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  1. It gives me the feeling she's trying to go back to Punk Rock, and am loving her vocals but the song on its whole... I don't know if i'm feeling it as much as i hoped i would. Then again this is a feature and not her song, so here's hoping her songs are a lot better. Don't disappoint us, Avril. Give us the goods.
  2. While we know it's not the first time an artist takes on real issues to write songs, could she not... Make it all about her.
  3. I wasn't refering to you, i have seen people on Twitter mentioning they might be leaving the movement because of this mess and that the movement would be over soon due to it. I guess twitter being twitter. But i agree with you that we should all be done with the obnoxious voices, as it has gotten extremely embarrassing to say at least. We know what's out there, we don't depend on them only to learn about the court hearings, and they're not the only "experts" in the matter.
  4. I've been keeping track on this thread, only commenting once with an emoji but honestly, why are we giving these people so much importance? I see people mentioning dropping out of the movement because of it and to them i ask: are you in this movement for these accounts or for Britney? It's been two days and the talk has been all about them, not about Britney nor the conservatorship. All the strenght has been put into defending sides and attacking others, and it shouldn't be that. We're all Britney fans, we want Britney to be happy and free from her father's grasp. We still have a long way to go until that day comes, and so we should be putting our hearts into the fight for her freedom, to support her, and not give attention to accounts that are distracting us from what is more important: Britney.
  5. It's not as easy as it sounds. We already know that she has no access to her social media account, nor gets to pick what gets posted. Could she make a fake account and post? Sure, but is there anything stopping her from doing it? Most likely. We don't know the consequences of doing such thing. I believe that if she could do it, she would. Don't forget that she used her website and the paparazzi to communicate with fans. Plus she also brought light to the conservatorship in On The Record and on Jonathan Ross (later scrapped by Team Britney). We can't say that she hasn't said a thing, when she has tried over the years. Not as obvious but, she did.
  6. This is just going too far. Sure, we know that Britney has no control over her instagram but we have to keep in mind that she might learn about this and will not take it well, will make her feel insecure. Brand boycott makes sense as Britney herself is boycotting by refusing to work. Maybe buy less Urban Outfitters vinyls and merch, and support her by bringing to light just how wrong the conservatorship is and how it should be reevaluated. Now that, could make a difference and i don't know Britney but, i guess she would appreciate to see her fans fighting for her human rights.
  7. BritneyHiatus strikes again, and now they have an audio of Vivian Thoreen (who's on team Jamie) speaking about the conservatorship. "It's like you're speaking against your own interests" "I am and i am comfortable speaking about it because the fight seems endless."
  8. it's out and to no one's surprise: it's perfect. i'm not talking about the cursing nor the instrumental, i'm talking about the fact there is no autotune!!!! but also the cursing and the instrumental
  9. Okay, here's what i have to say about Britney Jean, that i've seen some people say in this thread. Removing the Myah out of the equation, some of the songs aren't bad. Work ***** got people's attentions, even people who are not Britney fans say that the song they like is Work ***** (i can testify i have witness this). But if we take a good look at the songs in the album they don't really scream Britney. Sure, 'Til It's Gone, Passenger, Don't Cry, Brightest Morning Star and Hold on Tight are good. I enjoy these songs but they could have come from anyone else. Any other pop singer could sing these songs and they would pass. That's the big issue i have with Britney Jean. The fact that it doesn't look to be a Britney album, the elements that made her albums stand out, the uniqueness is just gone on this one. I'd say it also looks extremely rushed but we know that was the case and reason why Myah entered the equation. Her label and team wanted Britney to follow trends, and we all know that girl doesn't follow trends... She sets them. I'd say that Femme Fatale, while not really as bad wasn't that good as well because it had the same issue. Robotney.
  10. I'd say this video is old, maybe from this Summer? It looks like from the time they did that couple-y home photoshoot.
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