymore, so I think it's amazing this place is THRIVING and imo really succeeding in creating that sense of community & providing a safe haven for us Britney fans. You deserve a lot of credit for that Jordan, thank you for everything you do!
  21. Hard agree, I don't know why some people are so obsessed with wanting other famous people to speak out. We're beyond the point where exposure is what is needed. The world knows about her situation. Everyone is aware. What is needed now is not words but action, legal action and Lady Gaga or Ariana or Xtina or whoever speaking out is not gonna help with that
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