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  1. Is this good for Britney or no lol that's all I want to know
  2. Hahaha the fact that people were quoting him and reporting on him. He is not in contact with her. Britney talks to her sons sam and maybe a few friends.
  3. Honestly she most likely was. I've always thought it and it would explain a lot of her behavior and downward spiral. She shows many symptoms of a person who's been abused.
  4. What in God's name is this post. Its very suspicious you be like happy saying that or you could be angry with it. This is like how I have to decipher most of the texts I get and I'm always wrong. Not cool brit
  5. Am I the only one who thinks it doesnt look like her. Maybe it's the filter or the new hair but idk it looks like someone else to me. Cant we ever just get a real photo without stupid filters and close ups.
  6. I think everyone saw this coming. She was over it and you could tell. She shouldn't do something she's not passionate about just to make more money for other people. I dont think she ever wanted to do this for her whole career she basically wanted to be a stay at home mom kind of like those lifetime mommies. I fully support her and it will suck but I will continue to watch old videos and look forward to seeing new talent try to take her throne. I always think it's funny we fight on here more about her career and her performances and she's like okay done paycheck going home.
  7. I just saw the article about his response to her favorite video and its just ew. He really is very good at being deceitful. Like how he met her and said who are you. He planned that ****. So I think I dont want to say using anymore. I think its more hes in love with the celebrity Britney. Not that he doesnt like the real her but he seems to constantly have that I'm dating a superstar. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.etonline.com/britney-spears-boyfriend-sam-asghari-has-the-perfect-response-when-asked-to-pick-his-favorite-video%3famp
  8. I think Britneys best dancing days are long gone and if her freestyle dancing is what she does in her Instagram I think its smart to have a very step by step show. I love Britney and so happy she graced us back in the day with performances that were really top notch. So I'm wondering if she has dancing born I'm her or she just worked so hard at it she slayed. I mean some people like Ciara were born to dance. I think Britney was gifted but idk if it's what she was born to do. Her instagram dancing videos are what is making me question this.
  9. Have to be careful when it comes to defamation. The U.S is a country of lawsuits and unfortunately this article has no corroboration. Lou may be the snake but if you gonna take on the shark you better know how to win. Freedom of speech with consequences is what I always say!
  10. Part of me thinks he is the reason why Britney is fighting the conservatorship. Probably talked Britney into fighting it when her dad said she cant marry him or have a kid. Just one theory. But boyfriends and specificaly controlling ones have a way to isolate someone from their family.
  11. I understand it's a long process and there has been some wins for Britney but they are not completely helping her or granting her request. What could be the reason for this? I feel like we need to get the judge to go over all the evidence provided on these forums. Are we missing facts? Is there more to this then we are letting on? All the arrows are pointing to corruption but maybe jamie is actually really smart and performing within the legal limits so theres really nothing they can do. Maybe they are really making it out that she is crazy? Idk something seems weird. Like Amanda bynes has acted way crazier as of lately and yet shes been able to get out of hers fairly quickly.
  12. There's shady stuff definitely going on but the court still is ruling against her. There is a lot of missing information in the case to the public that we are not seeing but there is a reason this judge believes it's in her best interest to stay in the conservatorship. I doubt the judge is being bribed due to the high publicity around this case and still ruling in favor mainly with her dad. The best scenario I can think of is her dad steps aside but is allowed to oversee who is responsible for caring for his daughter. They also find someone to oversee her finances but put some major security checks in. Take the money and control away but still have someone make sure an outsider does not harm or take advantage of the situation again.
  13. I agree even amanda Bynes could get out of hers. Idt the courts corrupt in this case due to the high publicity. The judge knows their decision will be scrutinized at this point. The fans need to let be for now. If you havent realized by now you cant change the courts ruling just because you think shes being abused. All the evidence you think you have is all speculation.
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