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  1. More Pics in XRAY: https://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=587641
  2. ❤️ I hoped she would have a relaxing vacation with no paparazzi around.. . https://www.instagram.com/p/BzMB3H-ApBF/?igshid=1mctbpmaydmqg https://www.instagram.com/p/BzMDaJ7AeGm/?igshid=34db6owb2w2e
  3. Pics in XRAY: https://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=579854 Source: https://theblast.com/britney-spears-driving-cellphone/
  4. OMG, Notice how he's saying "work with THEM".. he said the same thing in the breatheheavy interview..
  5. Yep, I noticed that too.. she also wore them on the last candids before her disappearance...
  6. Britney again!! New Instagram post! https://www.instagram.com/p/BwpOJ-XgOYE/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1gsr39bmzt7fd
  7. And a video https://theblast.com/britney-spears-froyo-questions-thanks-mental-health-treatment/
  8. New pics https://www.hollywoodpipeline.com/2019/04/24/britney-spears-steps-out-of-treatment-for-froyo-run/
  9. HQ pics in XRAY: https://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=579728
  10. We should start bidding what the record is going to be ? Thank you all! I love reading your opinions and learning (tons of) new information!
  11. It's not about the length, I actually like something thorough ? but the layout was driving me crazy.. Seriously, if you want, copy and paste.. I am honestly grateful for your post ❤️
  12. EDITED - without the emails (You can copy and paste..) Sam Lutfi I'm allowed to say and do whatever I want. what I'm trying to avoid is bringing the attention on me rather than the subject matter at hand Sam Lutfi in 13 years how many interviews have i sat down for? zero Sam Lutfi attention and shameless self promo has never been my hallmark Sam Lutfi and everything you've ever heard about me was concocted by Lou and Jamie rikin perhaps i'm misjudging you, which is quite possible. i personally think that the c-ship should have been dissolved years ago rikin however Sam Lutfi it never should have existed Sam Lutfi no one is perfectly normal and sane Sam Lutfi Britney never came close to the spectacles that other performers went through and they never had cships Sam Lutfi true artists and geniuses are always aberrant to social norms. it's expected Sam Lutfi at least I fought for her independence rikin i just think britney needed it to get back into her element, see her children. it was the only option foreseeable at the time... i have always found it funny that she was stuck in this place for years rikin it's clearly being misused at this point in time Sam Lutfi at least I stood by her and never sold a t-shirt or merch or an interview Sam Lutfi I never used her fame to exploit my own rikin but truthfully, are you legally allowed to? maybe i am giving into what news outlets formerly promoted Sam Lutfi in fact I spent half a million battling this cship in court for 8 years Sam Lutfi I'm legally allowed to do what I want Sam Lutfi I won my court case but I didn't win the one to dissolve the cship Sam Lutfi I had no public support Sam Lutfi nothing I did was for my own self promo. ever .. I flew under the radar my entire life Sam Lutfi they never liked me because I allowed her to get on MySpace and interact with fans Sam Lutfi I encouraged her to write her own music Sam Lutfi I encouraged her to handle her own affairs if she wanted Sam Lutfi I encouraged her to speak to the press, to engage with the paps and the fans. we had nothing to hide rikin i just feel like britney was in a very vulnerable position during 2007/08 i'm not blaming you 100 percent as i think her team is in the wrong, but from what i heard in 2016 ... is it true that you took her and her team to court to get paid for managing her? rikin i don't think she should have engaged with the paps Sam Lutfi that was her most exciting year of her life and the most in depth you guys ever got to see her Sam Lutfi excluding Jan 2008 a very bad month Sam Lutfi everything before that and up to the head shaving was amazing Sam Lutfi D4xdrjuWwAAC-C9.jpg D4xdr-dXkAAQczJ.jpg D4xdsbDWwAAikWU.jpg Sam Lutfi look at those Sam Lutfi look at the hell the divorce created for her rikin perhaps she had freedom, but i don't think her taking on a british accent crying in public..... etc. i don't think it makes sense i agree, this guardianship has been abused but in my honest opinion, i think there's obviously deeper rooted issues there and not just the divorce that created this for her rikin and i'm not saying it's all because of you Sam Lutfi but we marched on. she wrote piece of me, she directed and composed the video.. the only time in her life Sam Lutfi and they removed it from YouTube the moment they took over Sam Lutfi all what you're saying is Jan 2008 Sam Lutfi which was a month sandwiched between two unjustified 5150s Sam Lutfi yes that was hell Sam Lutfi for all of us rikin but she didn't write piece of me.... bloodyshy and avant wrote it she directed the video, but that was not her only time in her life in which she did that. she did that with do something, she also co-directed everytime with david lachapelle Sam Lutfi it's like what did everyone expect? you all keep saying you want her to do what she wants but then she's crying in public and you guys are saying hey why did you allow that? what?? she's a human being. she expressed her emotions.. Sam Lutfi she wrote the concept for that song Sam Lutfi the video Sam Lutfi but she made that song epic because it was real Sam Lutfi grit Sam Lutfi they didn't release David's video because she co-directed it Sam Lutfi has anyone ever heard her utter one negative word about me?? never rikin because i think that she is not allowed to speak/chooses not to look back on that time. obviously it is her business and no one else's she should be allowed to express her emotions but it is unacceptable.... the way in which everyone treated her. and in my opinion, you as her manager should have helped in getting her someone to talk to.... you shouldn't be taking her team to court for being unpaid during a time that she was clearly vulnerable in. she is still a vulnerable person, she is allowed to express her emotions but did you not call the paparazzi? Sam Lutfi thats not what I sued for Sam Lutfi they offered millions to settle from day one Sam Lutfi I strung it on for 8 years battling for the chance to be able to get her to come speak in court Sam Lutfi I called all the paps everyday. why? because being honest with them and telling them where we were going eased the pressure of dangerous high speed chases. it was never a secret that I called them. I did it on camera many times, with her, full transparency rikin Okay but she was 100% vulnerable during that time Why would you rationally think that it would be okay to call the paparazzi... That too, knowing about the car seat incident or the fact that the paparazzi really painted her as a terrible mother for tripping with her child She was not 100% okay during that time, and continues to not be today. I think you shouldn’t have done that at all. Sam Lutfi what are you talking about Sam Lutfi you are saying you want her freedom then you're telling my why I didn't control her more rikin No I am telling you that calling the paparazzi is very clearly damaging to someone’s psyche she shouldn’t be placed under the constraints she is currently under because she has spent years since that time in her life. During that time she very clearly was in need of help, and that isn’t something to be ashamed of. Whether it was therapy or something Calling the paparazzi is not going to help someone who has all of their business plastered everywhere already She deserves to live her life normally now. BECAUSE of what happened, because of the stigma surrounding mental health during that time Sam Lutfi look you are programmed by them to believe that narrative. I understand it's difficult to accept that I fought against all the control and nonsense and allowed her to be a free woman Sam Lutfi you are wrong Sam Lutfi the paps used to be mean to her and called her names and took unflattering pics rikin So why call them then? Sam Lutfi I invited them all to her house. they came and sat down with her. it was very cathartic. they saw a human being, a mother, a daughter. they saw that she was no longer some media puppet. from that day on, they were kind to her, she had no more anxiety about running into them.she knew their names Sam Lutfi they didn't chase us at high speeds. they trusted us and just calmly met us at whatever location we were going to Sam Lutfi this has now become a standard in Hollywood Sam Lutfi I created it.. it prevents people from being hurt Sam Lutfi and it allowed us privacy Sam Lutfi so if she didn't want the paps there, we wouldn't tell them rikin I just don’t see how that is logical You invited people that invade people’s privacy into her home rikin I agree she deserves to be viewed as a human rikin I’m not sure if that was the way Sam Lutfi I never did that behind her back. you're entitled to your opinion but my idea worked. they would allow her to choose what images she wanted out there and would delete the ones she didn't like Sam Lutfi they never called her any names Sam Lutfi they would flatter her. bring her coffee etc Sam Lutfi paps were like being scared of heights Sam Lutfi imagine being terrified of heights and living in the penthouse of a high rise Sam Lutfi that was her life Sam Lutfi I created a fix to that fear. instead of fearing the paps, she looked fwd to seeing them no more anxiety, no more fear. she loved me for that Sam Lutfi all her life, no one was able to solve that issue.. I did. Sam Lutfi you can have your opinions but at the time she couldn't be more grateful and it was, I agree, a very unconventional idea but it worked
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