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  1. Guys I have a conspiracy theory on my mind lately: What if the prematurely dead doctor was behind the 'Britney's truth' account? The doctor died on the 24th of August, the last 'Britney's truth' post was on the 22nd. The doctor must have known Britney situation very well, and that account sounds very insightful. He could have been moved by Britney's good heart and thus tried to help her with the account, He got caught, and then you know how it finishes... In one post britney's truth says 'I am trying to protect my increasingly fragile privacy' referred to himself. I know I am reaching too far, but is not too surreal on my opinion.
  2. I hope you are right... but on my opinion we'll be sure the cship is ending just when Lou releases a public statement on britney's mental health to damage Britney and preserve Tristar reputation. If they don't throw her under the bus, it means they can still milk her.
  3. There's an easy solution to the problem: stop buying tickets. We should have done it years ago and demand some live vocals instead. Personally, I would accept paying extra cash to see a totally acoustic show (bbc live lounge kind of show), rather than spending 200$ for the same old wigs, costume changes and zumba dance. It would be much cheaper for them too.
  4. Something like 11 years of manipulation and annihilation happened.
  5. Guys good news, the big tabloids are covering Lynne's post!! Daily mail: "Britney Spears' mom Lynne agrees with fan account that suggests singer's team is deleting positive Instagram comments" And similar articles on Us Weekly, OK! Magazine, In touch weekly and so on... Team-Lou strategy has backfired SO BADLY, majority of comments support the idea that shady things are going on behind the scenes... The GP is getting aware!
  6. Really bad article that makes us look as psychos, from a newspaper that has given up with inquisitive journalism and made 'defending the status quo' in politics and society its editorial policy. My point of view is that if we finish to question the status quo, we'll never manage to keep people in position of power (the conservators in this case) accountable for their actions. The words 'conspiracy theories' and 'right to privacy' are just a great ways to hide the truth, preserve things as they are, and control individuals. Also the timing is pretty suspicious, given that many big tabloids such as US weekly, Daily Mail are currently reporting that her team deletes positive comments. Perhaps damage control required a more 'reliable' newspaper. Of course Lou has big connections in the media industry. I hope at least that this article has cost her a fortune.
  7. Probably hinting to a new a court hearing... I think there's Sam (Lutfi) behind this profile, if you look at his twitter He likes to make cultured references. Also, after the recent restraining order He cannot address Britney with his official account... let's hope something interesting comes out of it!
  8. Guys we have to keep going! The fact She's trying so hard to suppress twitter accounts is a great sign. It means She's PRESSED and WOUNDED. We need to keep going until irreparable damage to her reputation is made. She can't silence the internet, this ain't China. r
  9. Probably already posted, but the story made it to the New York Times. They talk about Breatheheavy and Jordan as well! https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/17/arts/music/britney-spears-conservatorship-mental-health.html To be fair it's an extremely neutral article, almost skeptical... Don't think it will help our cause.
  10. I think a good strategy could be sending out a detailed summary of this thread to tabloids. We cut off the theories and stress out the facts (court documents, Sam's posts, connections with the antigay church, endorsement of relevant people... etc). If we manage to put the content in a clever way, aka make 'em smell they can make a click bait article out of it, we'll manage to have media's attention on this fishy c-ship. We need maximum exposure before May 10th, because when journalists investigate its harder for them to make it dirty. For instance, The Daily Mail has a 'story tip-offs' section, you can send them an email. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/contactus/index.html
  11. EDITED TEXT because of you-know-how suing fans Money laundering or perhaps simply piling up as many president positions as possible to charge fees and drain money out of her estate. Also, the higher the perceived complexity of her estate, the more **** can push for the 'She cant manage 11 companies, c-ship is essential to safeguard her interests' argument. It doesn't matter if ELEVEN companies are redundant. The sad thing is that if She hadn't become famous, She would have had probably a happier life... money attracts snakes around you. There's much to reflect on her experience!
  12. EDITED TEXT because of you-know-how suing fans **** 's recipe to make money out of Britney and contrast homosexuality so far: Step 1: Lock Britney in a c-ship and rig the court-system so She cant escape it Step 2: Keep Britney assertive and cooperative by threatening to take away her children Step 3: Cash-out the gays by selling them products that use the 'Britney brand' but require little inputs from Britney: dozens of perfumes, Myah Marie's albums, hundreds of shows in which Britney doesn't sing/talk but mechanically repeats an armography routine. The logic behind this is that it's easier to keep Britney quiet when there's little involvement. Step 4: Take productivity bonuses, fees, and raise their wages with the cash made (look at c-ship documents). Cross-selling option: use Britney social media accounts to promote ****'s businesses and have A-list celebrities on their pay-check (Miley, J-Lo, Meghan...) Step 5: Use gays' money to finance anti-gay churches. Repeat it for 12 years and intimidate who tries to expose the system (Jordan knows something about it). Personally, I want her team to hear it loud and clear: I wont buy anything again until c-ship ends and **** resigns, because buying Vegas tickets and merchandise = finance organisations that campaign against gay families - gay marriage. **** & husband were probably laughing hard when planning all this: She had us paying to sabotage ourselves. (Usually I just read the forum but today I felt the need to register and give my 2 cents on the matter).
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