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  1. I know many will judge due to the fact that I'm speculating on her mental health. However, is it possible that Britney has actually been suffering with Dissociative Identity Disorder this whole time? Back at the time of her breakdown, she was shown exhibiting multiple personalities and there are news articles that attest to that. It's merely speculation but is it possible that due to trauma her brain fractured. Is this why many of her interviews seem so scripted and why she needs a conservatorship? I doubt this is true because it usually develops in childhood in response to trauma and I'll admit it's extremely unrealistic. I'm just trying to think of reasons that would justify a conservatorship. However, many people with DID live independently anyways and can manage their own finances.
  2. Yeah it could be related to medication, she seemed veey switched on in 2008 so I guess maybe she was on a small dose of medication. I believe it all started slipping in 2010, I still put faith in that theory that there was a second breakdown at Disneyland and that presumably, it was actually quite severe but covered up extremely well by her team. Then they upped the meds.
  3. Maybe a bit off topic but does anyone feel like Britney lost some of her memory, especially memories of her early career. People specualte it was because of drug use and stress, I have to agree, she doesn't seem like the same person anymore. Whilst yes, she has grown up, it seems much deeper than that.
  4. Sorry haha, it does sound like you tho! Whoever it was, that paralegal should be praised for starting this movement, although I'm still suspicious about what happened in court.
  5. Hey y'all, please don't have a go at me, but do you all believe that the paralegal call that started this was real? I do, but I have slight doubts, the voice of the paralegal reminds me an awful lot of that guy who does the rallys, wukemon. It just struck me today, probably just a coincidence.
  6. I think you're definitely right, in that voicemail from 2008, she was threatened by Jamie that her kids would be taken away.
  7. This is very sad if it's true, the 10 years claim seems too long to be true, however, we have to think about how long the Conservatorship has been in action, surely due to the support behind it and the time put into it, it's going to take a long time to be fully rid off. I wonder if Britney is somewhere she isn't controlled at the moment then, especially if her only confidants are that of Sam and Lynne? This break from music has been coming for a long time, she deserves it and to be completely honest I think many of her problems come from the fact that she has never had much chance to think about herself. By constantly working she doesn't have to face her emotions and now she has this hiatus to really focus on who she is and what she desires.
  8. She did slay, indeed. It always is so weird though that all these celebrities appreciate Britney, call her "iconic" etc. However she's still considered a complete "guilty pleasure", if you say she's your favourite artist you'll get funny looks. Idk, it feels that there's a certain shame associated with Brit but when the VMAs come around, it's quickly forgotten about.
  9. Look sorry if it came off in a hostile way, idk I was a supporter of the situation but many of you have said you'd be content when you know she's fine, her own boyfriend just confirmed this. Yes it's strange she's still under the limitations of a conservatorship at 37 and I agreed with that at one point. However y'all have to remember she is bipolar (most certainly bipolar 1 imo) and manic episodes often lead to devastating and regrettable spending sprees.
  10. Sam has confirmed now she's fine, I think it's about time this calms down tbh. I guess the intentions were somewhat good at the start but now it should stop... It was a massive overreaction based on pure speculation.
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/77af1p/til_after_her_mental_issues_britney_spears_was/?depth=1 On the linked reddit post about brit's conservatorship someone commented with 1.2k points that: originalsinner702 1.2k points·1 year ago One of my clients is a butler for her during her stays in Vegas. He tells me she kind of lives a sad existence, but she likes making floral arrangements. When she inquired about the hotel getting her flowers once, it was out of her allowed budget, and a butler had to drive to a grocery store to get her some :(
  12. Oooh Azealia's released the second ep of her podcast, I wonder if she's gonna talk about #freebritney.
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