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  1. I’m terrified that when ish finally goes south LouLou is going to hop a plane straight to Panama (or send Robin) and disappear forever Let’s not pretend James is/was intelligent enough to have a backup plan in case she dips out...
  2. My thought process is: Deep Fake= Make Instagram videos/do interviews while the actual person is an a medically induced coma. Hologram: Performs “in person” for an audience while actual person is in a medically induced coma
  3. 1 photo..same pose..6 days later. I love that she’s with the boys but let’s not get it twisted here y’all This post was the King of Crawfish flipping the script on them for leaking it to the fan page. Curveball! Gramps said yolo and posted it anyway. Who’s going to stop him? COURT IS 2 WEEKS AWAY... STAY VIGILANT.
  4. I actually 1000% agree with this... Being exposed would sadly absolutely push him over the edge.. or close to it. I personally don’t want to see any of that or hear the inevitable “look what her fans did to me” narrative. I wish he would just stop.
  5. Did he delete Twitter!? or was he pressed enough to block me!? 🧐
  6. *Leaked to a SP/JJ fan page Bet within the next 24 hours all 26 million will have seen this photo though... First posed pic of them since Disneyland in August 2019 and it’s watermarked and had NOTHING to do with JPS (who legally owns her Insta) I would have to say very strategic indeed
  7. I’m living for the fact they all straight up said “go **** a duck James” and leaked this to a fan page that included a watermark so it can’t go on her insta!!!! 😭💀😭💀😭💀 Also my heart grew 3 sizes finally seeing them together 🥺
  8. If you could say one thing to Britney, that you knew she would see What would it be? #positivevibesonly
  9. They keep bringing up the accountings like they are concrete proof... It’s not hard to make side cash... Make the cheapest quality merch with as little to no design cost possible, mark up the cost on paper, sell way over priced, sit back and 🤑 Example: Cost to make: $ Cost on paper: $$$ Sale Price: $$$$ Profit on paper: $ Actual profit: $$$ Cash Unaccounted for: $$
  10. I still believe LMT and JPS bought those Adnan Ghalib tapes from Mexico years ago and use them as leverage. Would a scuzzy paparazzo stay silent all these years without a fat payout?
  11. You got Louise out of bed hot and bothered for thaaaat?? She was shaking with joy at the thought of another cease and desist... How could you do that to her!? Poor things nerves must be fried as it is
  12. Bessemer are conservators. To my understanding they have the actual power to void NDA’s. Pending Penny doesn’t flip the script. You are right though the advice portion would be more on LL. Should have been clearer...🤷🏼‍♂️
  13. Isn’t Jodi the only person with that power at this point?? I feel like Loeb and Loeb advised him that the time to speak up (but just enough) is NOW, and that he’d be protected until Bessemer can step in and void his NDA completely
  14. Not that brave... A friend that visited Kentwood told me locals told her to “Beware of JS. He’s got a real bad temper and a few loaded guns” She asked if that story from years ago was real the response “not the first time not the last” Since I can’t personally verify their interaction this is allegedly and for entertainment purposes only!
  15. Interesting choice of documentary day Instagram posts... One in a mansion all alone “where is everyone” the other clearly bored out of her mind... notice she only mentions things she is allowed to do without permission?? Not go to Starbucks, take a walk on the beach, have dinner outside, call a girlfriend etc. Theme: Isolation
  16. Puts the building for sale 2 days after I casually said good morning. 😇 Tell me I’m reaching... I’m calling it as a good omen for the future
  17. Ive lived here 7 months, and never seen Tristar.. Showed up at todays job and it was literally right next door. Couldn’t help myself... What are the odds 😆
  18. Fe is going to say about as much as Bryan... She obviously signed an NDA, so it’s going to be a very limited conversation. But keep in mind the last time she spoke out, she was brutally honest but she spoke from the heart... https://nypost.com/2007/02/15/felicia-speaks/ I don’t think for a second she’d leave her comfortable place in the shadows to help Jamie personally nor would she EVER contribute to something that would be detrimental to B! (the zone was a trick 🥲) have a little faith.
  19. Because Travis Barker low key did the drums on it 🤘🏼 Tbh my top 2 teaming up was some exciting ish...
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