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  1. The song is called "Srecan Put" ("Have a good trip" in English), sang by the serbian artist Breskvica. The song mixes pop, dance and traditional slavic harmonies. Definitely a gem that deserves to go to an international scale.
  2. Iconic as always Btw I haven't been active since a long time, what are these changes to the website lol I don't understand I feel like a boomer
  3. Dance Till The World Ends: 9.16M Kill The Lights: 8.47M Let's stream them to make them reach 10M+ views!
  4. I can't believe this lol Our queen is really this strong, we don't deserve her I hope she achieves her goal
  5. I really like it! Deserved better tbh, I thought it would have had a huge televote win, because I saw so many people on social media hyping it up the last few days, but then...
  6. Weekly Monday Update: DANCE Till The World Ends: 9.14M Kill The Lights: 8.41M We just need a total of 2.45M views to make all of her officially uploaded videos reach 10M+ views! And for absolutely all of her music videos to reach at least 100M views, we need around 1.07B total to make them all reach 100M+ views! LOL, that's a lot tbh
  7. Lol sad that she was envolved in the ****** thing
  8. I really love that the MV is in anime-style, she is ahead of her time in so many ways...
  9. It's weird how they promote it as an album, I actually thought she was going to have an LP and it was just simply a single
  10. When the pandemic started and we went on lockdown (where I live it was around the middle of March 2020), I was so happy, months went by and June 2020 came in and the lockdown ended, then I was on summer vacations and I still was somewhat happy, but idk, in september school has started and slowly I've been feeling more and more unmotivated. I stopped most of my hobbies around summer or the beginning of the school year, I feel unmotivated even for things like that (don't get me wrong, I still enjoy them), but idk, since the pandemic has started I have felt more and more tired and unmotivated for anything, obligations or not. And this actually drives me mad, once every few days I feel sad bc I am a Junior in highschool, and here in Spain the junior and senior years are the ones which determine your future (refering to university and so on) and my marks have been declining. I was never the A+ student, but I was the one who most of the time had Bs, B+, A-, maybe an A+ here and there but rarely. Now most of my marks are like C or D, maybe a few Bs and As, but most of them are Cs or whatever (I don't really understand the american grading system lol) and I feel like a failure, I feel like I'm wasting my life and my relatives think that I don't want to study at all anymore, which isn't the case btw. I don't know if I have explained my self, but I've more unstable that usual this last I would say 6 months, and I have stopped doing so many hobbies, yet alone obligations and so many people that know me they don't really understand what is hapenning with me and I feel that I'm not going to enter into the careers that I want to just because I don't have good marks in junior and senior year and idk. I may also add that I'm always procrastinating (before the pandemic I did too but now I procrastinate sooooo much more) and the day after I feel so bad because I feel that I could have studied or something. Idk there are just so many things to take in to account, I wanna know if somebody has been in a similar situation and what they have done to cope with it.
  11. If Britney ever comes back and releases her 10th studio album, what would you like it to sound like? I think this topic has been done a few times, but I want to make my own version (I am such a snake haha ) I would like BS10 to be a super personal and experimental album, in which she showcases her singing abilities, and also here and there some more danceable songs so she can dance her *** off on stage like primeney. Imagine if she teamed up with Paul McCartney, Bjork, Danja, Charli XCX, Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliott, Madonna, Timbaland, Christina Aguilera, Daddy Yankee, A.G. Cook, Gwen Stefani, Gaga and 100 Gecs in one album. Imagine if she made songs paying tribute to Aaliyah and Sophie (specially Aaliyah, I believe both of their careers overlaped a lot in 2001). Imagine if Danja, Timbaland and a HyperPop artist produced BS10 and they made a rnb futuristic, ballad, electropop, darkpop, dubstep, hyperpop, hip-hop album, like 7 different genres in 1 album. I hope that happens, I know it is too much asking but, if she does some experimental **** like that she will outsell everybody in just 1 nanosecond, she will shut the mouths of the haters, she will be #1 36 weeks, she will be critically acclaimed once and for all.
  12. Thanks to this documentary Slumber Party has doubled it's daily views Sleeper hit wbk, go #1 half a decade later, ended your faves
  13. I wish my name was Daniel so I would use that audio for myself, it is a very common name here where I live lol
  14. I will say Gaga had a moment too (and maybe JB) Just look at this video There are similar videos like this on the Internet and they all have similar stats, so they are facts honey
  15. I am a first generation bulgarian inmigrant in Spain, and from the part of my mother they are half turkish half bulgarian. So you can technically say that I am Bulgarian, Spanish and Turkish.
  16. Weekly Update: Someday (I Will Understand): Has reached 10M views finally! DANCE Till The World Ends: 9.06M Kill The Lights: 8.29M Let's stream those 2 and slumber party and 3
  17. I still can't believe it. I know about her music since a year ago, and since then I've been so obssesed, this is so crazy and unbelievable
  18. She has evolved so much as an artist it so inspiring (Edgelord is my favourite song by her even tho she is the feature lol), I hope she changes the opinion of the gp about her asap
  19. Someday just needs 7K as of now to reach 10M keep streaming, 7k views is a such a small number, we can do it in a few hours if everyone collaborates
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