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  1. If this is true, I'm so happy for her idk how I feel about her having a kid with Sam. Maybe someone more mature? But if this is what Britney wanted, you go girl!
  2. Of course, I gotta support a fellow Katy fan ❤️ and your posts are interesting, not stupid! You support all my flop threads as well
  3. Why don't you post as often as you used to @hurricane326?
  4. Back when @rik was a fan Used to have front row seats at all my shows even paid 5k for an M&G but I rejected
  5. I didn't know about both of them but wishing their family and close ones well. RIP ❤️
  6. First of all, digging the new pfp you haven't changed it in like years right? Secondly, here's my list Stan: Britney Spears Huge Fan: Katy Perry Fan: Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, Harry Styles. Like: Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, George Ezra, Niall Horan, Halsey, Selena Gomez, Gaga
  7. Aww I had the same frenzy of watching every piece of Britney I came across on YouTube and other sites when I also started to be a fan in 2018 And I always had this inferiority complex because I'm just 17 and only started stanning in 2018 but most people here have been with Britney for 20+ years. I found out a lot about Britney from exhale and that's why I think it's very essential for every Britney fan to have an exhale because there's always that one photo you have never seen before, that one interview you never heard before and that one performance you didn't know about and that one unreleased song you were not aware of occasionally popping up on exhale, which educated me and made me grow as a Britney fan Like now I sometimes feel like I'm on the same level as many veteran fans because although they were fans since the beginning and I only became a fan recently, doesn't mean they are in any way superior to me. Exhale helped me overcome that. I may not have lived through the PrimeNey experience but I read all the stories here and each story gives me a new glimpse of what it was like, which helps me grow as a fan And now, I don't hold back with my posts. If I have something to say I will So don't be worried of fitting in. And I adore you for being a straight Britney fan because very rarely does anyone have the courage to admit they listen to Britney. It just proves your masculinity ain't fragile lol I used to be this fragile little snowflake fan when I began on exhale but lol those days are long gone. So don't hold back! You'll definitely fit in and are always welcome! We could always use more thoughts and opinions here! ❤️
  8. After 84 years Can you please main page the other rounds too? It'd help in getting a lot of votes
  9. For me, it's either @Roxxy or @Shadow2003 Back when @dayvindazone used to be there, my notifications would blow up with his posts I'm yet to follow @rik, @iAlwaysSingLive @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @puppylo16 and others Maybe it's finally time to do it Everytime I'm going to do it it's either the ads that block it or I forget later on
  10. I mean, we've had our differences but you know I still like ya Pokie @PokemonSpears Stop holding back, you're an icon honey You know how I feel about you luv
  11. I really miss user @Miss_R They used to have really fun and interesting threads but left when new exhale started. I don't think they know that this exhale is back
  12. But yeah, you go you generous queen cannot wait for babycat to arrive along with the next album’s lead
  13. Re-record Britney Jean And a Chillin'With You remix ft. Her ACTUAL mini-me
  14. You're embracing your identity lol Also go on another IG live
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