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  1. Based on what I’ve read, Jamie did not need permission to hire these people. He just needs permission to use the cship money to pay the remaining 20% of the fees which has to be court approved. I wouldn’t be too scared because Britney also has a great lil team now, and the November 10th hearing is clearing bothering team Jamie. I also believe Sam/Britney can object to Jamie’s latest request, so maybe some docs will be filed early next week. Don’t worry guys.
  2. Maxi only knows what Sam tells. Maxi also said the cship won’t end and we should be just be happy with Jamie being removed. Why would anyone want maxi to be correct?
  3. Press want to go in with cameras and things. It’s not allowed. People are allowed to go in and sit and watch. Britney’s gram simply dont request to attend as a publication. the sam thing - I personally think he’s doing it because there’s no other choice. He can’t keep pretending things are fine especially with Lynne’s lawyers being involved and with Britney’s feelings being obvious. He has no choice but to do what she wants now.
  4. They said she seemed upset, and *****y. It’s for the best that show didn’t happen I think
  5. I didn’t hate Domination. Britney’s distain to her career was pretty obvious - the terrible POM m&gs, the horrible Domination announcement that she clearly didn’t want to attend, the whole 3 times we saw her rehearsing because most of the time it was just her dancers, etc... not to mention Lynne Spears quite literally told Anthony at Absolute Britney the last thing over a year ago. Like I said, you really think her money hungry team were cancelling a show that was going to rake in millions unless Britney straight up refused? Not to mention the countless articles (and lack of work!) we’ve had since last April, confirming she doesn’t want to work. Anyways here ya go! A close source to Absolute Britney told us it all had to do with Britney’s domination residency. Britney wanted to have a break from everything and just wanted to enjoy spending time with her children, but her father and Team B were pushing her to do domination, because it’s ALL about money to them. Britney was also trying to have a voice on her Las Vegas residency “Domination”. She was pitching creative ideas that she wanted to add to her Las Vegas residency but her ideas kept being shut down by everyone. Britney then had it and wanted to not do it anymore, because of course NOBODY was listening to HER, then three days later she was committed to a mental health facility
  6. Britney refused and was thrown into a facility as punishment for rebelling. You really think those leeches would’ve cancelled that show if Britney wanted to do it and make them millions?
  7. That isnt what this means. All of her conservators have the same powers (Andrew wallets return has the same powers listed). It just means Britney needs someone to make business decisions on her behalf, not that she is gonna work if Jamie is told to go
  8. Cher comes to Britney Spears' defense in light of the #FreeBritney movement. The iconic singer Tweeted the following in regards to a story about Jamie Lynn becoming the trustee over Britney's trust fund. She Worked Hard,Was The Golden Goose,Made Lots Of Money,Got Sick,Now She’s The CASH COW.Does anyone Who’s Making Money Off Her Being Sick,Want Her Well?! Someone Who Doesn’t Want Anything From Her Should Look Into Her Dr.& Her Meds. DuckDuckDuck......Is It a Duck?! Related:
  9. Paris Hilton says she can't imagine what Britney's life is like right now. Speaking on the #FreeBritney movement, Paris said: “It breaks my heart that people have so much control over her," Paris tells ET. "It’s not fair to be an adult and be treated like a child," Paris says. "I can’t imagine having to live my life like that.” Thoughts?
  10. It wasn’t Britney that reached out. Jason Alexander told him this and Billy B believes it.
  11. Stop giving this troll attention. It’s a bored fan.
  12. The 7th October hearing is related to the accounts. It’s been on the docket for a few weeks. The court document from yesterday say whatever petition Samuel files will be discussed at a hearing in October 14th.
  13. In the fandom, Britney's business manager, Lou Taylor, who recently sued a fan, is widely disliked. Many believe she is the mastermind Britney's restricted circumstances, including pulling the strings to enact the conservatorship. Some suspect she is posting as Britney on Instagram. It's clear Britney takes the pictures and videos herself, but the captions... well, there's no definitive proof that that is Britney posting. Many fans assume it's Taylor writing the words and pretending to be Britney. A while back, alleged leaked emails written in 2007, claiming to be Britney, allude to Taylor as a crazy woman who's stalking her. Taylor denies that Britney wrote them, rather Sam Lutfi did. Taylor responded to a fan's comment on Instagram. "Actually it's defamation. Did you not see her post? I have never not one time even had a log in for her account EVER. She did not write [the emails] - also twice in a court of law Sam Lutfi admitted he wrote them. All for freedom of speech but this is not acceptable anymore for you to keep up with this nonsense. Have a good day." It's worth pointing out that Britney posted a video last year saying all was well with her amid the mental healthy facility controversy. In the video, she never touched on the emails nor Sam Lutfi, but the caption indeed did. Related:
  14. Look fake to me. Does anyone have an idea of the original pics tho? I assume they’re photoshopped from others
  15. They did switch because their original account got suspended. They got it back today
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