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  1. Paris Nuremberg And other old city´s And I want to travel to: Vienna Most City´s in the Us Tokyo Prague Florence Rome Venice And a few more city´s in Europe
  2. Flirt? There are rumors Brit thought that Lynn slept with Kevin! And Lynn was on Kevin's side, that he gets the children, she said children need their father! When the umbrella accident was, there are rumors that Lynn was inside the house with Kevin! Brit could actually see the kids for an hour, but they don let her in. They said the bell was broken and they did not hear her. After the hour they came out and said, Brit it´s too late, the time with your children is over. Then Brit freaked out.
  3. Just one? Besides Mona Lisa and Rebellion then And Then We Kiss Remix. My Top Ten 1.Rebellion 2.Mona Lisa 3.And Then We Kiss Remix 4.Where Are Now 5.I Run Away 6.Cinderella 7.Girl In The Mirror 8.Quicksand 9.Amnisa 10.Mannequin + Criminal Bonus: Swimming In The Stars,Don´t Cry,Till It´s Gone,Hold On Tight,Unusual You,Out from Under,Walk On By,Autumn Godby,Luv The Hurt Away,Pleasue You,I'll Never Stop Loving You,Deep In My Heart,Unbroken,Am I Sinner
  4. Brit already did this. The pictures were all over the subways in Tokyo. But back then, it´s was HER OWN choice. This is the problem I have right now. Not her beautiful naked body. And then we have the countless paparazzie pictures when she was on the road with Paris. And you could even see her ******* and c-section scar, optionally also her nipples / butt. But that was also HER decision. I post this not here, sounds weird but because of her privacy. There is even a picture,Paris shows her how she has to sit,so that better photos are taken. That was just a trend at the time.Many people did it.Once even Christina Aguilera.
  5. What is this? BUT: Brit,when it was your OWN decision to post this then:
  6. Brit and Kevin had a prenuptial agreement. I think he got 5 $ million, that's it, that's all he's entitled to personally. He had to give back gifts, who were more worth then 25,000 $ . Who paid his mansion or whether he paid it out of the 5 million, I don't know. Brit only has to pay for the children. Why she has to pay for his lawyer to this day, no idea. But it is probably the case in America that the partner who has more has to pay the lawyer for the other. But after 15 years still ?! Oh, and Kevin got a lot of money for it, so Brit could took the childeren with her on tour.
  7. And I thought Kevin was now on Britney's side. Of course it is good that Jamie now has a problem, but that reads to me as if Britney's children are being deprived of even more. If Britney is no longer under guardianship, 70/30 is no longer necessary. She can then even have sole custody.
  8. She´s not unknown and worked with A list celebs together. She´s not some average Instagram girlie. They booked her for photoshoots and their music videos. Besides, do you seriously think Rihanna is not a great celeb?! She had trouble with Instagram more than once, her site was even completely blocked. Celebs have no fool's freedom even they have to follow rules. Do you think they are allowed to strain their *******, nipples uncensed?
  9. They would. I follow a German model.She usually puts in lightly dressed pictures of herself. Once one with her bust size. It has been deleted. It was similar to Britney's.Then she posts one of her butt in the string. She wrote, maybe they like it better. I love this humor.But it has also been deleted.
  10. OMG I'm crying right now. I'm so happy for Paris.She had so many men, but it was never the right one. She has wanted a baby for years.Brit will soon be free, then they can meet and exchange mommy tips. I wish her a light pregnancy and a gentle birth, and a healthy baby.
  11. Congratulations, you have bought your girlfriend her favorite coffee in 5 years.Be proud of you. That he makes this public makes him even less credible for me. But we will see when Brit is free.
  12. "Because I don´t want to have fake hair I have to buy." Another slap in the face of Britney. And Brit doesn't even want to have extension, but short hair but she is not allowed to. Jamie Lynn, you are a ******* person and a ******* sister. **** yourself. It would be better for your image if you avoid social media for the next few months - you can use them privately - you only make it worse and worse. And leave your sister alone and piss off.
  13. Be wary of others The ones closest to you (oh) The poison they feed you And the voodoo that they do But in rebellion There's a sparkle of truth Don't just stand there Do what you got to do You'll find it in rebellion Your body starts breathing They're not believing what they're seeing 'Cause you're rebellion You'll find it so compelling With everyone yelling 'Cause your soul, you're not selling 'Cause you're rebellion Let Go When you let go Of all you've known The butterflies fly And you will see the rainbows And all the love Everything will be shown So let go Let go The touch of grass The air The sun it will rise You will see so clear It will bring tears to your eyes Maybe everything will be alright So let go You gotta let go Don´t Cry Pack my bags, can't take no more Adios, I'm out the door Where Are You Now Calling out your name Your face is everywhere I'm reaching out to you to find that you're not there I wake up every night to see the state I'm in It's like an endless fight I never seem to win I can't go on as long as I believe Can't let go when I keep wondering Where are you now, what have you found Where is your heart when I'm not around Where are you now, you've gotta let me know Oh baby, so I can let you go I can hear your voice The ring of yesterday It seems so close to me but yet so far away I should let it out to save what's left of me And close the doors of doubt Revive my dignity But I can't go on as long as I believe (as long as I believe) Can't let go when I keep wondering I should let it out, it's time to let you go Oh baby, I just wanna know I Run Away You took your love away too fast Left no chance to say, "Look back" And now I know the truth, it makes it easier Maybe when time goes by, I'll understand Lets pretend that I've moved on And I'll tell myself that life goes on without you Open my eyes, look deep inside I run away, I run away, I run away You threw it all away So blind (So blind) You pushed me far from you in your life Now I know the tears won't lead to lonliness Maybe when time goes by, I'll understand And Then We Kiss Lying alone Touching my skin I'm falling under A girl like me And I can't hold it in It makes me wonder Is this for real? It's not what it seems You're like an angel I'm running now My feet off the ground [Pre-Chorus] Take me Touch me Won't you hold me close? [Chorus] And then we kiss Your love comes alive on my lips I feel a rush Coming over me, over me And when we touch This moment when everything's still I close my eyes And then we kiss [Verse 2] The feel of your hand As it touches my hair It makes me tremble Don't wanna let go Of the feelings we share So baby, go slow Our hearts beating fast And my body cries I want it to last It's burning inside We're getting deeper [Outro] You're drifting The sun comes up You're fading You seem so far I don't know If I'm awake Open my eyes And then we kiss... Out From Under Breathe you out, breathe you in You keep coming back to tell me You're the one who could have been In my eyes, see it all so clear It was long ago and far away but it never disappears I try to put it in the past Hold into myself and don't look back I don't wanna dream about All the things that never were Maybe I can live without When I'm out from under I don't wanna feel the pain What good would it do me now I'll get it all figured out When I'm out from under (From under, from under, from under) So let me go Just let me fly away Watch me now and I'll be someone new My heart will be unbroken It's like a lie I've told a thousand times I don't wanna dream about All the things that never were Maybe I can live without When I'm out from under I don't wanna feel the pain What good would it do me now I'll get it all figured out When I'm out from under (From under, from under, from under, from under) And part of me still believes when you say you're gonna stick around And part of me still believes we can find a way to work it out But I know that we tried everything we could try So let's just say goodbye Forever I don't wanna dream about All the things that never were Circus There's only two types of people in the world The ones that entertain and the ones that observe Don't stand there watchin' me, follow me Show me what you can do Kill The Lights I think I'm ready for my closeup Yeah You don't like me, I don't like you It don't matter (Ooh) Only difference: you still listen I don't have to (Ooh) In one ear and out the other I don't need ya (Ooh) Your words don't stick, I ain't perfect But you ain't either (Ooh) I ain't even losin' sleep (Ooh) There's more to me than what you see (Ooh) You wouldn't like me when I'm angry I think I'm ready for my closeup Tonight Make sure you catch me from my good side Pick one These other hoes just wanna be me Is that money in your pocket or you happy to see me? Kill the lights Am I Sinner Tell me am I a sinner? Tell me am I wrong? Something is wrong with the picture This is not my fault So am I a sinner? Am I a sinner? Don't watch the truth unfold Please don't try to see right through me When you touch me You will never know Imagination starts to haunt me It controls me In my secret place Where I drift away Swimmin In The Stars Dream me to life Write our names in the pillow skies We can meet in our minds If our days count us out of time And we'll stay alive In seas of city lights Where you and I collide So let's go Swimming in the stars tonight Oh, and we'll glow And shimmer in the diamond lights We'll dive in Head first, all the way down In gravity's arms we'll drown The world is ours When we're swimming in the stars When we're swimming in the stars Keep me in reach Hold your breath 'til we're in too deep Where the sun's out of heat We're awake in the deepest sleep And we'll stay alive In shades of neon lights Where you and I collide What if we could float here forever? In these Gemini dreams together Would you let me take your breath right now? Promise that I'll never breathe out
  14. Poor man. This is karma.WHY can´t people understand that it exists and that the Law of Attraction work?!Jamie has at least gotten help for his alcohol addiction in the past.At least somewhat. I don't mean that badly, but I think he also needs psychological help. He is seriously ill. I don't see him in prison but in forensics. The Spears family has always been through a lot,long before Britney was even born.Her grandma,I think Jamie's mother committed suicide.And other bad things. I hope the family can heal and Britney lead a free, own life.
  15. That was before the guardianship.Must have been so 2006/2007. A time when almost everyone was mean to Britney, people laughed at her. No one helped her. One avoids being called only with her name in a breath. Mel and his wife at the time invited Britney to their vacation home to relax and take care of Britney. Britney spent a few days with them. Brit and Mel are good friends for many years now. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=mel+gibson+britney+spears&docid=607988118789105595&mid=E37F53ADF5E5ADF04AE0E37F53ADF5E5ADF04AE0&view=detail&FORM=VIRE https://abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/mel-gibson-reportedly-turns-britney-spears-cops-investigate/story?id=11226180 https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=mel+gibson+britney+spears&docid=608036643321697537&mid=A6FA43002B35E50AAFEEA6FA43002B35E50AAFEE&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  16. I just read the text.Thought she was joking.She's really in the Ritz. "and I can assure you that no one has ever bought me a place at the beach, because I prefer my beach vacations’s at the Ritz anyway🌊" Exactly in Britney's puss! By now at the latest, it should be clear to me which side Jamie Lynn is on. And that she doesn't handle it that way. be close to your friends but even closer to your enemies.She never tried to help Brit. Jamie Lynn,take an example: Dido Danni Minogue Solange Knowles Lesley and Linda Lopez Ashlee Simpson Rachel Aguilera Siblings of Sarah Connor Siblings of Madonna What I think about this post:
  17. Britney Jean is my favorite album along with Ooops and Circus. It include some of the best ballads of her career. But yes,they should make an EP of the album. I just listen to this songs: Brightest Morning Star Til ´it´s Gone (one of my all time favorites) Now That I Found You Passanger Alien Don´t Cry Perfume ( + Dreaming Remix) Hold On Tight
  18. My favorite picture of all time from her:
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