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  1. It could be a reference (to the blue collars). It doesnt have to be literal, specially in art.
  2. Songs/videos have meanings and messages... not all of them of course lol
  3. what? she wasnt home with Sam holding a pink flower? I...
  4. I feel like Erin tried to do what Ronan Farrow did with his New Yorker article. (as a coincidence, of course) Ronan wrote about 2007, Kevin, Sam Lutfi, Britney's routine, the divorce, her loneliness, etc. And then he wrote about the conservatorshop being placed, and Britney trying to get out of it in the next years. Erin did the same thing, she followed the exact same steps. But her interviews/sources were weak (not Jordan, of course lol), she spent too much time on Adnan and Kaplan, she failed to interview key witness (like Butcher on Farrows article), and she failed to really explain all the illegalities of the cship. Erin touched a lot of important subjects, but it's all very brief, it does not feel like she was investigating for 2 years. It's an 'ok' documentaty, but it's not great, sadly.
  5. I agree with you that they didnt challege anyone. Kaplan said awful things and they were like "ok, moving on...". About the medication part, the motive/relevation is that team con changed the medication to make Britney work harder. That's a big and shocking relevation, but I feel they acted too casual about it... the tone was wrong in so many parts... it's a shame really.
  6. I don't understand why Britneysgram girls and FreebritneyLA hate this doc SO MUCH lol its not great but they are trully hating it... I guess its because Erin didnt interview them? Or its because Lawyers for Britney people is Erin's source? Anyway I dont think Lou started this rumour, Britneysgram girls and FBLA did? There were tweets about it... (from Kevin at least, I remember)... I dont know, but something shady happened behind the scenes between Erin and these freebritney activists.
  7. Sam Ingham lying that she was happy with him and that she didnt want to sign the papers in the bathroom The Xfactor mess, Larry and Jamie pushing knowing she wasnt ready for something like that The meds being incresead so she could work more...
  8. Agreed! Yeah, LFB is the worst. I'm pretty sure they were working for Ingham, they don't care for Britney at all. And meaner03 became a bully and LFB-cheerleader out of nowhere. But even TSW, Lisa, FBLA etc were shady sometimes. I don't trust any of them. I like Kevin, Lisa etc but I don't fully trust them. I do believe they care for Britney but they became 'famous' and all the ego stuff is weird, and they made a lot of mistakes. About TSW: I appreciate her efforts, she is an amazing investigator, but she's been acting shady for some time now. She disapeared in june (I think), everyone panicked, then she came back saying a lot of shaddy stuff but never explained it. And all the "free act" bill drama.... I can't. But, again, I appreciate her efforts. I hope Britney gets free soon so I'm able to forget all these people and all the freebritney drama.
  9. What a dumb thread. Have you ever listened to Coupure Electrique? How are you saying this is not Britney's baby after listening to Coupure Electrique? It's the most Britney song since Blackout (even the title means the same thing). It's her, it came from HER mind and vision, and it's shocking that a lot of you can't see that. What about Man on the Moon and Just Luv Me? Two songs about loneliness (just like Alien, a song that she def liked a lot), Just Like Me was her idea, Julia Michals said Britney came do studio with the whole concept ready. Liar is the exactly the kind of sound she said in interviews she would like to do. And Private Show, What You Need, cmon... it's her. Glory is so so so Britney!!! You can dislike the sounds but you can't deny it's Britney's baby. Also, the vocals. She delivered everything and more! She worked so hard, more than she did for Circus, FF and BJ combined. The disrespect.
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