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  1. Also ty @Blackout2006for giving your very valuable opinions on every one of my threads <3 This is probably the last time im making a dissertation of a thread in this section because seemingly no one seems to care
  2. At the end of the day it's just a question of who's songs will be remembered more actually. Songs like I Kissed A Girl, California Gurls, Firework, Roar and Dark Horse or Problem, Focus, thank u next, 7 rings or Rain On Me
  3. Biggest female debuts for albums on Spotify: 1. Thank U Next 2. Lover 3. Chromatica 4. WWAFAWDWG 5. Sweetener Sweetener came out first in 2018 compared to all these albums so thus broke the Spotify record the first time. But yeah I definitely agree that the album underperformed compared to the standards set by the pop girls before her. Omg I remember that song dominating the top 10 for who knows how long. After all it was the one who dethroned OTR. Damn we took 2019 for granted. Also there was Senorita. Where are the lies tho? Besides, I do think Katy was more of a visionary artist than Ariana. She delivered quality top notch videos, photoshoots, interviews, red carpet outfits, performances and tours compared to Ariana imo. Katy was never a dancer or the best singer, but she could write bops and what she lacked in performance qualities she made up for in providing a visual spectacle and production. I remember the backlash when NFL announced she was headlining halftime. But then she came and delivered a quality performance and she had the perfect hit setlist to course her through the show (although I'm still salty E.T or LFN didn't make it instead of one of Missy Elliott's songs ). And back then Taylor had an evenly matched rival but now she's undeniably at the top even though she's well past her prime. I remember when Shake It Off came out and made a global impact while Dark Horse was still dominating the 2014 music scene, a song from a year back. Had she made some wise career decisions post 2015 she'd still be relevant as others but being the visionary that she is, she did a 180 and turned political with the whole 2016 dedicated to Hillary Clinton's campaign, and then, Witness 💀
  4. Umm sweetener has the biggest opening week for a female album on Spotify at the time of its release, NTLTC is edging in on 1B views and streams on YT and Spotify and earned a Grammy
  5. Serious question. I'm asking this as an unbiased pop culture enthusiast rather than a Katy Perry stan or an Ariana Grande fan I am. With all that's going around Ariana Grande lately she's clearly in the peak era of her career. Sweetener proved that she was a streaming force and she was slowly grasping at the root of the Main Pop Girl status when the No Tears Left To Cry performed really well on the charts. Then she chose to make one of the best commercial moves any pop star has made by halting the whole era and starting a new one within a 6 month period titled Thank U, Next. The lead single was a phenomenon, debuting at #1 while breaking streaming records on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. 7 Rings only helped carry the era even further and is undoubtedly a defining song of 2019 and dare I say the biggest hit of the year only behind Old Town Road. 7 Rings, Break Up With Ur Gf and Thank U Next owned the top 3 of the Hot 100 at the same time was the first time any solo artist did it. The album did amazing as well, charting all 12 songs within the top 50 on the release week while also garnering critical acclaim and awards. Every appearance she made became news and she even helped a virtually unknown group called Social House get a top 10. A moderately performing tour supported the era with great reviews. She also became an internet personality surpassing Selena Gomez as the most followed person on Instagram. In 2020 she scored 2 #1 debuts, totalling to 4 to her name. She still shows no signs of stopping. Katy Perry rose to fame with I Kissed A Girl, where she used controversy to propel her career. The song became a WW hit bring named one of the biggest breakout debuts reigning the #1 spot for 7 weeks. Her debut era would later spawn 2 more top 10s. But Perry was straying away from her Pop-Rock beginnings with the release of her second record Teenage Dream. With the album, Katy shot through to position of biggest pop star at the time with 6 #1 singles (8 top 10s in total) with California Gurls, Teenage Dream, Firework, E.T., Last Friday Night and Part Of Me. She received the Spotlight Award for this achievement, something only previously achieved by Michael Jacson. Her personal life was also a branch for the public to grab on, we Perry orchestrated a Girl Next Door popstar image, with an undeniable s3x appeal. Katy also released a moderately successful biopic Part Of Me at the time. TD was labelled as one of the most important pop albums of the time but Katy was only beginning her road to super stardom and that came with her next record Prism. The album spawned the mega hit singles Roar and Dark Horse, the former being the biggest selling solo female songs this century. Roar, DH and Firework would later be certified Diamond, making Perry the first female artist to have 3 diamond singles. The Prismatic World Tour also managed to crack the list of the highest grossing female tours of all time. Additionally, Perry was also a streaming force dominating the YouTube platform being the most viewed female channel and 2nd overall only behind Justin Bieber, Roar becoming the first female video to hit 3 Billion, and a total of 7 videos over 900 Million. Arguably, the apex of her career was the 2015 Superbowl Halftime Show, which garnered 120 Million viewers, making it the most viewed Halftime Show of all time. There are a few similarities with the peaks of both these artists- their billboard records, their very recognisable looks (blue wig for katy and the ponytail for Ariana), and fair share of a controversial personal life. Katy's career went downhill after 2016 due to a list of very bad career moves but Ariana's shot through after 2018 because of very wise career moves. But my question is, who had the bigger peak? Katy Perry: 2010-2015 or Ariana Grande: 2019 and continuing?
  6. Yeah the album with the most consecutive weeks in the top 10 continued even after the song, as The One That Got Away, Part Of Me and Wide Awake also spent a lot of time in the top 10 Couldn't explain it better myself, "as one went out another went in"
  7. Me too It's like I know a remix for This Is How We Do exists but has never heard it. Does not hear much of E.T. with Kanye either
  8. Teenage Dream most iconic album era, 1989 most awarded album
  9. Was it so I only remember her dressing her sister Angela up as Kathy Beth Terry and making her come out on stage during the California Dreams tour when she performed LFN Her promo methods are always innovative, like the Prism gold truck, actual cotton candy scent in the Teenage Dream CD, Rise airplane banner, Disco ball during CTTR and so on And it feels nice all this coming from a Britney fan <3
  10. @Popgoesthefeezel Also Katy had an online flower shop opened as part of Daisies release. And that is innovative marketing in my book, flop or not <3
  11. Thanks! And I didn't know of such a chart battle Another reason for knee fans to hate Katy My Witness era
  12. Gurl let's just not touch that topic the other exhalers will come for us agree with you tho
  13. This song or E.T. would have slapped at the Superbowl more than Teenage Dream but if it wasn't for TD we wouldn't have gotten Left Shark so I'll let it pass
  14. 9 years ago today, Katy Perry released Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) as the fifth single from Teenage Dream. The track went on to top the Hot 100, the 5th consecutive single from the album to do so (after California Gurls, Teenage Dream, Firework and E.T.) and tying the record for most #1 singles from one album with Michael Jackson's BAD as well as being the first woman to do so. The dance-pop track has since been certified 6X PLATINUM and accumulated over 1.6B streams through various platforms. The music video, featuring cameos from many celebrities has been viewed 1.2B times and is considered a fan favourite, gaining upto 300k daily. It is also the second most popular track from Teenage Dream on Spotify, behind Firework. Perry would become the second ever and the first woman to receive the Billboard Spotlight Award in 2012 following Last Friday Night going #1, after Michael Jackson. Thoughts on the song?
  15. I do think FN is a the better album based on quality but it's up against 21 by THE Adele Someone Like You and Rolling In The Deep are legendary I'm really interested what direction this will go because all these albums are iconic in their own right. Like A Virgin cemented Madonna's status as an icon, Oops has that cultural impact, Teenage Dream has like 6 #1 singles, 21 made Adele the force she is today and more.
  16. E X C U S E M E I can understand you picking Like A Virgin and FN because both the former is iconic and latter sounds better but Breakout over BDAY and Revival over TEENAGE DREAM?!?
  17. Here’s the round 2 of the previous bracket although it seemed like no one cared because the last one got 18 votes in total while some other polls on the Britney Section got like 300 I’ll still be following up with a Round 3 after this. Again, I know that this is a Britney Spears fan site and hence is very vulnerable to bias but I hope everyone votes objectively for the better albums in each poll category leaving aside personal biases. Vote away <3
  18. Well I know that's a weird pairing. But thinking about it, both Diamond albums and both Taylor and Adele are huge pure sales forces so i went with it
  19. Agree with everything except A Girl Like Me over B'day and Born This Way over Teenage Dream Aside from that, TASTE Also, thanks! But not coming back full time was just curious about this
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