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  1. That would be incredible. If Lynne, Jamie Lynn, Bryan all show up and also if they all have to go to the media against the c-ship and Jamie. Ugh, that would be incredible. Lynne is so much tougher than we gave her credit for. I think she really just didn't realize how bad it was and didn't question things until this movement. I'm so glad Britney told her everything and now has someone to maybe fight for her.
  2. I can't wait for her to be free and live her life. I can also see her making a comeback once she's free ON HER TERMS. I hope RCA is dropping her soon like we have heard. Let her do what she wants, make her own decisions on her career. If she wants to take years off to just raise her boys then I'm happy.
  3. Go leave comments on that new TMZ post and drag them for the liars they are. One woman didn't even know she had no basic rights and said she was disgusted
  4. ME TOO. Wendy is so dumb, and continues to spread horrible **** just like TMZ when both don't know ****. Wendy has never even met Britney and continues to spread that she is "crazy" and needs the c-ship. Stupid hag.
  5. TMZ can't keep up with their own lies and stories. We all knew the minute that Lynne came forward, they were going to paint her black in the media so we need to continue to support her and fight for Britney with her.
  6. We continue to fight back - it's bullshit. Call them out on their lies. Britney never cut her mother out in 2002 after the JT breakup, it's complete BS. Lynne believes her and is going to fight for her. Keep the faith!
  7. OMG. They are painting Lynne bad (like we knew), and Britney crazy and using her mother to get out. Bastards!! We need to all spam TMZ and call them out on those LIES. Also it is complete bullshit - Britney did NOT cut her mother out in 2002. There's video of her crying over her mother in interviews because of what a great mom she is, etc. and also she was with Britney for the marriage to Kevin, she still ran Lynne's Corner on her site, etc.
  8. It's very obvious that guy is loving all the attention he's been getting, wanting more subscribers. etc. He was cringe on TV but he's even worse now. This 15 minutes of "fame" is really getting to him. He likes it too much. Let's not feed into him anymore. We can just use him for the live stream haha
  9. Wait, so is someone filling in that guy from the The Guardians documentary? Did you send him stuff? I totally was going to say someone needs to contact him after watching that. It's exactly what is going on with Britney. If you haven't watched the documentary, go do it! It's on Prime. He could be a great voice for this movement and really help her.
  10. I don't believe it. Even TMZ said this: "We're told Lynne read reports about Britney being held against her will and pumped with drugs she didn't want ... " "According to our sources, Lynne, who is best friends with the wife of Louisiana's Governor, got the help of the Governor's family to find a lawyer ... it is unclear if the lawyer who is now representing Lynne was the one recommended. But, it looks like Lynne believes some of the stories she's read and is now angling for a voice in her daughter's treatment." Which would explain why she got her own lawyer, and also reportedly didn't let Jamie or Team B know she was going to do this or file anything.
  11. Hopefully JL sees the light and actually defends her sister. I think with Lynne stepping in, JL will too. Loucifer is going down.
  12. Lou ain't ****, Britney f**king legend Spears is her sister. Britney Spears can get her sister on ANYTHING. Jamie Lynn got her own show, All That, etc. because of who her sister is.
  13. He liked it probably to let us know, and then unliked it so he doesn't get caught by Team B. He knows they would get rid of him quickly.
  14. Everyone was saying Madonna would say something. Please, Madonna cares about no one but her flop self Miley is THAT ***** and I knew if it was any celeb it would be her. QUEEN!
  15. So her contract is probably just up, and it won't be renewed. RCA is a trash label anyway. IF Britney decides to return to music again eventually I hope it's when the c-ship is over and with a new label.
  16. Nope. I think he would be cut out of her life and I hope she does. He's an alcoholic who's abusive to her. The minute she can, he's gone.
  17. I agree. I cancelled my Oops! vinyl for now too even though I really wanted it. Oh well, I want Britney free more No more of my money going into Loucifer, Larry and Jamie's pockets
  18. If she's out of the c-ship that's great. However, it's not a comeback if we don't support it I love her and won't be supporting anything unless she is out of that conservatorship.
  19. It's so crazy to me. Even if she had a mental illness (which I don't think she does tbh), she still deserves RIGHTS. She has none. It's so crazy but we are making noise and we will continue to until she's out
  20. They clearly just want to have a "comeback", release a new album, throw her back in Vegas, and act like this is over with. She still has no freedom and the c-ship is still in place. I will not buy another album, song, concert ticket, meet and greet, ANYTHING until she is out of that corrupt c-ship. I've cancelled my Oops! vinyl from UO.
  21. Did I @ you? Didn't think so Go argue with someone else because I couldn't give a **** Have a nice day, child.
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