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  1. I feel like she can do whatever she wants… if retirement is the way for her to be truly happy, then she should do it…. i don’t know, but i have this feeling that she feels like owns us something for our fight to #freebritney . BUT SHE DON’T!!! But i feel like she will do an album or two and that’s it. She will leave music industry but she will always be around somehow… maybe sh will open a recording label, or a dance studio… wasn’t she up to something like this before? :p
  2. Yes it is real. she told by the time she wrote the music before knowing that she was pregnant, she told that it was linda of premonition. you can tell by her face, arms, bts that she is pretty pregnant
  3. I dont know if i believe on those blind items but yes as soon as i realize that she was allowed to do things she wouldnt do in the past i thought: - are team con doing this because of the mediatism this case is getting? And they dont wanna look bad in the picture (oh well) - are team con doing this because they want her to do some mistake and then come out saying “thats why she needs to be under a cship”
  4. She looks amazing on that pic. but my question is: is she posting this? if so is it the time for her to put out pics like this? in my opinion she should not catch attention from this… i guess… but still she look F@&king gorgeous. p.s where is the “i’m a mommy now” britney 🤣 which leads me to think did she refuse to do ***ier things because of the c-ship so she used that as an excuse… i dont know. i lover her 😍🥰
  5. Her personality!!!! I think this was the key to engagment world wide fans. she was and still is very friendly to her fans. She knows her success is huge because of us… and she is humble enough to realize that. One of the things i liked on her testimonials is where she says she wanted to put her news songs on the show because of us!!! She really knows whAt we want!!
  6. I think after she is free she should take a time on herself doing whatever she want for like a year or two. After that if she feels like into music again she could do an album made under her choices. but i really think she is retiring. And its ok!!!
  7. I guess he is giving jamie time to withdraw by himself. I think he said that on one of those interviews at court. Otherwise he has to dig in and expose him. And other…. Allegedly and i think he has to see 13 years of this case… that must be a lot of paper
  8. Oh your are mean. he is the singer of #1 WW hit popozao https://youtu.be/tdoQx7vBnp0 🤪🤪🤪
  9. Now we know why this **** happened
  10. Since she released MONA LISA on KISS FM (i guess) Even she knew… ladies and gentleman i got a story to tell…. (listening to it at the time was like wtf is this…. But year after year the song makes even more sense!)
  11. I dont know if you are just joking but the army as a lot of info : legal docs money transfers etc …. Maybe we should sent him (although if we were aboe to get that info he will as well)
  12. It would be massive!!! With the right beat and lyrics… i would buy it on itunes
  13. indeed, that's the other side of the coin. I would feel like too scared to make any move right now... but isn't this perfect for her to get free from this shi... ?
  14. I've been a fan since baby... I remember being 18 and thinking WTH is going on (back in 2008). It's so sad that her father,mother, brothers, no one cares about her. :( They could hire a detective without no one knowing and then show the proves on the court. (BUT MONEYS TALKS LOUDER #SAD)
  15. indeed. And why no one investigates it?
  16. Sam Lutfi was tweeting yesterday,i think .... I just don't get it how they explain this for 13 years.... Were they changing tests? Why they want the records sealed?
  17. I just don't say it because i know that may offend others.... and i don't need to call anyone the N word, just like no one needs to call gays **** Just like they shouldn't be able to this to her.
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