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  1. Hello, guys, today I'll be premiering my first longer video of an special mic feed edition of the whole Crazy Y2K concert live in Hawaii this afternoon at 2:00PM, so if you want to watch? Then come to my channel and watch the premiere while live chatting, Since this would be my first premiere in my YouTube channel.
  2. Hey guys, Don't you ever think the vocals in the performance of (I Got That) Boom Boom from Onyx sound actually pre-recorded? I just made a mic feed version of this and the vocals in the performance sound little more different than the actual studio track. Take a listen to the video: Do you think the vocals on IGTBB were pre-recorded for the tour? Tell me your thoughts?
  3. Well, that's all I got for today you guys, I hope you enjoy these live vocal edits and there will be more in the future to come. Peace out! Later
  4. And the last but not least one in a while are the carbart versions of "Baby One More Time/Oops! I Did Again" while these two were actually pre-recorded to make it sound live, she never really sing them live and plus, the vocals do sound too pitchy, so I toned the pitch down to deep to make it sound more like her real natural voice, so here's you go!
  5. The third one would be "Showdown" with the audio be using with double layers of the acapella I made in both high and deep pitch, Hope you enjoy the video (since this song was never sung live).
  6. *deep, sorry, this website could be a mess sometimes, it's been a while I post something on this site.
  7. The next live edit is "Overprotected Darkchild Remix" with the live vocals from the original version in an Albany concert from "Dream Within A Dream" as well as the opening start line from the acapella pitched in dee
  8. Hey guys!, I got a new project based on another old tour but with newly live vocals, it's the Onyx Hotel Tour! (live vocal edition) I did a couple few videos during this past week, and the best part, the videos this time is on full HD! Go and check on the live vocal edits here from my YouTube channel! The first post is going to be "Toxic" which the audio (just like the others) was mixed from the recording sessions with different outtakes, please enjoy this thread.
  9. I did it from a website called Lalal.ai which definitely has the best quality if you want to do acapellas or to isolate vocals from songs to do remixes, however the free options are very limited and sadly I couldn't find an code to achieve more, so you have to choose wisely, I recommend it.
  10. Hey guys, While back, I did a short preview of the acapella of WSIBS that i made out of when the song itself was never found or made in acapella. Recently I just did and upload the full length of this song in acapella with good quality, Hope you enjoyed this acapella on YouTube and tell me what you think.
  11. Hi there, Ashley here! And speaking of Vegas, Do you guys have the full entire version of this one concert from the Onyx Hotel tour when while Britney were performing "Boys", there was a lip sync problem in the show, to the point when she has to sing live? I heard that this concert was one of the Vegas dates but i don't know which one was it though? Do y'all have it? I would love to the concert leaked one day.
  12. Hi guys, it's me, Ashley once again and today is a going to be different thread, this time is about fanmade remixes. Just yesterday I post my forthcoming remix of Tik Tik Boom that samples the free copyright song "Honey" by Bad Snacks with the vocals being pitched down to -1, I did alot of work and the song sounded so much better this way than before, So here's the video of my latest mix and I hope y'all love it!
  13. I made two different live vocal concepts for the performances of Toxic that contains a live band, One on Ryan Seacrest, Another on Ellen, They both have different takes from the recording sessions just enough to make sound live, I wanna know which version you like better and tell me why? Here are the videos below.
  14. Thank you so much! I was trying find to a good quality for the entire song to be in acapella but most of the resources I found sounded not so great, so this is the best I can do, Hope you enjoyed it.
  15. A preview of my upcoming vocal edit fof the performance of What It's Like To Be Me is already up on YouTube, Come watch and see! It's audio used the vocals from the acapella that I made in a few minutes in a deeper pitch.
  16. Hey guys, look what I just did! I made a filtered acapella of "What It's Like To Be Me" ( which is never found before) and It's sounds so amazingly good, I just has to upload it on YouTube. Go and hear it for yourself!
  17. Next one will be I'm Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman with audio from the 2002 AMAs performance of the song as well as a little snippet of acapella being pitched down, enjoy! https://vimeo.com/537036632/description
  18. Hi guys, I just upload my first video on Vimeo about what if Britney sung on the Dream Within A Dream with fully live or pre-recorded vocals? ( it was uploaded on YouTube first but it was taken down due to copyrights by Sony ) So here's my first one with Crazy (using audio from Live from Hawaii with being pitched down), enjoy https://vimeo.com/536595562
  19. Hi there, So I was wondering about that Britney audio drama series on YouTube, right? Well unfortunately I didn't have a responde on my last comment, Can you give me the script of the audio drama so i can start recording my lines, please and btw, what is the username of your YouTube account?

    1. Britney-fan12332143


      hey, i will give you the lines sometime tomorow. 

    2. AshleyButterflyRemix23


      Thank you so much. :kiss_britney_blowing_pink_candies:

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