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  1. But that remix with I Kissed A Girl instrumental is so much better than the original tho Any updates????
  2. And not a single Taylor Swift song??? The Artist Of The Decade?
  3. Roar and Firework I thought Dark Horse would outdo Roar
  4. Yeah it’s the longest but I also think it was the funniest of the 7. And I just love the McGonagall vs Umbridge plot Take a biscuit, Potter Idk HBP felt like a filler movie, like they just wanted to get through to Deathly Hallows and had to have something in between Still love it tho
  5. Book: Order Of The Phoenix Film: Probably Prisoner Of Azkaban but I like Chamber of Secrets too What about you?
  6. I'll never watch Harry Potter the same way again that was so funny And I'm a potterhead too Ravenclaw
  7. That's such a deep reason for your username wow Mine is so basic
  8. Well... Yeah for example I was randomly scrolling through my Instagram explore page and came across this Listen to the song in the background
  9. Okay but let's appreciate the criminal music video tho looks like a Hollywood movie
  10. Oh and my birthday is on August 17, and Do You Wanna Come Over was released as a promo single on August 18
  11. We should have a KatyCats attendance thread and compile a perfect tag list for all Katy threads. Likewise do one for every fanbase
  12. She's the winner of a GLAAD icon award Has always been very vocal about her support for the LGBTQ Donates to charities among the A-listers that appeared in Brazilian singer Yann’s music video for Igual which talks about freedom of love, is a manifesto about violence against LGBTQ people She wrote a special handwritten letter Billboard’s viral Love Letters to the LGBTQ Community She organized an M&G for LGBTQ fans, themed her POM stage in purple and provided anti-bullying materials to people as part of anti-bullying campaign with GLAAD She signed an open letter against two anti-LGBTQ bills, which targeted transgender youth in Texas Participated on the Hands tribute song for Orlando's gay nightclub victims Is this enough?
  13. Did you make it? That's really cool! Do you do remix requests because I have one
  14. Me too lol Huge essay incoming. This is how I perceive Katy from different eras. One Of The Boys Katy was an industry plant still new to the whole scene. She was working her arse off to make a big name. She let her label take the lead and went with it and was risking all in to make herself a household name. Picture the Katy from the video of Thinking Of You Teenage Dream Katy was more childish and goofy unlike OOTB. She realized that a new persona came with a name like Katy Perry. She incorporated funny videos, goofy love performances, colorful wigs and a more sexualized image to appeal to the public and the public reciprocated with support. This was also her commercial peak so Katy thought that life is all good and easy. Picture the Katy from California Gurls video But then the Russel incident happened. She did some self reflexivity and came to the understanding that she couldn't let someone else control her and she was big enough to play her own strings. Hence we move to the Prism era, the peak of bit chy katy. She called the shots and she became a lot more mature and less childish this era. You can see this from her interviews, which went from all fun Katy to a bold woman who knows what to say and what not to. Compared to TD, Prism era was also more impactful WorldWide. Also the cherry on top of the cake? Superbowl. Everyone knew her as a star with low stage quality and presence to do an event like halftime show but then she came and she came for blood to prove people wrong. I saw the one hour documentary of Katy's superbowl show and I could see she wasn't afraid of people judging her anymore, she just dove in. She had the whole show under her command and didn't take nothing from her management. She wants the costumes in time for the rehearsal, she gets the costumes in time for the rehearsals. She called out backup dancers for being lazy and she controlled every detail of the show, because she knew she was THAT bit ch and didn't take sh it from anybody or cared what anyone thought of her. This era was her creative and popularity peak. Think of Katy from the video of Dark Horse From this we arrive at Witness. The 2016 elections had a lot of impact on her and she gave deep thoughts in to who she is and not who she was trying to be. One 30 sec video to sum Witness Katy: Think Katy from the video of Chained To The Rhythm Then we have current Katy, my second favorite Katy after Prims Katy. She's the happiest she's ever been in her life. She found the love of her life, got engaged, is starting a family, makes a stable income from American Idol, is not chart obsessed anymore, is very much herself, releases music as she pleases, mended past feuds like the one with Taylor and is also the most mature and kind she's ever been. Think Katy from Never Really Over
  15. More because of the person she is (and was) than for her music With Katy, the music plays a huge role. She's kind of a bit ch sometimes
  16. My point was that the lyrics were inspiring as it would get I couldn't share the story with you since I promised her I wouldn't let this go out of the two of us sorry
  17. Tbh when it comes to Britney, I don't expect much Even after all this is over, I'm pretty sure the B10 lead single would be on the same line as Make Me or DYWCO I find myself listening to a lot more of Katy than Britney when I need some upliftment you know In general, Prism is one of my favourite albums because it has all kinds of bops
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