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  1. MATM in a sense that it should not have been the lead single, Toxic shouldve been. Work Pits is musically not that great but it is iconic. So I have to say Make Me.. Even though i fully stand behind it being A single, if it wasnt everyone would be like Make Me shouldve been the lead single!!!.
  2. If Shakira has to share her show I cant imagine JSimpson having her own. Maybe Jess, Hillary and Mandy or Michelle Branch can share..
  3. I never understood what Gaga was thinking.. If it is not true it is just incredibly shady and stupid to spread rumors like that. If it is true its extremely rude to tell Katys traumatic experience with the entire world, its not Gagas bussiness to reveal. I would be extremely mad if someone did that to me. I feel like people ignore this extremely shady move by GaGa and it hasnt been given enough analysis
  4. Britney doesnt like when shes portrayed as a weak poor crazy girl like in one of the previous documentaries. She wants awareness but Sam is also aware of the fact that Netflix isnt only doing it for Britney but for easy money grab too. It will be left to see if they portray Britney in a way she will be happy with or not
  5. Avril flopped because she completely disappeared for many years because she was fighting for her health. GL and AL werent that successfull but had moderate hits in WTH, HTNGU and the music videos have a nice amount of streams. Canada and Asia loved her until she had to retire for a while. Now her new image was veeryy different but HAW is an amazing song. Avrils problem is that the angsty in your face style of music is heavily a teenager thing so obviously she cant do that forever and her fans grew up and moved on from her. Shes still an icon
  6. My submissions willow, Taylor Swift champagne problems, Tswift long story short, Tswift Its time to go, Tswift Fearless (Taylors version) Mr Perfectly Fine, Tswift Sick Of You, Anette Olzon Follow The White Rabbit Madison Beer Parasite, Anette Olzon brutal, Olivia Rodrigo This hasnt been my favorite year in music, dont @me im here for submitting entries not to be judged
  7. I hope she will be free. However I would not say that it would be a terrible thing if she was evaluated by someone unbiased. I know she doesnt want to but she may have to, for her freedom. She needs unbiased people who truly want to help her. An unbiased doctor or therapist could help her get over all the trauma shes been through and prove once and for all that she can be free. She doesnt need to be 100% well to be free, instead of locking her up and using her, she needs someone who will help support her after she is free.
  8. Idk why people find it so hard to believe Britney was part of Britney Jeans writinf process. I recall reading she even took a songwriting class during this era. Songs like Alien, Perfume, Brightest Morning Star clearly are close to her heart. The production on the album is bad and some of the songs are just not good but lyrically it IS the most personal we have gotten from her yet. BOM, Oops, Britney, ITZ, Blackout, Circus and FF she wrote only few songs and theres not many songs we know for sure talk about Britneys personal life or things she went throught. On Glory she was more involved than ever so arguably Glory could be more personal.
  9. Theres a lot of songs I like! CRUEl summer, Lover, The archer, Miss Americana, Daylight and London Boy (unpopular but it is A BOP and so fun). The album isnt a flawless collection of cohesive songs, its done more with her fans in mind i believe. Its not her best but its rly good and there are many good tracks. Sadly I believe Lover will be her forgotten era due to weak single choices and being sandwhiched between reputation and folklore which both were huge reinventions for Taylor and overall big pop culture moments. Lover was a 180 from reputation but idk i feel like it has a weaker legacy than her other records.
  10. I understand haters arent going anywhere and they do not neccesarily bother my life, but i do feel like I have every right to defend her and call people out on their ridiculous hating in this forum, if i have energy and time for it. I know hating aint going away, but since i rly enjoy this forum I do want to try to make it slightly less hateful.
  11. Shes not a perfect person but people also should allow her to be a human and not write ridiculous insults online everytime she does something. I agree shes not always in the right but people here will just jump to the hate train for any reason they find because people seem to be obsessed with bringing her down for any reason. Its almost as bad as 2016 in this forum, snakes, victimg blaming and finding anything to justify hating on her, comments here made about her are NOT constructive critisism, theyre pure hate that roots way deeper than her IG story about halsey
  12. ?? I literally have 4 olivia songs in my playlist. I only defended her because you made a ridiculous claim about her being talentless. You should take notes from taylor, be petty towards people who have actually hurt u and been shhtty towards u in personal life, not some teenage artist u know nothing about
  13. Its not Taylor that inspires me, its haters who send out ridiculous statements and continue to be toxic towards artists (some people here in their 20s and 30s ******). Alsoo wth has olivia rodrigo to do with any of this. She is more talented than many artists nowadays. She can actually write songs that speak to many people and has sang them live so idk where ur coming from with the no talent argument. Drop the toxicity, thats a trait that almost everyone finds a turn off
  14. I cant with people being so overdramatic and salty af at everything Taylor does. She is very allowed to push her own songs to number one and promote other musicians and choose not to promote people who treated her incredibly badly. People just want to find any reason to hate her. Taylors your talent, music and achievements speak for themselves. She worked hard for her career and earned her incredible success and status. And yes she is not just an US act she is very big here in scandinavia too! And dont forget China where she is one of the buggest western artists EVER.
  15. Taylor is in the wrong when she compliments her friends album? Wests album release got her a perfect timing but cmoon people its not like she really shaded him and if she did she was smart about it and did it in a way that doesnt drag anyone. Its also time to stop that damn victim act blaming, in the kanye west drama Taylor was one hundred percent the victim. Kim Kardashian literslly framed her by cutting words out of her statements and phonecalls. She is not playing she WAS the victim in the situation
  16. If she gives her all and gets a good team behind her then yes i could see her pulling off another FF or Circus. But for that to happen she needs to be into it and show that. She needs good songwriters too bcs her comeback should be a personal track which is a bop (smth like stronger or lonely). With a HIGH BUDGET music video
  17. Toxic deserved to be number 1 but cmoon Shake It Off deserves a high spot too! Its exactly what a pop song should be, danceable, catchy, unique, everyone knows it and most importsntly it spreads joy and happiness to the world whenever it is played.
  18. I do like this record thought its not her best. Xtinas creative mind started blossoming in Stripped. There are many good songs in her debut tho and it had 3 number ones, the singles seemed to do better on charts than even Britneys.
  19. The singles are great but i never rly got into the rest of this album.
  20. Yall dramatic af. Let her use Tik Tok if she wants theres like over 2 months to her new album it may or may not have anything to do with it. She is not desperate for promoting her work like most artists do. Shes doing her job well.
  21. Its heartbreaking but i really dont know what should be done to fix it. Just sending out prayers to the poor civils living there💔
  22. I rly love both of them. Lana has more unique voice for sure, but Taylor is more consistent with her music. Lana has a good discography but Taylor has not missed the mark since 2008. COTCC was honestly a bit of a disappointment for me and L4L is all over the place though there are some masterpieces in it. Taylor also is a lot better Live performer, Lana tends to be nervous, mess up at times and her dance moves are rly stiff, though i would go to her concert just for her voice. I think Taylor is more consistent and does well in more areas of artistry and Lana has her unique voice and dark lyricism on her side, but sometimes suffers from not being able to bring her songs to life on stage and releasing messy albums
  23. I usually do but for some reason Billie singing a **** song didnt do that for me. I think her type of singing doesnt go well with that type of music for some reason 😭. My favorite songs from the album are NDA, Happier Than Ever and Therefore I am. I just love the section where the 3 of them come one after another. I know these are kinda basic choices but I think Happier than ever is a diverse song and the genre switch up is very smart. NDA is just a good song and I do like the lyrics too. Therefore I Am just stands out for me in the album and i like when she kinda raps. That being said I dont dislike her ballads, but her faster tempo songs always tend to stand out for me because I find it hard to listen to too many slow songs in a row.
  24. Glory is better album. If comparing OG covers BJ has a better cover than the 2016 cover of Glory. Glory had better singles. Unpopular opinion: the 2 singles were the right choices. MM and SP are BOPS and stand out. Both very radiofriendly. Invitation is the better opener and is also one of my faves from Glory. Its a rly good opener for an album. might be the best track 1 of Britneys to open an album, though i like songs like gimme more and womanizer more if that makes sense
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