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  1. Bcs shes insanely successfull and like thats funny. She outperforms like everyone else currently by a long shot. But yes we do recognize there are others too but u know this type of stuff we fanbases do. Its not dead serious tho it does hold some amount of truth
  2. Ariana is better vocalist but her discography is sort of weak to me. Only 3 albums are worth listening, I dislike sweetener and positions and yours truly isnt something I keep going back to like ever. My everything is her best work to me bcs i like the most songs out of it and I listen to it way more than TUN and DW. Riri has 3 weaker albums (Music Of Sun , Girl Like Me, Unapologetic) theyre cute but very inconsistent. Anti, loud and good girl gone bad are good albums and talk that talk and rated r are fine. Overall riri has more music I enjoy and I feel like Ariana hasnt yet released an album that is as good as anti, loud or good girl gone bad.
  3. My ranking us 1. Speak Now All self written, all songs are pretty much amazing, some of her best and most honest tracks are on here. Enchanted, Long Live, Last Kiss never fail to make me emotional. This album means a lot to me 2. Red So many amazing songs, the best break up album. Tells a perfect story and the songs are lined up to make a narrative of a relationship. State Of Grace, Treacherous, All Too Well, Begin again.. Damn. 3. 1989 Simply put a perfect pop album. Its fun, has some of her signature songs, good messages and simply an amazing soundtrack to summer or roadtrip or smth. New romantics, I know places, out of the Woods, Clean, This Love... So many great tracks. Bad Blood is my least favorite in here. 4. folklore Cohesive, consistent, great lyricism and storytelling (as always). Mirrorball is probably the only song I dont vibe with. Just an amazing album, objectively probably surpasses 1989, but 1989 is such a fun album to listen to and I love the songs too much on it. 5. reputation Another great pop record, Its not as consistent as 1989, but theres so many bops in here. Dont Blame Me, Delicate, Ready For It, Call It What You want. 6. Lover Her most fun album, again love the vibe. The album suffer in cohesion for being very long and versatile, but there are so many good tracks. 7. Fearless Amazing country record, lots of great tracks like Fearless, Love Story, YBWM, The way I loved you. I just like the others more. 8. Evermore This album is good but suffer from the fact that folklore overshadows it. Long story short, willow, happiness, gold rush are amazing. I just gravitate towards it less because I tend to listen to folklore. 9. Taylor Swift A good debut album, great lyricism and nostalgia. Its a teenage girls diary type of album and I love it, but she has grown a lot since.
  4. Damn someone is pressed by Swifts success. Also Taylor received the best female video that night, and already sold 8 million copies of Fearless so she blew up before Kanye darling.
  5. I hate it but im getting kinda tired of some of her big hits too. Oops!, BOM, I Wanna Go, TTWE, circus and Slave 4 u. I dont love gimme more nearly as much as I used to 😭😭 I wish I could still get the feelings I did when i loved all of them
  6. I Do, I dont let it ruin albums for me but si enjoy reading reviews and discovering new music, I tend to check out very acclaimed albums to see what the hype is all about. Its always nice when some of ur favorite music gets acclaim, sadly always some artists will be snubbed or missunderstood. Every critic has a taste and Britney may not appeal to them and thats honestly fine. Some albums will always get lower ratings and there will always be a group of people who rly like that album.
  7. Riri just has that swag lol. Everything she does seems so effortless and cool. Musically I dont find either of their works to be extremely monumental or S tier, except maybe Anti. Anti is an excellent album and Rihanna really did put a lot of thought and effort in it. Both have hits but riri makes more hit songs. Both have also lots of filler on most their albums. Rihannas biggest problem is her tours, she is a lazy performer, is often late, doesnt rly put a lot effort in her performsace and makes the fans sing too much. Still Its riri for me, for excellet album anti and that cool aura she has.
  8. In The Zone: I dont usually skip but when I do I skip outrageous Blackout: Radar (I rather hear it on circus cd) Confessions: Isaac if I skip, usually 0 skips. Ray Of Light: Ashanti/Shanti IDK if I even spelled it right Music: Nobody Is Perfect Fearless: Breathe Red: Everything Has Changed, The Last Time 1989: Bad Blood, Style sometimes, Im bored of it Lover: Soon youll get Better, Its Nice To have A Friend, Folklore: mirrorball Evermore: dorothea Under My Skin: He wasnt Ultraviolence: Sad girl Born to Die: million dollar man, Carmen Stripped: MAKE OVER Back to basics: here to stay, i got trouble, save me from myself, i dont have time to go throught all of the songs always Bionic: primadonna, bobblehead, I am, all I need again super long and i dont need 4 ballads in a row sorry xtina. Fever: fragile X: heartbeat rock Aphrodite: too much Ok thats enough i think
  9. I havent taken one but I cant recommend paying for it. Xtina has a very very unique style of singing and some of the stuff she does we normal ppl cant pull off. She is known to not use a healtht technique, idk how her voice is still alive but if you try to sing like her you will end up destroying your voice unless you are a superhuman ike her. You are better off getting a normal vocal coach who can see you many times and help u build a good technique for singing and breathing singing is not something u learn overnight. However If you already are advanced and have all the important stuff learned, her class can give some new tricks to spice things up. So in conclusion I believe her class can be somewgat good for very advanced singers.
  10. Im gonna give it to Christina. She has had an massive impact and inspired so so many vocalists. Her songs are also way better, more demanding and interesting, while gaga has some pop hits christina has those hard hitting deep cuts that i love. Her albums are bloated but all of the songs are always something different, i feel like GaGas music and style is not only inspired by madonna etc. But Xtina aswell. Gagas voice is very good and her skills are result of hard training, christina however is a one in million type of talent who bends all the classical singing rules and im still amazed how she can sing like that and not have her lungs blow up. She truly is the last pop star who has that "soul" aspect in her that the likes of aretha and whitney had.
  11. Also important to note that older pop stars have the benefit of time. We tend to glamorize history and only remember the good parts. Also many songs and videos have visibly left a legacy behind so its way easier to call something in the past a big moment. At the time surely britneys performances werent just called iconic many ppl disliked her and thought she was the opposute of iconic, we tend to showcase our faves in a very positive light and credit them for loads of stuff and trash new artists and say they dont hace the same impact. Yeah they are new, no way their impact is yet seen, legacies take time to build up. Its easier to like a song with a good history behind it than a new song that hasnr achieved that yet.
  12. Its not that they dont break boundaries its tgat you cant re-break a boundary that has already been broken. Madonna was all for expressing female ***uality and made it normalized. So now we have songs like WAP playing on the RADIO, unsensored. That would have been so controversial back in the day, but now its okay. So yeah its not new popstar problem its just that our society has progressed and there arent that many barriers to break now.
  13. I think there has definitely been moments. Mileys 2013 VMA, 1989 era, Look What You Made Me Do was a huge cultural moment, not an ariana stan but thank u next video definitely was a moment and i rly dislike WAP but it was a big deal though for all the wrong reasons. There have been moments, not just the exact same kind of moments repeated. Stripping on a VMA shiw isnt controversial like when britney debuted so no iconicness from there. Also Selenas terrible AMA performance definitely was something. Female pop stars dont get same type of controversy for doing things anymore like back in the day for xtina britney and madonna got so in a sense its progress.
  14. Britney has a big fandom, but not the mist powerful. Her success was not rly about her strong fanbase, she had so so so much casual listeners and children as fans, not a huge fan army though she has grown one now. She was that type of artist that people would check out her new releases, and her first albums are classics to any 00s teenager or child. Strongest fanbase i would give to either swifties or BTS though i absolutelt cant stand most of the bts army people. No hate to the band tho.
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