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  1. Oh yeah, if she didn’t get a paid sponsorship from Tinder, then they owe her some coin lol. Also, it made me laugh that the teasers for Sparks didn’t even have the Tinder stuff in it, so I think fans were angry about the teasers being the colorful “Fan Demanded” version, but all she served was the Tinder commercial. Also, is it just me, or do the words “fan demanded” leave a sour taste in your mouth? Seems like a little underhanded shade to the fan base
  2. Spot On! I turned in my Hilary Duff fan card a long time ago. After Dignity, it was pretty obvious that her main passion was acting, it just so happened that she also found a profitable avenue perusing music. I enjoy Metamorphosis and Dignity for what they are, but I’m content with having just those two. No need for her to further a career that she is disinterested in. It was blatantly obvious that the care was gone when she released her Tinder commercial as a “music video”
  3. This comment section is so pressed. Billboard has been irrelevant since the streaming era took over. All the charts do is say “Woohoo Consumerism.” It accounts nothing about how good the music is, the longevity, nor the impact. You could make an album of dead noise and it could go to #1. No sense in arguing about whether Taylor deserves it or not because none of it matters anyways.
  4. Maybe this is strange but post Covid, I really care less and less about chart placement! I think it’s a beautiful thing that so many artists are going independent and are highly successful in doing so. I don’t think a 140 debut is a bad thing, Charli XCX’s last album debuted at 111, and she is still vastly popular and successful. I really, truly think, it’s about how much of a connection you have with your fan base and your brand deals more than how many records you sell anymore. Bebe has her dedicated fans and I think she should just work to appease herself and her fan base. Just my hot take tho
  5. I’m actually happy about this!! It sounds like there was a lot of behind the scene drama between Disney wanting it to be “kid friendly” and the show runners wanting an accurate portrayal of Lizzie in her 30’s. Disney just cannot stand anything being slightly adult when their name is attached 🙃 (look at Love, Victor that wasn’t even racy beside the fact that they had a gay main character). So good on everyone for doing the right thing and letting the reboot die out!
  6. Omfg 😂😂😂😂😂 while she is at it, she should also cover that 9 to 5 song that was in that one movie!
  7. I still love I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll even to this day and I won’t apologize for it one bit! And thanks to Crossroads I love it even more
  8. Agreed. I mean is there a better line than “I don’t really wanna be a tease, but would you undo my zipper please?”
  9. You can see why I’m upset 😂
  10. I’m from Indiana here (plz send helppppp) there’s only corn 🌽 and like 2 gays here
  11. This song is truly so beautiful. ☺️ Everytime I listen to it, I just get so lost in the story that she is telling with the lyrics and her voice. It just brings me so many happy and giddy emotions. It just reminds of those first “I love you’s” that get spoken
  12. I loved Zara Larsson so much when Lush Life came out. “So Good” was such a good debut album and it made me upset when it was just swept under the rug and forgotten about. It’s one of the few albums that I generally love the whole thing (besides Make That Money Girl). I just hope one day she will get her dues paid because she is so talented and has a lot to offer to pop music!
  13. Maybe I’m not replying to this topic the way it was intended, but I actually respect Lana a lot for what she writes about. To me, her lyrics are incredibly raw and real. She paints a picture and whether or not you like that picture, is your issue. I always took solace in her music because I feel like I can relate to a lot of what she is singing out. Her music is about being vulnerable and honest no matter how hard it may be to hear. I think anyone coming after her for her content, needs to really ask themselves if they would rather have a sugar coated message shoved down their throat, or a woman singing about her deepest thoughts and emotions.
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