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  1. Anyway WOW. She's taking no prisoners. This is 13 years of pent-up anger and frustration we're witnessing. It's incredible to see her find her voice again. Judas Lynn, Jamie, Loucifer & co are going DOWN
  2. OMG this is amazing!!! This realllly gives me Pre-ConservatorshipNey vibes. Like that time they filmed her while she was listening to Rebellion in her car? Hope she sings Rebellion next time I feel like she's slowly remembering who she is and rediscovering her power. We're seeing a Britney we haven't seen in such a long time, and I'm so here for it. And I love Sam for bringing out this side in her, for encouraging her to be the Britney we know and love.
  3. Agreed. It's really annoying. I mean it's great that there's a lot of new members joining, but I feel like some people are just creating unnecessary drama with all these over the top conspiracies about her Instagram posts, or attacking Sam or whatever, rather than adding anything interesting or constructive to the conversation And yeah e-mailing her lawyer is just totally beyond the pale. It's embarrassing tbh.
  4. Wait, people are harrassing her lawyer now about Instagram conspiracies? Yeah just... don't. It's not a good look and it reflects badly on the fan base and the movement as a whole tbh.
  5. That's really awful. She's concern trolling and gaslighting. Britney expressing justified anger or experiencing intense emotions after years of abuse does NOT equal unstable or struggling. But I guess it was to be expected this family of narcissists was going to portray it that way. It's exactly like Britney said -- they try to make her feel and look crazy. But in reality Britney has a right to be angry. Look at what's been done to her. It would be weird for her not to be furious right now. But yeah I guess it's a classic tactic of abusers: push your buttons until you have no choice but to lash out or get emotional, then call you crazy and concern troll. It's disgusting (but also very transparent in this case, because Jabba Lime is, well, pretty stupid). "she is receiving support from her sister but seems to not want it" yeah no ****. I wouldn't want support from that snake either. With family like that, who needs enemies?
  6. lmao she looks so annoyed and barely able to hide it with those half-hearted dance moves
  7. Lol Britney coming for Jabba Lynn's wig Iconic tbh. Must feel soooo good for her to finally let it all out after all these years. You tell 'em girl
  8. My heart You can tell they have so much fun together & those are the best kinds of relationships in my experience, when you can just goof around and have a laugh together. Also damnnn they're both just extremely beautiful people. Such a hot couple.
  9. It's not other people's behavior that's destroying your inner peace, Lou. It's your own guilty conscience. But of course you're too far gone to realize that, so you blame other people for the fact you can't sleep at night. Truly a vile woman.
  10. Jesus christ I really can't with some of y'all... When he doesn't say anything, he's accused of not being supportive and of being complicit with the conservatorship; when he does show his support publicly, he's accused of not being genuine, of seeking attention, or of making a "show" of being on her side. The guy really can't win, can he? Damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. I thought this video was sweet. He's supporting Britney in what she wants, he's stated his support for FreeBritney, and apart from giving her emotional support, that's really all he can do at this time. So what if he comes across a bit awkward? How would you feel if you were being hounded by paparazzi asking questions about a painful & complex issue in your private life? It must be a tough balancing act: people want him to show public support, but at the same time, he can't really say all that much, because this isn't his story to tell, and he's respecting Britney's privacy. All things considered I think he's handling the whole situation pretty well.
  11. The fact that this has gone on for 13 years. 13 YEARS. In that time I've graduated high school, gone to university, done several different jobs, travelled, been able to make stupid decisions & fail at stuff & learn from it, to experience life. To think that ALL THIS TIME she's been under this controlling & abusive regime. I just can't imagine what it must have been like. How hopeless she must have felt at times, how isolated and alone. She is incredibly strong and I'm beyond happy for her that there's finally a light at the end of the tunnel, she deserves it so, so much. I don't care what anyone says, she's my hero.
  12. You're right, the problem in many cases is a lack of self-awareness and self-reflection; in people with NPD I've encountered, this takes the shape of always playing the victim & blaming other people for everything rather than taking responsibility, which is basically what Jamie Lynn does. Good on you for taking control & doing the work in therapy to break the cycle, that's a really brave thing to do!
  13. It definitely feels that way and it makes total sense in the case of this family -- if the parents are narcissistic, they usually have one favourite or "golden child" who can do no wrong in their eyes, and the other child is the black sheep who takes all the blame for everything & is often abused. The golden child often develops narcissistic personality disorder themselves. (On a side note, this thread is brutal for thin-lipped Britney stans like myself lmao )
  14. Damn. Sorry you're so inconvenienced by your sister's fight for basic human rights. Imagine being that callous and self-centered.
  15. Omggg Looks like the Asgari's are being more supportive and caring than Britney's own "family" So glad she's found Sam & has his family behind her & supporting her now. It makes so much difference that she's not in this alone anymore.
  16. I never thought the day would come when we would see her directly referring to FreeBritney. I think this post is her, especially with Sam commenting too. What on earth would team c-ship have to gain by posting this? So proud of our girl Our Britney's getting free!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!
  17. Ughhh how is it even relevant whether she has a mental illness? Literally millions of people have some kind of mental illness and live independent, autonomous lives (including many of my friends)! It's not an argument whatsoever to keep someone under a conservatorship! I swear I can't with these people
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