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  1. I'm not a huge Taylor fan, but she's not stealing anything from anyone lol People are free to decide if they want to listen to Taylor or Carly (or y'know, both?), it's not Taylor's fault if people listen to her music instead of Carly's.
  2. ITZ, BOMT, Britney, OIDIA The choice between ITZ & Blackout and between BOMT & Glory was impossible, I feel so conflicted
  3. BOMT: Autumn Goodbye OIDIA: What U See (Is What U Get) Britney: Before the Goodbye (I'll never get over the fact this was apparently at one point intended to be the lead single & then got demoted to a bonus track ) ITZ: for me personally, Shadow (but nearly every song on this album could have been a single imo) Blackout: again, so many potential singles. But for me, Heaven on Earth or Get Naked Circus: Shattered Glass or Out from Under FF: Inside Out BJ: Alien Glory: I think it would have been amazing if she'd released Mood Ring back when the album came out (it would have made a better lead single than Make Me), with a music video and decent promo. And Man on the Moon would have made a great single.
  4. Yeah I remember she said in Chaotic that "whoever scheduled my tour must have been out of their mind", she wasn't lying. No wonder her knee gave out, her body must have been completely exhausted.
  5. Demi Lovato: Neon Lights Camilla Cabello: Havana Taylor Swift: Cruel Summer, Lover, I Knew You Were Trouble, Blank Space, Style
  6. Do Somethin' - because Mona Lisa directed it herself and it just has a very fun, playful vibe to it, you can tell she was enjoying herself. Also, the Juicy Couture outfits! Everytime - to me, this video is perfection. Me Against the Music - her outfit, the choreography and the whole aesthetic of the video are just iconic. And I love the super random bits where Madonna is just like... rolling around in the leaves.
  7. I went with BOMT, ITZ, Blackout and Glory. Choosing between ITZ and Britney was super tough though, I love them both equally.
  8. It's so interesting (and sad) to think about what could have happened if she'd done that, how differently things might have turned out. This is the alternate timeline we deserve tbh. There was definitely a turning point somewhere between 2003 and 2005 where she became more interested in writing her own music (hence Mona Lisa/Original Doll) and was ready for more creative control. This is also obvious in the blog posts she was writing around that time, and her directing the Do Somethin' video. In a way, though, I think there were just too many forces and powerful interests aligned against her. She must have been under so much pressure to conform to expectations. I also think she's essentially a sweet girl (that's why we love her) and that it's probably not really in her nature to be too confrontational. To go against so many expectations and vested interests, at such a young age, would take someone with an exceptionally combative personality, and that's just not who she is. And, finally, hindsight is 20/20; she couldn't possibly have known at the time how things would turn out. Perhaps she imagined she'd be able to negotiate more creative control at Jive, without the hassle/responsibilities that would have come with running her own label. Perhaps promises were even made to her to that effect to get her to renew her contract.
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