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  1. I see it the same way. And if I met Brit, I would ask her for certain videos/songs. On the other hand, I would be afraid that it would go too far, I don't know how to describe it,or that she doesn't remember exactly or that it has become unimportant for her. Britney, PLEASE Rebellion Full Song The Orginal Doll, and the whole and true music videos for When Your Eyes Say It Gimme More Perfume Make Me
  2. Brit can ask Anonymous.They are able to find EVERYTHING.
  3. That's a bit confused for me.The insider also said she was in a clinic.That with the house is so weird and scary.
  4. That was not a clinic but a very ordinary house, which was probably rented especially for it. And apparently it didn't even have doors so that Brit was not even disturbed in the toilet (that's just my interpretation). But Brit said nurses lived there with her.Every step of her was monitored. Even when she was naked,because she changed clothes no one looked away. A lot of blood was drawn from her. And what does she mean by work? I'm thinking of her Instagram videos. How has she not been taken to an ordinary clinic? So we don't find out? That's so dubious! I mean, who rents a house for medical examinations and treatment ?! So scary !!!
  5. In my Top Ten favorite songs of all time from her. I was so happy that it became a single. The beginning reminds me of the beginning of a fairy tale. And it's my absolute favorite video of her. But even if I love the song more than anything, I am amazed that it is so popular with Spotify. Fans have actually other favorite Britney songs.
  6. Unfortunately I have no source, but fans posted some statements on Instagram from Britney's staff at her Vegas Hotel. Her maid smuggled her butter because Brit wanted so much to eat some butter.
  7. Rosengart is married. But who cares. I´m serious, I thought the same! But this is so ridiculous.
  8. This post did not sound to me if Brit is happy with the behavior of her friends...And she already leaved them,but then gets trapped into the c-ship.So she needs a whole new circle! Maybe another country,far away.And start everything new.
  9. I have a serious question. I am 100% sure that JL will be in jail for several years. And possibly her husband. With whom do the children live? Lynn is already 70 or so.
  10. Does this mean that a woman helped her? That a woman brought her to Rosengart? What she / or another person writes is not only against Britney's family, but also against her friends! And actually even against Sam ...
  11. No.Fe said Brit was often not too keen on meet and greets because of what was done to her in private. Maybe her cell phone was taken from her beforehand. But Britney loves and appreciates her fans as much as her fans appreciate and love her. I think Brit will not be angry with you. Or with another fan. But even more so with her family and her team.
  12. Yes, Brit needs more money. 900 Million + a yearly income of 8 Million + without working just because of royalties and stuff like that is not enough! You really can't live on that for the rest of your life. Please, Britney is not a newcomer, Z celebrities or an influencer. She is a living legend, on par with the Beatles, Elvis or Madonna. She never has to work again. Neither do her great grandchildren.
  13. Paris Nuremberg And other old city´s And I want to travel to: Vienna Most City´s in the Us Tokyo Prague Florence Rome Venice And a few more city´s in Europe
  14. Flirt? There are rumors Brit thought that Lynn slept with Kevin! And Lynn was on Kevin's side, that he gets the children, she said children need their father! When the umbrella accident was, there are rumors that Lynn was inside the house with Kevin! Brit could actually see the kids for an hour, but they don let her in. They said the bell was broken and they did not hear her. After the hour they came out and said, Brit it´s too late, the time with your children is over. Then Brit freaked out.
  15. Just one? Besides Mona Lisa and Rebellion then And Then We Kiss Remix. My Top Ten 1.Rebellion 2.Mona Lisa 3.And Then We Kiss Remix 4.Where Are Now 5.I Run Away 6.Cinderella 7.Girl In The Mirror 8.Quicksand 9.Amnisa 10.Mannequin + Criminal Bonus: Swimming In The Stars,Don´t Cry,Till It´s Gone,Hold On Tight,Unusual You,Out from Under,Walk On By,Autumn Godby,Luv The Hurt Away,Pleasue You,I'll Never Stop Loving You,Deep In My Heart,Unbroken,Am I Sinner
  16. Brit already did this. The pictures were all over the subways in Tokyo. But back then, it´s was HER OWN choice. This is the problem I have right now. Not her beautiful naked body. And then we have the countless paparazzie pictures when she was on the road with Paris. And you could even see her ******* and c-section scar, optionally also her nipples / butt. But that was also HER decision. I post this not here, sounds weird but because of her privacy. There is even a picture,Paris shows her how she has to sit,so that better photos are taken. That was just a trend at the time.Many people did it.Once even Christina Aguilera.
  17. What is this? BUT: Brit,when it was your OWN decision to post this then:
  18. Brit and Kevin had a prenuptial agreement. I think he got 5 $ million, that's it, that's all he's entitled to personally. He had to give back gifts, who were more worth then 25,000 $ . Who paid his mansion or whether he paid it out of the 5 million, I don't know. Brit only has to pay for the children. Why she has to pay for his lawyer to this day, no idea. But it is probably the case in America that the partner who has more has to pay the lawyer for the other. But after 15 years still ?! Oh, and Kevin got a lot of money for it, so Brit could took the childeren with her on tour.
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