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  1. To be clear this is a "Petition" so it's still got to go through the system that has failed her & so many others I know J is trying to get off untouched which he does not deserve, noone who profited off her situation does but i can honestly see her thinking "give them what they want, it's been too long i just want to get on with my life" if I was in her situation that's most likely how I'd want it to end, as quickly as possible so i could start living. She's most likely owed ALOT & has been stolen from unknowingly, god bless her.
  2. first free her THEN investigate, there's no way him and the players in this are walking away untouched They have ALOT to answer for, 13 years TOO LONG
  3. Her happiness is our happiness allegedly though there's a "girlfriend" & an "interest in fame seeking" regardless god bless her i hope she finds someone without any bad intentions
  4. There's something I need to get off my chest anda add to this These fing plastic *** celebrities who stood there and cheered her on during vegas and the Glory era (and every era since) you cannot tell me they didn't hear little bits of info of what was going on with her & the whole reason she was trapped into this situation.. homegirl faked her way through vegas for what feels like forever and had countless celeb guests living their best life posting on insta at the most happening show in vegas (ofcourse it's our girl) The entirety of Hollywood is fake af & B is one of many victims of it, if any of these celebrities held any dignity they'd publicly support and fight for her, there's many with connections that could spring her from this situation What are they so afraid of that they won't help? It's scary
  5. The way we got clowned Here in the UK I've got the radio on & they're all running with the "agreeing to step down" narrative fing rats got what they wanted I'm furious they're out here reporting lies!
  6. This is great news "a new conservator" though? isn't it a shame that they took any independence she had 13 years ago so today she would even need an individual/team to guide her through life because she couldn't experience it, make mistakes, learn lessons on her own back then, imagine being 40 and having had everything done for you, even things any individual should experience in life. this is a step in the right direction, team con have ALOT to answer for any scars they caused her to have these 13 years. allegedly.
  7. SATURDAY, AUGUST 07, 2021 Blind Item #4 Beginning last Sunday and continuing through early Tuesday morning, the "singer" was communicating with someone on the outside. Want to know who ratted her out? The boyfriend. *allegedly* grain of salt & all that.. if this is true, she literally has noone apart from her new lawyer in her corner flush them ALL out asap happy or not, a rat is a rat *allegedly*
  8. The first time she's ever said the word "conservatorship" on video?! On insta too! Confident queen! Also who's asking her these questions?
  9. How was Sam spotted in LA only 2 days ago yet here he is in Hawaii "2 days ago" did someone's narrative get messed up
  10. how any of them sleep at night is beyond me trash, all of them they deserve every single thing that's coming to them
  11. the gravy train is about to run dry so this is isn't surprising money,money,money is all it's ever seemed to be about personally I'd feel ashamed profiting off a family member who's been under barbaric and inhumane conditions for the past 13 years
  12. THURSDAY, JULY 29, 2021 Blind Item #12 The A list "singer" might want to ask her mom about the book deal the mom is negotiating. A BLIND so take it with a grain of salt. Wouldn't be surprising, she did it back in 08' why not now I wonder if it would be pro con or save face Opinions?
  13. His license needs to be revoked the amount of times he's proved to be incompetent is ridiculous purposely being bad at a job is one thing but when a person's wellbeing takes the backseat for an easy cheque.. he has no empathy, morals or shame he should never ever be allowed to represent anyone again, especially people in vulnerable positions incompetent piece of ****
  14. He was in The Devil Wears Prada & many think of his character as the actual villian because he's a pretentious douche who makes Anne Hathaway feel bad for wearing "The Chanel Boots" & doing her job, glowing up at a fashion magazine while he's making grilled cheese sandwiches at home
  15. What a great way to start a new week! I think we can all agree how appreciative we are of her when she doesn't owe anyone a damn thing We get these little snippets of her basking in her accomplishments, remembering she is a powerful force & one hell of a person/talent
  16. "It's only going to get worse" So JL saying she knows B will be portrayed as "Struggling" in the media. The narrative that daddy wants to keep going is dead, B has spoken & will continue to speak at this point a dm to a random person/"fan" isn't going to change a damn thing. Their days are numbered, too late to save skin & best believe y'all will be held accountable
  17. 1000000000 times what everyone else is saying She's had 13 years of her life STOLEN If she wants to dance the night away at the club She's entitled to do so & as FANS it's none of our business what she CHOOSES to do with her time
  18. This is as real as it could get but i still have doubts since her page has been handled for so long, why would she have control all of a sudden? question everything, that's how the truth eventually unveils
  19. I think it's alluding to the Zoey 101 days, everyone thought the producer was the baby daddy
  20. FRIDAY, JULY 09, 2021 Blind Item #12 Let me get this straight. The sister kept all of the advance for herself and used the singer's money to pay for the ghostwriter and then is going to keep all the money from the book sales for herself even though the book is mostly about the singer. Oh, and no mention of the producer knocking her up. Thoughts?
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