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  1. I really feel like this should have been the day before because so many fans are going to be busy watching lives, and at the court date, etc. it will be a very busy day in Britney world. It would also be great for her to see that the day before. However, I'll go buy the song again and give it some streams!
  2. I don't think she is going to sign with anyone or anything until the conservatorship is terminated. Technically, she still isn't allowed to sign things under the conservatorship. People are acting like she's free, when she is not. Hopefully she will be free on November 12!
  3. I wish she would leave the country OR atleast leave California. Live a life without paparazzi like you deserve. Her boys are old enough that they can fly to her now. She needs to put herself first. I love her, but if she retires she retires. I want her HAPPY.
  4. I will never forget when Britney had to leave the Lucky music video shoot early one day because she had to go see something JL was doing at school. She always put JL first, and was an incredible big sister and that little brat repaid her like this. I would NEVER do that to my siblings ever.
  5. Blood does not make a family, and I hope Britney learns that now. It is so horrible that THIS is the family Britney got, because she deserved so much better but I hope she completely cuts out Jamie Lynn, Jamie, and most or all of them that were not there for her. Jamie especially tried ruining her life and would have NEVER let her out of this conservatorship alive. He is evil, but so are the people who helped keep her there like JL. Lynne didn't even do anything until the fans were telling her to do something and she should be ashamed of herself for allowing this to continue. We love you, B! You do not need anyone who doesn't truly love you, in your life. Felicia has truly always loved Britney, and you could always tell. Her trying not to cry at the end of the documentary was heartbreaking. THAT is your family, Brit. I hope you reconnect with Fe soon.
  6. Are you kidding? Britney is angry that her SISTER who she loved so much, and gave a career to, did NOTHING to help her and in fact turned her back on her when she needed her most and instead became best friends with Lou Taylor, the woman who *allegedly* helped put Britney in a conservatorship with her father, and instead lived off Britney's millions and is now cashing in on a book and once again using her sister who she doesn't care to help and never has. THAT is why Britney is angry with her "sister". Oh and let's not forget that JL tried to shut the fans up with the Free Britney movement when it first started. Acting like it was all BS and fake, and basically echoing what Jamie was saying to the media.
  7. I was lowkey in love with Nathan Sykes and I still WOULD but he has to get rid of that hair
  8. Boring song and music video, but they really should stay together. None of them had anything going for them as solo acts and they are still good together and they can probably always tour with Glad You Came alone, and they will probably never be as big as they were (and maybe never in the US) but they can probably have some success in the UK. Hope they stay as a group like 98 Degrees and Backstreet Boys, etc.
  9. Who knows, but doubt it. I think Britney has been cut out from almost everyone (by Jamie) and I've never even heard her talk about her aunt ever so who knows. Maybe they were close at one time idk.
  10. It was the entire video Other than the reporter who said something after, but it was nothing new or important. That is all they showed after all that hype.
  11. Yeah that was it Literally the only other part was the reporter talking after and he also said nothing new. What a total waste of time, but if it continues to expose Jamie I'm here for it.
  12. Work ***** and then Make Me were both not great leads. If Britney were in control, we would have had better leads IMO. She always knew how to run her career not her old *** abusive father.
  13. That's it? They completely milked this interview and it was literally NOTHING. Ugh.
  14. I obviously believe her. Also she didn't get paid for this, guys. Like someone else said legit news does not pay for interviews. Jamie is going to go to JAIL, and Britney will be free very soon. My heart breaks for the pain my girl has gone through but holy crap she is STRONG.
  15. The original Make Me video wasn't good either, we saw pieces of it and it looked a mess. Britney made a good decision. To answer your question: Everything.
  16. Britney really is just brilliant and so smart and strong. I just love her. She is so special and those leeches tried to destroy her. I hope Britney NEVER trusts and lets these people back in her life ever again. Blood does not make a family. They hurt her horribly and none of them deserve to ever be in her prescence ever again.
  17. People need to stop speaking for her. She'll do whatever she wants from now on.
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