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  1. I get your point, but this can save someones life, just like lady gaga with if it happens to you, there's just times when you have to help. I did read the whole article, and she tried before, hopefully this might encourage more people to come forward
  2. Completely agree, she definitely needs help. I just don't understand why actual LAW OFFICIALS aren't helping with this more. majority side with the bad guys! this is gunna play out like that miley black mirror episode!
  3. This actually scared me. I don't buy into conspiracies and was waiting for the actual truth, but when something like this happens it kinda puts any doubts you had that it was all exaggerated, to bed. One thing I've never been able to grasp is the 'she's almost in a comatose state and can't sign her name', but can post videos and pics (i know some are saying its old), but she was on Instagram live for like 5 seconds so we know she's not comatose, she's been spotted by fans. I just don't understand why more isn't happening, like its all well and good protesting, but when will something actually be done. Does she need to die for this to be taken seriously and SHAME ON COURTNEY for not speaking out, if she knows facts, then she needs to tell the right people, or does she want Britney's blood on her hands? i know that got pretty dark, but there's just some stuff you shouldnt keep to yourself.
  4. I didnt realise you were on such good terms with Britney. you seem to know an awful lot that most people don't! shes still rich yeah, but rich things cost rich money. her funds will run out quickly if courts/kids/properties/staff etc. millions doesnt last long. an excerpt from Forbes - So how did one of the world’s most famous singers who, according to Forbes, has earned more than $30 million a year in eight of the last 20 years, not make this year’s list of America’s Richest Self-Made Women? For one, a majority of Spears’ earnings gets paid to others: Forbes estimates that about 25% of her gross income goes to her agents, managers and lawyers, as is standard for any star. After that, 40% or more goes to Uncle Sam (and state and local governments) in tax payments. Then there are her expenses: She pays about half a million dollars in child support each year to her ex-husband Kevin Federline, one source told Forbes, plus millions since 2008 in legal support and fees related to the conservatorship.
  5. all this boycotting Trash, that's just like saying Boycott Walmart coz you don't like the CEO but don't give a **** about the people that rely on that monthly pay packet. I'm not one for conspiracy theories, however interesting they are, but Britney still needs to pay for things, kids to pay for n s**t. what sense would boycotting Britney make. so we stop buying her stuff, she stops getting new money...if her funds really are being abused then that just means they're gunna run out quicker? Maybe YA'LL need to boycott the internet and go get yourself a basic education.
  6. I can't DM either lol can you send me the link please xxxxxx


  7. Why don't they call the fan base arias, the definition is cute when you think about it applied to each fan - an aria is a self-contained piece for one voice, with or without instrumental or orchestral accompaniment
  8. Settle down snow flake. Some people just don't find larger people attractive. If someone posts thirst trap pics, I'm sure they're more than happy for it to be shared. We don't all have to celebrate larger bodies, just like we all don't have to celebrate big ol' muscle Mary's. It's Jordans page he can post what he wants. You don't like it, leave?
  9. Now i have been a britney fan since day one... I have tried for ages to work it out, what the hell is IRNR
  10. Sorry if this has been posted, i checked but couldn't see anything, its been said shes missing and presumed dead. Her son was found alone in a boat on Lake Piru in California on wednesday afternoon. She rented a pontoon boat and took her son onboard. The boat was found around 4pm with her son in it and no sign of Naya, but her car was still parked at the lake. No body has currently been found so nothing confirmed but i dont see any other outcome. So sad :-(
  11. He is a very handsome man, but he performs on stage in CROCS so it's a hard pass from me... I'm sure he will lose sleep over that
  12. you dont need need to have done something illegal to get cancelled, a judge and justice system found her husband guilty of **** and her brother of child ****, and she supports them, this isnt an accusation, this is FACT
  13. **** and child **** isn't funny, stop trying to be cute about it
  14. Sorry this reply is bull, im not jumping on the cancel culture bandwagon, nicki minaj is married to a convicted ******, she supported her child ****** brother... This isnt some low level petty bull****. She supports someone who rapes women, and supports someone who rapes children... Her turning a blind eye to it makes her an enabler, basically saying that shes cool with what they did by supporting them. She also makes a mockery of BLM by allowing that trollz ahole to use the N word. Just like people who still support jeffree star you're a low key racist, if you still support nicki minaj then that also means you dont support **** victims simple as. I may be going to the top shelf with my words, but u basically pay to support a ****** by buying her music/merch we all know she supports him
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