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  1. When I watch Britney now, It does remind me quite a bit of her early self. Particularly around this age where she clearly was dealing with a ton of social anxiety. I think in many ways due to everything she has dealt with she has reverted back to her early self from that standpoint in public situations such as interviews and the videos put out on social media. There was a period during her early 20's and prime years before the breakdown, where she exuded much more confidence in interviews and the social anxiety, to a point, wasn't as noticeable. Now it is definitely on display again. It's just really sad to scroll through the comments and see them filled with accusations of her falling off the deep end again or of her being "crazy". All that does to someone who struggles with mental health issues such as anxiety is make them that much more uncomfortable. People love to get their trendy comments off on Instagram or Twitter for likes without factoring in the repercussions of said comments.
  2. Unfortunately, it will simmer back down again regardless I fear. Like it did last time. Fans good will and support only goes so far. At the end of the day this is going to have to be settled in court and I don't know if this level of publicity is enough to put real pressure on her team. If some more high level actors and media outlets got into the mix, it's possible but I'm still not sure. She may post a short instagram video or something ensuring that everything is okay, but I would be extremely surprised if she actually spoke on the conservatorship at all.
  3. Something is wrong with him, he's been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and has openly spoke on It. It's a very serious condition that Britney herself reportedly deals with. I would be careful about just writing someone off as bat**** crazy and a complete idiot. Some certainly are, but others are dealing with serious mental health issues. He's displaying clear manic behavior and seems to be teetering on another breakdown.
  4. I think it's also worth noting that it's been pretty widely reported that Britney was dealing with postpartum depression after the birth of Jayden coinciding with an potentially undiagnosed bipolar disorder that she may not have been medicated for at the time which all lead to the breakdown and erratic behavior. There were alot of different factors at play compared to present day. Circumstances are drastically different now imo. She's no longer under the heaps amount of pressure that touring and making music brings and even if she was she's shown the ability to remain stable and not revert back to her old ways. Even if they were to make the argument the conservatorship was needed initially, there is no argument for it still being in place. Britney has earned the right to have her freedom.
  5. I appreciate your perspective on this. From my understanding though, the key with managing a Bipolar disorder is medication. For the most part it seems once the medication is dialed in, people who struggle with this disorder can lead a relatively normal life. Though it does seem like the medication can lose its efficacy after some time and may need to be changed or the dosage may need to be tweaked with, if stayed on top of it is something that is manageable. I don't think anyone who is calling for an end to the conservatorship is suggesting that she should just be set loose so that she can revert back to her old ways. She will still need a support system and will still need to prioritize her mental health. However, at this stage in her life with the progress she has made, she should not have the constraints equivalent to a 12 year old put on her life. While I would like to believe that the Spears family/team have her absolute best interest in mind, too many of their actions over the past two decades tell me otherwise.
  6. Sorry, it's just hard for me to take Jamie Lynne seriously when just a few months ago she was using Britney's name to promote some irrelevant TV show/venture she had going on. This is my issue with her team/family in general. They can say all these things in public and make it seem like they have good intentions, but at every step of Britney's career their actions have told a different story.
  7. Listen, I'm not saying he should be thrown in jail and he is entitled to his opinion, but being offended and held accountable for unquestionably flat out racist and hateful statements does not make you a "fragile snowflake". This kind of rhetoric should be discouraged across the board. If a caucasian person in Hollywood came out and said something similar about African Americans right now they would be cancelled to oblivion. He should be out of a job imo.
  8. Finally got around to watching Ozark this month, && I must say it really hooked me by the end. A bit of a slow burn at first but the 3rd season makes it all worth it. Some incredible acting performances across the board. Now I think I'll go watch Lost or Friends for the 1000th time
  9. Just think about the weight of that statement. A 38 year old woman in seemingly perfect health could be under a conservatorship which is generally reserved for short periods of time or for people with degenerative mental health conditions such as dementia for "the rest of her life". Im glad so much attention is being brought to this situation because I truly think its a travesty and a flat out abuse of power.
  10. There is nothing I hate more then sneak dissing and passive aggressiveness. She should drop some @'s or just stop talking
  11. The only people in my family that really have any opinions on her are my sisters and sadly due to her being sort of a running joke on TikTok and Instagram they are under the assumption that she's gone off the deep end again.
  12. I don't think this interview is what changed her, no. In fact ,when you listen to the interview I think it's clear that what changed Britney was the breakup with Justin. She started to change and go down a different path after that, and this interview imo was kind of her last attempt to preserve that image she and her team had worked so hard to maintain but the cracks had already started to show at this point.
  13. I'm not sure why I even bother looking through the comments under her posts. I always just wonder what compels someone to write something hateful under a harmless post like this. I'm not saying they have to write something positive or even anything at all, but with everything she has been through It's hard for me to wrap my head around how seeing this post where she is clearly happy and just expressing herself in the comfort of her own home would have somebody so pressed.
  14. Kathy Griffin truly seems like an awful human being. She was trying so hard to get Larry King to throw Britney under the bus and continue to poke fun at her mental health struggles and he wouldn't budget. She's not even remotely funny.
  15. I think she's more self aware than people think. The " PS this was shot just last night" caption in the freestyle post when half of her comments are filled with people telling her this post is "old" or "reused" was pretty funny to me. I personally think she knows how weird these videos are she just doesn't care anymore lol
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