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  1. The production is bad at places but IT IS her most personal album before Glory. Britney actually was part of writing music and even took a songwriting course for this album. Alien is the most personal song to Britney on the album. That being said tik tik boom is her worst song and the edm parts just arent that good. Its her worst record but lyrically its one of her better ones
  2. I respect her choice and im lowkey happy because she wouldve received endless dragging for submitting it. However it wouldve been crazy if she won some big awards twice with the same album
  3. Comments made by Xtina were like 15 years ago. Pink also was good towards britney but dissed xtina mercilessly. They all have grown up and have kids. Britney has forgiven and moved on, so you should move on too. Even if someone drags her that person probably doesnt want her to be exploited like this, even if someone shades her that person can fight for her human rights
  4. Shake It Off, Blank Space and Bad Blood are all 3 very remembered big hits. Blank space might be even bigger than SIO, it was no 1 for 8 weeks and i hear it more on radio and ppl. But yeah The Fame and 1989 were both big but I guess you cant claim either one to be bigger. I remember both being as big as an pop era possibly can be. Also I understand that not everyone cares about the grammies but winning them is still pretty much the biggest critical award you can get for your music. Grammys do not define an artist but they still are a huge achievement and winning 3 AOTYS as the only female ever is really really big achievement for Taylor. You may not care for grammies but many many people and fanbases clearly care bcs theres always fighting about who won.
  5. The melody is ALMOST same, same chords and the end scream part. This is how plagiarizing is usually done in professional level, its ALMOST same but just enough distractions that people may ignore it. Though Olivia did nothing wrong since she credited the songwriters. Reminds me of the Express yourself/Born this way case though it wasnt just a bridge, the entire song was like express yourself but just slightly smth new
  6. You may be part of GP but you cant claim that the GP thinks a certain way based on only you and your inner circle. Anyone aaying that Taylor only writes breakup songs and is a serial dater and snake is very much a hater in 2021. I havent seen those accusations come from anyone neutral in years except for a few exceptions. To me the GP is crediting her more than ever, many people thought she deserved AOTY and have recognized her work. While many people I know really dislike GaGas new music and think of her as a nostalgy artist from late 2000s early 2010s. Many people have recognized Taylor as the decade defining artist due to her longevity and popularity. So many celebrities have talked so highly of her lately too and many critics and peers have said only good from her songwriting abilities.
  7. That isnt GP's thinking that is your inner circles thinking. GP thought that maybe in 2016 but in 2021? Hell no. Those people arent unbiased, they are anti Taylor. So no that doesnt represent the GPs thinking because she has worked hard and built a new image for herself and most people dont even care about the kanye drama or anything anymore. Folklore and evermore were very universally liked albums
  8. Taylor isnt a teenage artist... A huge chunk of her fanbase is 20,30+ adults. Taylor music is imo way more universal and suited for everyone than gagas is. Many older people look down on gaga and see her just as a Gen Z wannabe madonna. Taylor is recognized as one of the greatesr songwriters of today outside her fanbase and shes crowned the artist of the decade, shes a legend to the gp too.
  9. If you cant realize how huge 1989 was you must be blind. 3 HUGE number one hits and 2 other huge singles. 3 videos over billion, million first week sales 11+ million sales in streaming era, top 3 longest charting female albums, out charted the fame and has more weeks in the too 200 despite being released 6 years later, 1989 won AOTY which the fame ironically lost to Taylor. Taylor was everywhere during 2014-2016 and the 1989 tour was a huge success. The era may not just be as big as the fame it might be even bigger. Also the most awarded pop album of all time. Dont try to deny 1989 eras hugeness, there arent many eras that are as big as it is.
  10. Taylor. Her albums are more consistent and she had longevity. 1989 era was just as big as the fame, only difference is one was done during the streaming era one wasnt. Taylors tours are more successfull, she has won more big awards like AOTY, she is 10 times the songwriter gaga is and isnt copying Madonna.
  11. None of the singles were as big hits as oops!, BOM, toxic, gimme more or womanizer. Slave 4 U suffered from bans and while it didnt flop it isnt a timeless classic in the same way as Oops and BOM are. The other singles underperformed too compared to any of her pre BJ eras. For an album to gather streams after 20 years from release it takes not just a hit but a real big timeless hit like BOM, Toxic and Britney album does not have that.
  12. It is impossible to say without seeing the contract she signed but my guess is that technically no. With good lawyers she probanly can get away with it andI doubt that team con will sue her because that would look very suspicious and give them bad publicity
  13. I dont rly like her music or performances or find her as a person interesting, but good for her for saying smth.
  14. They couldve sold the masters to Taylor for the same price as Scooter. They didnt because they wanted to control her and get back at her. Its technically legal but really big knife in the back from someone that worked with Taylor from day 1.
  15. Sorry Ari but Xtina is a unique vocalist that has vocal skills that cant be achieved even with the best techniques. Others play by the boon, Christina bends the rules and somehow succeeds without destroying her lungs.
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