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  1. 1.Britney Spears- Britney. I understand why they had to change the actual name (because of 9/11) but the title "Shock Your Mind" would be perfect. They should rerelease the album with all bonus and demo songs(Am I Sinner,Mad Love and so on) and give the album his real name back. 2.Britney Spears "Blackout".Darkness would be perfect.As well the titles Britney has choosen,"Dignity"," OMG Is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like", "What If the Joke Is on You" 3.Jlo A.K.A Better name would be "Same Girl" or "Never Satisfied" 4.Rammstein album Nr.7.There is nothing to change. The album did not even have a name! Why?
  2. Actually, Madonna's first album has two names and was released with them twice: Madonna and The First Album . Actually, I don´t like self-titled albums. It is uncreative.
  3. You as a guy have not right to talk about the female period. Just keep your mouth.This is disrespectful and rude!
  4. Brit was in Kentwood when the Pandemic started/ attend the birthday of JL. When she was back home in LA, she had to go into quarantine
  5. Really? Where was Madonna the last years to help Brit? She has enough money and good contacts to help her and did not anything. She just helped Brit at the very beginning of the c-ship. And in the For The Record documentary, she blamed Britney for everything which happened to her. Not her family or her team.
  6. Weird. But maybe she is afraid if she will be able to manage everything on her own at once. In the past, one came after another and she could grow into it even if she worked like crazy and did a lot in a short time where others had years of time for it. She is a single mom with two boys in her puberty. Last time they were babys.She has to manage her finances. Her firms. Care for her staff. Business meetings.A lot of therapies and court dates. And maybe a lot of appointments with the FBI. This can scare you. Brit,it's not for nothing that you're the role model of millions of people around the world. You're very, very strong. And smart.You have very good contacts.Your fans can also help you, among them are certainly some doctors,lawyers,businessmen.You are not alone. And you don't have to do everything at once. The first step should be that you get out of guardianship. That you are free. After that, you'll see. If anyone creates, it's you. If you wanted, you could even surpass your Circus comeback by far.
  7. I think the same.Otherwiese it would be to much. But what we do with her soundtracks? Who´s That Girl just has two songs of her, but Evita and **** Tracy she recorded in full.And from Evita there a two different soundtracks.And her album with just the ballads, something to Remember?
  8. Imagine being Brit's best friend. Cuddle with her, hold hands. Just be with her.
  9. I wonder this too. And why Brit is allowed to have Chad as a friend. Nothing against him and I wish Brit millions of true and loyal friends. But everyone gets rid out of her life, even her own babys. But he is allowed to stay. As far as I know, he was/is a close friend of Jason Trewick.
  10. Madonna and Xtina would be so good. But Madonna has 14 albums or so,so it would last for ages.And I would love to rank the albums of this singers: Rihanna Beyoncé Destiney´s Child Gwen Stefani Shakira (since Laundry Service) JLo Kelly Clarkson Anastasia Nelly Furtado Maybe: Spice Girls Shania Twain Kylie Minogue P!NK Katy Perry Lady Gaga Lindsay Lohan Ke$ha Ashley Thisdale BSB N´Snyc Black Eyed Pies since Elephunk Fergie
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