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  1. I agree with you ive never believed he was her real boyfriend just like all the others but he can wait theres bigger fish to fry first hes only a small fish in a big big pond Has the gramgirls come back with anything yet they seem to be talking ages i know they went on a bit of a break but surley they have more info by now
  2. From what i can gather shes britneys new judge Omg you are all mad i cant stop laughing
  3. Lol just so you know im not tess or barb But it might be worth a shot Looking forward to the draft
  4. What if you sent britneygram something that they could read out on behalf of the fans just to make the message a bit clear
  5. Everyone should stop following her all her followers are probarly britney fans anyway She who she has left to flog her crap to then
  6. And someone keeps turing the page while your trying to learn i cant keep up with all this
  7. So you think if she gets out of the cship she will make the album you all want jesus christ we dont know **** for all we know she could get out and want to run around at nigbt with the paps and she lets sam into her life again just like last time onlly this time her family wont do **** cause her fans wanted her free so she can make them the best album and then she ends up dead Lads seriously yous all need to cop on if thats why yous want her free for all we know she might need to be in one we dont know whats going on but her health and well being should be first and foremost
  8. The problem is, always has been and always will be is that britney is one of the biggest stars in the world and has been in a cship for 11 years and britney nor her team has ever addressed it i know she is entitled to her privacy and maybe britney herself doesnt want the world to know whats wrong with her but people are obviously going to keep questioning it as long as shes in it and still prerforming she obviously suffers from some form of mental illness otherwise they would of never of got her into a cship and its very obvious to see shes not the same person or preformer anymore she is a shell of her former self and for britbey her family and team to act in public as if everthing is ok and nothing happened has just made it so much worse we dont know if its her ilness medication or the chip that has her the way she is but i hope when she does get out of the facility that her father takes her away from the spotlight and lets larry and co go her team is too involed in her personal life anyways they always have been He should do what he should of done in 2007 and let her get better and live her life in peace maybe if she gets her persoonal life happy and content then she might make her way back herself in her own time
  9. He obvously wasnt just a ramdom guy if her team put out a story saying she didnt want to go So they basically confirmed what he said was true If he was just a ramdon guy they would of just ignored it or said its fake Nobody wants to win the facicilty treatment battle we have all said if britney needs to be in there to get help fine and if doctors say britney needs to be in the cship thats also fine but obvously then they would have to let her retire cause she would be deemed to gravely ill to work that should of been the case from the moment she was put in the cship the problem is they nor britney has ever said what exactly is wrong with her they have just sugar coated it for years cause if they actually did come out and say shes gravly ill she needs to be in this for life everyone would be questioneming why she is ok to work and they dont want people questioing that cause shes obviously healthy enough to bring in the money End of story
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