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  1. Me too i dont think i can support this anymore if she comes back its not even britney anymore
  2. Ok so harvey was just like "sam lutfis behind the free britney movement" and "someones gonna take her to another state" im ready to riot.
  3. Tmz were so good spinning everything to make her not ok? You noticed how there doing it again? They were all scared of her pissing her money down the drain that they stuck her into a cship. Thats prettty clear to see. Even doctors say she wws never sick and it was just depression and anxiety.
  4. Are you even a fan at this point? Because you clearly dont have very high thoughts on britney? What has she done in all these years for her to be clearly have "mental.health issues" in 2007 the umbrella the paparazzi would not leave her alone peoooe get angry i would do it too. Shaving the head rebelling she didnt want the barbie image. Everyone has breakdowns in life it does not mean they need a conservatorship. She wouldnt of died. Nothing remotely that bad even happened to her
  5. When are you gonna stop flip flopping? Ikr! And her shaving her head was clearly to stop being "britney spears" you noticed in 2007 she also dyed her hair black because she wanted to shed that barbie image she was rebelling i dont think she ever was crazy Exactly! She also only held her kids close because they were trying to take them away from her any mother would be the same.
  6. I think some of yall are being quite deluded i get you want her mental health good and that but theres no need for a conservatorship for that! Also its clear to see that lou from the beggining wanted britney under control from them emails and the way she just evaded her life it all adds up. She wanted money and she won and is now money laundering something you can tell with all these dodgy companies connected to her through tristar.. its a whole mess and i think its bad some people are just giving up and are like oooh she should be under it because of her mental health. No no one deserves there rights taken away ever! Just because we seen her out dosent mean shes free the fact people think like that is mind boggling its like saying oh that persons being abused but look they have makeup on today and look ok so it must be ok.... ?
  7. Ahhh the fact they suspended emailmypussy is telling. The fact there attacking fans now is outright disgusting.
  8. her dads so doing this... to make her have a breakdown again. she aint been relevant for them paps in ages now suddenly when she wants freedom shes being mobbed again makes you wonder if it was all her dad and lou back in 2007/8
  9. true 90s is back especially see-through tops and things. and i think she looks fab too.
  10. tbf tho aswell as shes not allowed the internet and not allowed out often.. she proberly dosent even know the latest trends and fashions. and oh i like her 2000s fashion.
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7045371/Britney-Spears-appears-high-spirits-flaunts-toned-stomach-errands-run-LA.html#reader-comments the comments on this.. all dragging her fashion its clear she still dresses from 2000s because her dad proberly dosent even let her buy new clothes.
  12. Funny how x17 are also on it like tmz now.. funny how theve come back trying to relive there hayday i guess..
  13. Thats deffinetely im free theres a word before the eeeee And why would she say weeee getting in a car And the way the pap goes "hell yeah!" ... Why would he say that to weeee idk guys i hear im freeeeeee
  14. its mad right her fashions gone more 2000s but in like a fashionable way. the belly tops are back,
  15. She could of i heard freee though but i find it weird why hed go hell yesh at her going weeee
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