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  1. Not just her dad but also her family, friends, and her team should have their **** pants on.Now it´s time for them to be afraid.
  2. I think that was fan-made and not official, but there was a very short excerpt from the music video for "Break The Ice". You see a blonde woman from behind, I think she gets out of a car and goes to a club. I don't know if it's gone but I can't find it anymore. I was pissed when we got fed up with this animated video with the clone story! The song "Break the Ice" is so perfect for a club video!
  3. There are people who think it's ok to come to the M&G with Brit with bald head and umbrella...
  4. This is SO difficult and complicated.Actually Will is a very good artist, not only with the Black Eyed Pies but also solo. I LOVE T.H.E. with Jlo and Mick Jagger, but what did he do with Britney's songs?! Ok,Srceam And Shout was her most successful song since Baby.It is also her most watched video onYoutube.And her first No.1 in Germany for over 15 years.The last one was "Lucky". I was SO overwhelmed.I thought this would never happen again.Not because of Britney's talent, of course, but because she was so hated in the country at times. Will has also been involved in some of her career's best songs: Scream & Shout Perfume Til It´s Gone Don´t Cry Work ***** Now That I Found You But then at the same time he was involved in the worst and cruelest songs of her career.The only good thing about them is Britney's voice.otherwise they are real garbage! Some of them so bad, you should burn them! Big Fat Bass (thank God that it didn't get single after all) It Should Be Easy Body Ache Chillin With You
  5. Are you serious? Even Brit himself understood she had to get out of the states,but it was already too late. If she had run away with the boys, Kevin would have had her arrested. It's about being out of reach of their perpetrators. These people seem to have a lot of influence in America.I mean, just look at what the court has let go through!For 13 years.How the media treat Brit and create the publik thinking of Britney.In the rest of the world they don't have so much to say/be so powerful. Lindsay, Madonna, Courtney did not leave the States for nothing. If someone is a stalking victim, he is advised to move to another state.That may seem unfair at first.But we will never find a job again, get to know friends in this city.The perpetrator has broken everything.Interfered everywhere.The victim slandered.People believe everything and do not question anything.No matter what you tell about a person.
  6. Falco's mother has since passed away. His inheritance is now managed by Ronnie Seunig, whom he met before his death and became his best friend. He uses the money for Falco projects and up-coming artists.That was important to Falco during his lifetime, that they are supported. Falco had many false friends and also women who only gutted and took advantage of him. He said he probably spent around 1 million on it. But in contrast, he had Billy who would have gone through hell for him. Later he still had Ronny.Who does Brit have? Nobody. It hurts me so much when I see her childhood friends when they spend time together and celebrate important events together and Brit is never there.Her team/family even leave her alone on her birthday! ( ok,at least she had Sam.)
  7. You can't match Jennifer to Brit! It seems that Jen has true friends and a good relationship with her parents/family. They only had a big fight and that was only because they wanted the best for Jennifer and were worried about her.Also, Jen isn't as lenient as Brit./more mature. Miley? Also has a close relationship with her family. In addition, her father himself is rich and famous and has the best contacts. That helps. Who does Brit have? NOBODY. Her family are monsters and her friends are too afraid to help her. Lou/her team is just another dragon she has to fight. Alone.
  8. What is this? Is there a demon in there? I think you have evil spirits in your house! Or your family has somehow tricked you!
  9. From The Bottom: "But you put a dart Through my dreams, through my heart" Swimming In The Stars "And we'll stay alive In seas of city lights Where you and I collide" Hold On Tight "He comes to me in my dreams And tells me what I need to know He makes me feel so at ease And guides me to the lights above I just wanna fall into his arms tonight Someone tell me I, I will be alright Hold on tight" Where Are You Now "I should let it out To save what's left of me And close the doors of doubt Revive my dignity But, I can't go on as long as I believe Can't let go when I keep wondering Where are you now, what have you found" Unusual You "Been so many things when I was someone else Boxer in the ring, tryin' to defend myself And the private eye to see what's goin' on" (That's long gone) Rebellion "Be wary of others The ones closest to you The poison they feed you And the voodoo that they do But in rebellion there's a sparkle of truth Don't just stand there Do what you got to do" Quicksand "I still see your coat hanging on the door Never let anybody put one there before Baby, of all the guys you were my favorite"
  10. That's so nice of you.But I'm not a member there.It´s unavailable in my country.
  11. 1.Her children are slowly starting a life of their own, going to university maybe.They are no longer toddlers.If Britney would move to England (Europe would also go, everything is close together) they could go e.B to the Cambrige, Oxford and be close to their mother. 2.That's why Sam is not the right man for Britney. One of many reasons.And I think that's why the relationship will not last.I think when she is free she will end it after 1-2 years .He is somewhere else in life than she is.Staying in LA would be pure torture for Britney.Normally he has to back down.Will he do that? Brit, on the other hand, does EVERYTHING for the people she loves, but in this case it can destroy her and prevent her from healing.Europe also has great film studios! Such as. Barbelsberg in Germany. I think for Brit it's time for a break. Raising her children in peace far away from the public.A man who is still at the beginning of everything and because of which she is constantly in the spotlight is not helpful.Of course she can also stay at home with the children.But then she often won't see him for weeks.Is then almost a single parent.She already had that with Kevin,who left Brit alone with the children because of his career.
  12. The first movies came out in my mother's youth/childhood.2000 around,my youth there was a sequel,everything was revived. I was in the cinema with my family.Nice to see that it has been successful for generations! Now a new generation can discover it for itself!I'm happy that Jamie Lee Curtis is back! I have to see how it is with Corona, I can't cope with all the changing rules in my city. And the incidence has reportedly doubled within a week. But if possible, I go to the cinema! A film for the whole family.
  13. My goodness, now the time has come. Britney's family (except the aunt and the children) get on my nerves!!! How can Brit endure this when she is in constant close contact with it? The poor woman!
  14. They are now slowly coming to the age to go to college.Then they no longer live at home anyway.Maybe even study in another country.
  15. Brit worked for 33 years, almost without a break.When she had a break, she had a lot to do privately. Graduation , driver's license (many stars did not have the time for it, Brit managed it somehow),2 children,2 marriages,problems with her parents,many friends / relatives died, custody dispute now the guardianship and God knows what else. Look at this -Off Bordway show with Ruthless -Micky Mouse Club for two years -11 Studio CD´s ( but just 9 were released) -Hundreds of songs recorded. She wrote many of them. -2 EP´s -10 DVD´s -3 official documentaries -35 Musicvideos -One Movie -Over 20 commercials -Own perfume brand.For this she had to take a lot of photos and shoot videos, had appointments -Own nightwear and lingerie collection The Intimate Britney.Collaborations with Thommy Hilfiger,Candies,Kenzo,Skechers... -Many guest roles in series like Sabrina The Teenage Witch,Longshot,Simpsons (I think she spoke the voice),Jane The Virgin,How I Met Your Mother,Glee... -4 Games -Own Restaurant -Countless interviews, fan meetings and photo shoots all over the world -Countless promotional tours all over the world and business meetings -Many own firms with 100 + staff members Brit has to lead -8 Tours among them 5 world tours - Las Vegas Residency -Many appearances in award shows, TV shows, Red Carpets etc all over the world and on all continents. I'm sure I've forgotten a lot.That's enough for several lives what Brit has done.I don't want anything more from her. The Original Doll and Rebellion would be nice they are already finished.The raw version is enough for me. I think it's just a pity that she hasn't starred in more movies.I see her as a cool detective commissioner. Or romance comedy.She's so talented. I think if she ever does music again it should only be in 15+ years.Many have done it. She has to process everything first not only the guardianship.Then found a new family.Move best to Europe or Asia.If she has boredom she can write songs here and there for others and send them by mail.Or found a dance school for children and teenagers.
  16. The baby in the video was Sean Preston.JL was a teenagerat that time...
  17. With me it is often so.And some fans have noticed that the blue tick is often missing for a short time.
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