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  1. And Don´t Hang Up and Phonographie.And of cause a lot from the songs of the Glory album.
  2. What should I do with the album? It was my therapy and I´m thankful for it. I was listing a lot to it in 2014, one of the darkest times in my life and it saved me ( along with the album "Neumond" by Joachim Witt). I know what you mean, but then we should boycott EVERYTHING after 2005. I don´t know the reason, maybe Brit herself wanted it that way at the last minute, but actually, should Blackout be a very difficult album, with much darker songs. Then they put out Circus and gave Brit no time to rest. Femme Fatal was the beginning that we completely lost the "real" Britney. They used more doubles than ever. Hardly let her sing. On stage, they even switched off her microphone, at the studio they used autotune and let the background singer sing actually everything. Brit lost her dance skills completely, and she was the one who could be able to beat MJ. For music videos, like TTWE or Work *****, they used doubles too. It´s like the real Britney has vanished. We should be the ones who should be pissed. Nothing wrong when famous people use doubles in their private life so they can spend some time with friends and the double distracts the fans and paparazzi. But cheating with singing and music videos and maybe shootings too?! We pay for Britney, not for an I don´t know, some average girl. This is actually cheating. And, this is not the case with Brit, she is perfect in every way, but I would rather have the real Britney in a video where her skin has crinkles, her butt is shapeless, and her skin has cellulite because they are Britney´s crinkles, Britney´s butt, and Britney´ cellulite. I don´t want another girl, no matter how perfect she is. They can keep her!!!! I WILL Britney!!!! But I don´t blame Brit herself. I think it is a mix of two circumstances. First, I think that there were very dark and evil things that happened in her private life so she was just not in the state to work. And they covered it up with doubles so they don´t want to get in trouble because of the things they did to her. And of cause, they don´t want to miss the money. And Brit herself fought with them because she wanted to have become her will ( which is very understandable) and refused to work. So, it is not easy to get out of a contract, so the uses doubles.
  3. I´ve overread the last sentence. I never got warm with Chris as a person too. But from the professional side, she is on Britney´s level. Great songwriting, her albums are really good, you can listen to them without a skip. And I must confess, even when there are some songs I skip from Chris because I don´t like them so much, there is no Christina song I hate as I do with a few Britney songs( Intimidated, Chillin With You, Big Fat Bass...) Even when I don´t like Chris that much as a person, her writing, singing, and whole work are too good to ignore.
  4. Ok,then you should listen to this: Genie In A Bottle I Turn To You Come On Over Reflection When You Put Your Hands on Me Don´t Make Me Love You Genio Atrapado Falsas Esperanzas Ven Conmigo Can´t Hold Us Down Fighter Infatuation Loving Me 4 Me Beautiful Make Over Cruz Soar Get Mine Get Yours Dirrty The Voice Within Keep On Singing My Song Oh Mother Still Dirrty Welcome Candyman Hurt Mercy On Me Save Me From Myself Keeps Getting Better Car Wash Tell Me Lady Marmelade Army Of Me Your Body Bionic Not Myself Tonight Woohoo Desnudate You Lost Me Birds Of Prey Stronger Then Ever Fall In Line Feel This Moment
  5. I like a few albums in the same way, that´s why I rank them at the same position. And I just write my favorite songs from the album, otherwise, it would be too long. 1. Ooops!... I Did It Again. Stronger Don´t Go Knocking At My Door (I Can´t Get No) Satisfaction What You See Is What You Get One Kiss From You Where Are You Know Can´t Make You Love Me Girl In The Mirror Walk On By Circus Circus Out From Under Kill The Lights Shattered Glass If You Seek Amy Unusual You Mannequin Phonographie Quicksand Amnesia Trouble Britney Jean Alien Perfume Till It´s Gone Passanger Don´t Cry Brightest Morning Star Hold On Tight No That I Found You Perfume (Dreaming Remix) 2.Blackout Piece Of Me Break The Ice Freakshow Toy Soldier Ooh Ooh Baby Everybody Get Back 3.Baby One More Time Baby One More Time (You Drive Me) Crazy Stop! Remix Born To Make You Happy I Will Be There E -Mail My Heart Deep In My Heart I'll Never Stop Loving You Autumn Goodbye In The Zone (I Got That) Boom Boom Showdown Breath On Me Early Mornin´ Touch Of My Hand The Hook Up Shadow Brave New Girl The Answer Over To You Now 4.Femme Fatale Till The World Ends I Wanna Go How I Roll (Drop Dead) Beautiful Seal It With A Kiss Trouble for Me Gasoline Criminal Up N´ Down Selfish Don´t Keep Me Waiting Scary Glory Invitation Make Me Just Luv Me Do You Wanna Come Over Slumber Party Just Like Me What You Need Liar If I´m Dancing Matches Mood Ring Pride Remix Swimming In The Stars 5. Britney Overprotected Lonely Not A Girl Metro Remix Cinderella Let Me Be Bombastic Love I Run Away What It’s Like to Be Me Before the Goodbye
  6. I don´t mean it rude, I´m not a fan of the "new" pop girls, so I did not saw hardly any of their music videos or stage appearances. But Taylor has two iconic ones.I mean, imagine being on stage together with Madonna and Jlo!
  7. Madonna and Britney Britney and Christina Christina and Madonna
  8. So, do you really think that the formal! court documents are lying?! And a lot of her close ones confirmed it like her brother.
  9. What is the truth behind The Original Doll,Mona Lisa, Rebellion and the original concept of the Gimme Moore and Perfume music videos?
  10. But this would mean that it has nothing to do with Kevin himself.Do you know Gottfried Helnwein? This is some of his art.I don´t know why,it just came to my mind when I read the name Podesta. Stuff like that is not just creepy, but
  11. I've never watched the movie.I tried. But after this scene,I quit. I just think that Kevin did something worse because their divorce is nearly 20 years ago. So why still bad blood?
  12. But this must mean that Kevin did something really evil and worse to Brit. And I´m not talking about taking away her kids and money.I mean, I hate him too and it would be better to never meet him because I would slap him really hard. But wish him to be dead? I think that Lana knows more about what goes on behind the scenes. I mean such pictures cross the red line. This goes too far.
  13. I know what you are talking about.But what has it to do with the marriage of Kevin and Brit?
  14. Ok,we have KFed and Justin now.When will they make this kinds of pictures with Jamie and Sam L.?
  15. Ghost Busters Jurassic World 3 The Crooked Man Conjuring 3 New movies by Jlo and Julia Roberts
  16. But why did their friendship end then in 2006/2007? Brit was completely alone without any friends and family and then she meets Ali,Jessica and Sam L,which leads her straight into the c-ship.
  17. 1.Britney Spears- Britney. I understand why they had to change the actual name (because of 9/11) but the title "Shock Your Mind" would be perfect. They should rerelease the album with all bonus and demo songs(Am I Sinner,Mad Love and so on) and give the album his real name back. 2.Britney Spears "Blackout".Darkness would be perfect.As well the titles Britney has choosen,"Dignity"," OMG Is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like", "What If the Joke Is on You" 3.Jlo A.K.A Better name would be "Same Girl" or "Never Satisfied" 4.Rammstein album Nr.7.There is nothing to change. The album did not even have a name! Why?
  18. Actually, Madonna's first album has two names and was released with them twice: Madonna and The First Album . Actually, I don´t like self-titled albums. It is uncreative.
  19. You as a guy have not right to talk about the female period. Just keep your mouth.This is disrespectful and rude!
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