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  1. Omg they are so big! Jayden looks so much like Britney I am so old. Also the fact that Jayden is playing PIANO like his mom. Talent straight from his mama.
  2. Thankfully Kevin and his lawyer have absolutely ZERO say in Britney's conservatorship.
  3. My favorite is Curious followed by My Prerogative probably. Curious is just a classic perfume that will be around for ever. Britney really did that
  4. Duh, she is in demand as usual and she made Vegas so much money. However, Britney calls the shots now and I want her to do whatever she wants. Personally, I don't see her doing a vegas residency again. All that abuse and trauma that happened during those years would have left a bad taste for me. If she does decide to comeback I'm not sure if she will even tour or maybe just do award show performances, etc. Who knows! It will be exciting to see what she decides when that time comes but I hope more than anything is she gets her freedom and she calls the shots and I hope she gets married if she wants, and also has a baby.
  5. So? She could have been in a bad mood or she was just busy walking her dog and didn't feel like it. She wasn't rude.
  6. He abused Lynne for years, and he's a narcissist. These people are evil and NEVER change. He only cares about himself and Britney's money, not her. He was always like this. I remember that Britney never really seemed to like him even in the early days. She knew who he was. That's not saying she didn't love him, I'm sure she did love him because she HELPED him more than once because that was her father. In the end, he tried to completely ruin her life and robbed her of 13 years. I hope she never ever lets that man back in her life because he can't be trusted and he doesn't love her. And let's not forget she begged the Judge when the c-ship was happening that the conservator be ANYONE but Jamie. She has never liked or trusted him (smart girl!)
  7. It wasn't finished and obviously they didn't feel comfortable just throwing it together and making it sloppy. She was also over her album/era at that point and was in love and wanting a family. She was ready for a break after all that when she met Kevin.
  8. I hope she does movie, but I hope she leaves California. IDK. I hope she's not moving to LA for Sam's career, but whatever she does I want it to be her decision and as long as she's happy. She definitely needs to move and have a fresh start and a new home
  9. Instagram deleted my reply because I called someone a s**ist pig, which where is the lie?
  10. Let's go spam the comments with love, and drown out the trolls.
  11. Yup, same. I had been saying to everyone something was wrong with this c-ship after For The Record. You could see how sad she was and I really thought after the Circus era that the c-ship would end because it was clear she no longer needed it (and IMO, NEVER needed it - she just needed support, not some drunk ******* to take her entire life away)
  12. SAME. I saw the pain right in her eyes and I knew they were doing something shady 100% and was very angry.
  13. No one should be telling her what to do ever
  14. Seems like a video they screenshot or whoever.
  15. I will never understand how she is still even signed No hate to her, I use to be a big fan of hers during her debut album and Stripped (my favorite album of hers) but started getting over her after not loving B2B and she has never topped Stripped in my eyes. And she hasn't had a hit in years so I'm surprised she is even signed.
  16. I remember. How delusional some fans were. All she is is a gold digger, let's see how long she stays with Bryan now that he won't be living off Britney anymore.
  17. These two deserve a raise at NYT They did fantastic reporting and were always respectful of Britney. I hope Britney does know that those docs did a lot of good for her case and these two want to help her.
  18. Do you not understand that they would obviously need to listen to it to make sure it's real? They can't have that guy in making claims that they can't verify.
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