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  1. That's my ideal "Circus" album, how it could have been. (Personal priorities) First of all, the album's cover, I love this one very much. Ideal setlist of album: 01. "Dramatic" - Well, this song has a great circus vibe and could be a great opener for an album. 02. "Womanizer" - I personally don't like it (just not my type), but this song made a legendary comeback. (1st single) 03. "Circus" - it's pure perfection and video is lit. (2nd single) 04. "Out from Under" - I love how Britney sing here, gives a real emotional picture and connection. (4rd single) 05. "Shattered Glass" - everything in this track is great, a bop (possible 5th single, huh?) 06. "Mannequin" - mystery song, like it at the same page with "Freakshow" 07. "Freakshow" - same as for "Mannequin". 08. "Amnesia" - love this classic Britney, you love this song or dislike, but it definitely gives positive energy. 09. "Blur" - a compatible good song from Danja, that's what we need. 10. "Quicksand" (ft. Lady Gaga) - love this song, and how Gaga's background vocals sound like a duo. 11. "If You Seek Amy" - legendary F.U.C.K me controversy, ideally for Circus. 12. "Unusual You" - I don't like this song, but it suits album itself and others do like it too, okay for B-side. 13. "Telephone" (ft. Lady Gaga) - could be a tough album ender with iconic video, instead of Beyonce. (3rd single) Deluxe edition: 14. "Phonography" 15. "Lace and Leather" 16. "Dangerous" I'm sorry for fans of "Mmm Papi" and "My Baby", I just don't like these songs What is your opinion?
  2. To my mind, this song is iconic. The lyrics and manner of her singing. It suits Britney so much, she is like saying "**** off, b*tches, I'm still gorgeous". It could be a great response to JT, paparazzi, KF, and all the haters and compatible with "In the Zone" or "Blackout" (still there's Piece of Me for that reason). And it such an underrated bop, idk why they (Brit and her team) didn't let it happen and gave to that Japanese singer BoA.
  3. Can you guys share some Britney's references, parody or homage? Like this character Britney Britney in "Fairy Odd Parents" It would be cool to see how much influence she brought to the media.
  4. Still, it's better for us, more information - more answers to questions, more opinions about Britney, more we know what type of person she really is However, this interview gave 0 information
  5. Imagine, if Britney comebacks strong soon and hopefully, I still believe tho With what title should her tenth album come up? My offer is "Survivor"
  6. Maybe Britney decided to follow Rihanna's route missing in the music industry for a whole year
  7. Look at Sam's cloth and now look at Britney's one Does Sam feel comfortable with Britney dressed up like this? If my girlfriend was such a huge star and got dressed like that I wouldn't let her go outdoors in such look for her own sake.
  8. I hope that Britney will decide to take a break, relax with Sam and her family (here goes father and her sons). At least 6-12 months or even more. While she and her team I hope again will learn from the mistake of Domination will plan to write music and drop B10 (with promo and normal make-up, photo sessions, and speech) After, it is time to think about a new residency. I still believe that Brit's team not a total bunch of the amateurs not listening to the main fanbase.
  9. "It isn't real Britney, she was replaced by Illuminati clone. Original had been kidnapped by aliens and remains captured"
  10. Well, we waited 2 years to Britney Jean, then after 3 years to Glory, I think B10 (Domination) drops not earlier than 2020... (IMHO)
  11. Hey, darlings. Let's play the game. I want you to choose one of the following two songs each line. Just want to know which songs are closer to your hearts. This list includes bonus tracks and unreleased ones. First (similar to me): "Amnesia" or "If I'm Dancing" Second (getting over your ex and worthed to be 2nd single more): "Don't Go Knockin' My Door" or "Stronger" Third (like these tracks at the same level): "Break The Ice" or "Shattered Glass" Fourth (shake your body parts): "Up N' Down" or "Til It's Gone" Fifth (WooHoo themed songs): "3" or "If You Seek Amy" Sixth (are you naughty or loving): "Phonography" or "Don't Hang Up" Seventh (ballads battle): "Shadow" or "Everytime" Eighth (they touch my heart at the same level): "Before the Goodbye" or "Everyday" Ninth (another similar to me): "Ooh Ooh Baby" or "Womanizer" Tenth (which song deserved its place in Blackout?): "Sugarfall (Hooked On)" or "Why Should I Be Sad" Eleventh (more cognitive (wtf)): "Lucky" or "Cinderella"
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