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  1. Yeah but atleast it was worth a try but in the end u realized she's a really sweet person though. I've seen a lot of people in this forum who hates her so just wanted to sort that out
  2. Long overdue, but we’re kinda already in the midst of a court battle
  3. I’m not a big fan of her, but my god what a thread 👏 I think what her career missed is THAT song, that one huge song. It was Royals for Lorde and Bad Guy for Billie. Don’t Call Me Angel could have been that, but that didn’t work.
  4. Exactly what I'm tryna say, Myah was never the bad guy (duh) But I won't say it's Britney's fault since we all know she has little to no say in how her career was planned after 2008
  5. I'm sorry but homegirl is my friend and I can't expose our whole chats I'm having second thoughts on this thread by itself Also, we talked a lot
  6. You should have seen the other side of the conversation I was fangirling HARD
  7. I felt so guilty pretend that I was her biggest fan on earth and worshipped her music I went through her whole Spotify profile with every song from A to Z Not gonna lie there are some bops
  8. If I'm not mistaken, he also liked a FreeBritney post Will's a supporter
  9. She honestly got a lot of hate she didn't deserve from the fandom when she was simply doing what she was asked to, her job, provide background vocals She came in to do backing vocals and sang what she was asked to, and never even met Britney in the studio. She might not have been aware that her vocals would be used for much more than the backing track And the reason why she never admitted it in public is because she signed an NDA and she could get into serious trouble if she spoke out on it Stop hating this woman when you don't even know the full story. The real people to be blamed are Britney's team and the vocal producer on many Myah-tracks, Anthony Preston Leave Myah Alone
  10. Yep, you read that right So I got familiar with her music (thanks to @rik) and ngl she has some bops With that said, I commented on her posts and pretended to be a huge fan so that she would reply to my DMs And wow, she did I started by saying that I'm a huge fan of her and that her music helped me and stuff to make her believe that I'm a huge follower of her and to Break The Ice.mp3 And then slowly started to ask her about Britney Jean So here are a few screenshots:  And there you have it folks, she wrote or possibly self-wrote the whole of Body Ache and to anyone who still thinks that Britney co-wrote all the tracks on this album, here's some news And believe me, I've heard her whole discography, Body Ache would fit perfectly. I won't be surprised if it's one of her rejects Also, she never denied my claims, she merely said "There's a lot of conspiracies about everything" DISCLAIMER: I am not keen on her music I just didn't want her to think that I was just some other Britney fan who wanted to talk about BJ She constantly kept avoiding my questions about BJ She claimed she was called to do Background Vocals, so I asked her if she didn't know that her vocals would be used for more than just the background, and then- So this clarifies it. She's signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement by Team B/RCA She could possibly get into trouble if she speaks out on this and that's why she hasn't said a word about this to the public Just wanted to put it out there. She seems really cool. Is a very dry texter though. In the end, we became good friends Btw check out the new Selena Gomez track "She" on which my friend Myah did backing vocals on. Also listen to her newest project on Spotify she's really proud of it https://open.spotify.com/track/5gYBkObZi0MbeRipSn8Y2S?si=MyFbzY6BQA2OGFdkDLb1Og
  11. And they invite Jamie Lynn over and record Chillin With You 2.0 yes
  12. My life is complete Make it happen Lou we know you're reading this forum #ChillinWithYou2.0:Remixed,Reloaded,StillIconic
  13. I find it weird how Paris always shows love to Britney on social media and Britney doesn't even follow her Britney liked most celebrity bday wishes like that of Ellen but not Paris's Her team is keen on not involving Paris in her life again it seems and it's sad
  14. But there's always this Demi and Taylor feud so I thought that would fuel the song
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