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  1. Yes, it´s Jennifer Lopez. She was a background dancer first. She is in P. Diddys video Around The World as well. Jen should go on tour with Janet, but she refuses it and worked on own her career instead. Then she had her breakthrough as an actress and after that, she releases her first album in 1999.
  2. At least the interviewer had balls to ask Britney if she is overprotected.
  3. Of course, I do. But more that I leave out some songs. How else could I stand albums like Britney or Britney Jean? I nearly leave the half songs of Britney Jean out and now it is one of my all-time favorites albums of Brit. I also love it to inflict bonus songs or demo songs from that era. Made her CD´s even more perfect.My Britney Jean Tracklist: 1.Alien 2.Perfume 3.Til It´s Gone 4.Passenger 5.Don´t Cry 6. Brightes Morning Star 7.Hold On Tight 8.Now That I Found You 9.Perfume Dreaming Mix
  4. With Glory, Britney even changed the producer in the working process and starts to work with Karen Kwak. All of the songs they were already done were scrapped because Brit was not satisfied.(Britney said it in an interview) And Blackout was also supposed to be a total different album. I don´t know why Brit changed it completely. She was in her car and listen to a few songs who should be actually on the album.
  5. "Shock Your Mind" should have been a song? I just know that Britney wanted to call her 3 album like that, but because of 9/11, she had to change it. This is the 5 time that we get a whole new album. What happened to these songs? 1. Ooops should have been a completely different album 2. The Original Doll was totally scraped without replacement 3. Blackout was totally different. On this album should be actual songs like Baby Boy, All That She Wants, Rebellion and so on 5. Femme Fatal was totally changed 5.Britney change Glory completely after it was nearly done What goes on with this? So, Brit can make another 4 new album covers and released 4 "new" old albums.
  6. She must meet /know about Kevin earlier. He was a friend of Columbus Short.Brit was very close to him during the Britney era. And Britney mentions Kevin in her In The Zone booklet and said: "We have just begun."
  7. The strange thing is: When Kevin worked with Britney, they have must practice together or not? The Oops tour lasts a few months. Who could she forget him? Or was Kevin just there for a few appearances,maybe as a replacement dancer when someone gets ill?I understand that Britney can´t remember everyone she ever works with. But a whole tour is a different story.
  8. Brit is still friends with him?Why he don´t follow "Free Britney " movement?Who is the first guy,Sam?
  9. 1.Hold On Tight 2.Criminal 3.Deep In My Heart 4.What You Need 5.What It´s Like To Be Me 6.Everytime 7. Why Should I Be Sad 8. My Baby 9. Dear Diary
  10. 1.Britney 2.B In The Mix 1 ( the one where you can see Brit,not just the butterfly) 3.My Prerogative 4.New Glory 5.Glory Tour Edit 6.Baby Japanese
  11. No. This Lady is the most cloned artist. Then came Madonna, then Britney.But all based on her:
  12. OMG I never saw it that way. After I woke up and see things clear, I always thought the VMA performance was a ceremony to introduce Britney and Christina into the cult (Illuminati or whatever.). That is why the show was like a wedding. Brit and Chis as brides and Madonna as the groom. And the kiss seal it (OMG just thought about Brit´s song) Then Britney chooses the Kabbala (which should be satanic too). But then she gets her babies. Said she found her religion in them. And tried to escape the Kabbala. And that is how it all started. Britney wrote "Mona Lisa", Original Doll, Rebellion, The Original "Gimme More" video script...Britney tried to reveal and to tell us something with it. And not just that she has problems with her team, friends, and family. We already know. Lucky, Overprotected, WYSIWYG, Let ME BE, W ILTBM, Stronger, My Prerogative, Baby Boy, All That She Wants, The Poem: "Remembrance Of Who I´m Am´.And let's not forget that one of the producers of Rebellion dies after he wants to release the song. He dies in a hotel by accident. The other producer gets *******-dependent and lost 30 million in a half years because of it. And Britney psychologist died too. Yes, I know. This is all just hazard.
  13. They can force her to abort the baby. Or when she gives birth, take it away. She has no rights on this child. Brit is nothing else than a birt machine. And maybe they force her to take contraceptive like a loop or the pill to avoid pregnancy.
  14. I understand that the biological clock ticks for Brit, but Sam is so young! He was only 22 when they meet. And Brit went through so much that even 60 years old would have had problems to come after it. (but there are rumors that Sam lied about his age and that he is at Britney´s age. Who knows. Oh, I remember that he posted a picture of his passport. He is really so young.)By the way, Jamie Lynn gets pregnant around the time.No wonder Brit was so down.She always wanted to have a little girl.I hope that her dream comes true!
  15. Phonography! Don´t Hang Up is one of the lowest Britney songs for me. Belongs to the few songs I dislike from her.
  16. OMG, her butt in the red suit! Do you think it is just coincidence that Brit posted that Tic Toc video?! That´s why I adore Brit so much!
  17. It was a response to a question. Taryn doesn´t say exactly what. Just that Brit is into something since she was a baby. I tried to find it! I think I made a screenshot.
  18. I always thought Courtney has this information from Sam Lufti. Because both, Brit and her were very close to Sam.Brit was very lonely at that time. Who knows what she told him. Maybe she thought she could trust him. But now it is emerging that Courtney´s contact details are in Epstine's phone book. And Taryn Manning wrote on Instagram that Briteny is into something since she was a baby. " I’m sure there’s a second cousin somewhere willing to lie for some cash." Do they talk about Ali? Or even Jessica?
  19. German: 1.Outrageous-Empörend 2. Everytime-Jedes Mal 3.And Then We Kiss-Und dann küssen wir uns 4.My Baby-Mein Baby 5.Phonographie-Not sure!Maybe something like: ein Telefon****o. Next 1.What you See(Is What You Get) 2.Body Ache 3.Soda Pop 4.Let Me Be 5.From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart
  20. I´ve looked at her pictures where she gets bold, for the very first time very closely and I saw 2 Scars on her head.(the quality is not so good, maybe she has more.) Could she get them because of the accident that happened during the "Oops" video shoot where a camera falls onto her head? She needed a few stitches and was sleeping for 14 hours until she could continue filming.
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