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  1. She can’t have both separately but she can have schizoaffective disorder which is a combination of schizophrenia and a mood disorder.
  2. Wow so Rose really called Kate Winslet (my forever lesbian crush) an ******* in the comment section.😮
  3. This has been going on since the golden age of Hollywood, I just read an article on all the pills Marilyn Monroe was taking and it mentioned that all the stars we’re given a cocktail of uppers and downers to work. To keep them slim and give them energy so they could overwork them. I mean Marilyn was on more than the average Hollywood actress at the time as it is suspected that she was schizophrenic, but all of them took these meds.
  4. Agreed!!!!! I just thought to myself if this was on Katy’s album I would have liked it way more!!
  5. That’s what I don’t understand, a lot of people are on anti-depressants and mood stabilizers like you said, and it helps them, so what is Britney on? Or maybe she refuses to take the meds anymore and this is the mental illness unmedicated?
  6. I Think she is so far gone from mental illness, misusing/being forced to take a inappropriate cocktail of meds, and isolation, that there is a real possibility that she might not ever come back to who she was. I sincerely hope I'm wrong but it's what I feel right now about the situation. It's just so sad.
  7. I cried, I have no experience with PPD or birth but I have Depression and I really felt those words. I can’t wait to hear the rest.
  8. I cried when I heard. This hit hard. Santana was my favorite on Glee and Naya Rivera was such a beautiful, strong and confident soul. 33 is so young, I’m 32 and that makes me so sad.
  9. True but Britney is really not a good example of loving your natural self...she has had ALOT of plastic surgery, 3 nose jobs at least, the god awful smile lift, definitely something to her eyes and definitely a **** job back in the day. Anything I’m missing? That’s Hollywood. edit...to point out the fact the b.o.o.b has been censored on exhale.
  10. Thank you for caring. The good thing is I have a great therapist who I feel comfortable with, it’s just getting through the days when I don’t see her that is a struggle.
  11. It’s been a struggle with my PTSD, depression and anxiety lately.
  12. Agreed, this comment shouldn't be taken seriously, Amy was just playing the game. Really all of those anti-Britney comments were not about her as a person, but what she represented, fake, commercialized, manufactured, overproduced, *** object.
  13. Oh come on like she actually meant it, if she even said it at all.
  14. Honestly idc what Amy says about Britney, her opinion is her opinion. When it comes to Britney Spears or Evanescence, though they both meant something at different stages of my life, I will always choose Amy Lee and Evanescence over Britney Spears any day. Amy Lee is real, personal and has depth and emotion and I relate to her way more than any artist. Unlike Britney who I like for pearly nostalgic reasons, I still love and relate to Amy’s songs and alway will. My love for Amy Lee is forever, Britney was just a childhood phase.
  15. This, it was a little weird when all she posted was teacups, flowers and religious and inspirational quotes But now it’s at the bizarre and concerning stage.
  16. That is interesting talking about Britney aside, just his passion for production and how he hears things in songs, I don’t know who this is but I enjoyed the interview.
  17. I don’t believe this is accurate, they didn't even use Marilyn’s birth name Norma Jean Baker, plus Marilyn didn’t have a relative with the last name Monroe, Marilyn Monroe was a made up stage name.
  18. Honestly I’m 31, I grew up with Britney, I absolutely never heard/totally forgot about those pregnancy rumors back then...also regarding the CPR, who is W.R.? Wade Robinson? and how do we know rumor? Just curious a lot of this stuff I never knew, which is hard to believe.
  19. Also, I wouldn’t doubt if Britney wanted or if someone suggested she get an abortion with Justin, she was at the peak of her stardom then, a baby would have ruined everything. It would also help explain the wanting to get married and have kids right after that relationship ended, perhaps she felt guilty I only say this because of her Christian religious upbringing.
  20. Re-reading Britney’s wiki page, said Larry was a close family friend before he pitched her to record labels. Larry did make everything happen for her, I really hope this all just bs, because if it wasn’t, it fits, I don’t know how old he was.
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