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  1. I think a huge question to ask is even if she does have mental health problems whether that be depression, bipolar, anxiety or whatever she really has - does that still mean she should remain under a conservatorship? I’ve heard people saying she might have mental health problems so maybe she should stay under Cship - if all the people in the world who had mental health problems were put under a corrupt situation like Britney has been, there would be so much anger but because it’s Britney and she shaved her head in 2007 it’s okay for her to lose all human rights? Wtf 🙄
  2. Seems like Lou really is trying to get the number of posts back up to like 2400 and pretend like nothing was deleted..is this woman that stupid omg
  3. I’m confused as to why there’s so many pics of her with this red background being posted - probably is true they are just being posted to try and hide the fact they’ve deleted loads
  4. Hey, so I’ve seen recently on a few threads people saying they became Britney stans recently within like the last 5 years including myself so I’m just interested as to what made you a fan if you became a fan in like the BJ era or later because tbh there wasn’t much new material to become a fan of For me, I became a fan in like 2016 - I was a huge Rihanna Stan and was watching old live performances and I stumbled upon the s&m bbma one with britney and it kinda reminded me of Britney and I ended up falling down a Britney rabbit hole watching all of her music videos and interviews and have never stopped since! It’s weird because I’ve seen so much she’s become such a massive part of my life that it feels like I’ve been a fan since the beginning and I wasn’t even born then
  5. Whilst nothing will ever make me leave Britney, my side piece always has and continues to be Rihanna. I became a Britney Stan fairly recently within the last 5 years. Before then, Rihanna was all I cared about. Brit came and made me kinda move on from Rih but shes still my #2 although she’s gonna start falling down the ranks if we don’t get r9 anytime soon! It is worth saying tho that since the ray of light that is Britney Spears has entered my life...nobody EVER will knock her off the top spot.
  6. Ngl I’m not even afraid to admit I loved the BOMT/S&M medley for the ff tour - you could see she was feeling the song and giving it attitude on a lot of the shows. Definitely a highlight of the tour for me plus kinda love how by putting the two together in a medley meant acknowledging the s&m connotations of BOMT
  7. Just make sure you say ALLEGEDLY before you start to address the cold hard FACTS
  8. I’m dumb but does she definitely get royalties from being a co-writer if she’s listed as one on those songs (despite the fact she didn’t actually write on them)
  9. Yeah I think it’s a mix of lack of control, lots of medication and high levels of anxiety which all probably go hand in hand with each other tbh God I miss the old Britney so muchhh
  10. But if they timed an album release or something around the same time they could use the Super Bowl as easy promo to remind the locals that Britney still exists which could indirectly make more money for team B
  11. Ngl It will be iconic if they decide to keep hold on TITE and keep it spelled wrong on the track list lol
  12. Just wondering... Would anyone actually buy it (especially atm now fans are boycotting everything)
  13. Just throwing it out there she does her punctuation the same as Britneys captions on insta !! ? Myah Marie in charge of brits insta confirmed jk
  14. Okay so a few days ago The Zone ticket website showed pretty much completely sold out time slots for at the first week and then limited tickets available for quite a few dates after that however now if you look it basically looks like very few people have bought any tickets at all other than the first 3 days and even opening day has loads of time slots that have lots of tickets still available so basically it flopped hard and they lied about it being sold out
  15. Ok so just a thought! We all know NappyTabs confirmed Overprotected to be in the domination setlist, ruined the surprise i know!, but obviously that was before all the freebritney stuff and i was just wondering if yall thought team B would actually let her perform it now when/if she comesback soon because of the connotations the song could be seen to have now related to her being overprotected by her team, let me know what you think!
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