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  1. she used to cut them ok, like the 2008 VMA ones, versace. But the new ones that are cut waayyyy too shot just look off, too tight etc..
  2. the video where she is wearing properly fitting clothes? jeans, pulling in her stomach and covering her arms ? yeah i did.
  3. you can't blame the paparazzi for unflattering fashion sense and ill fitting swim suit. If you are worried about how your body looks, make some effort in what u wear instead of bashing the photographers. and i hate to be the one defending the paps but comeon brit
  4. I havent posted on here in weeks. I agree that the fanbase is too dramatic and complaining about everything. BUT this whole posting spree is strange. There's something off about it and it's just Brit being Cringy. There's also a HUGE dismissive attitude from her side/post to the fanbase, the freebrit movement to the people that actually care about her and make her who she is. Britney is no one without her fanbase. She's just a girl from the south. And you cannot be surprised that some fans find what is happening now offensive when they care so much for her and put so much effort into her wellbeing and they shown complete disregard. I am personely just taking distance, this is emotionally draining. i get she cant speak but there are ways she can show some love for the fans like they do for her and not the opposite. Unless something clears up with the whole mess. And i am sorry she does owe us this for the millions she has gathered, for the people who mobilised and protested for her wellbeing and defended her for years. we do deserve an explanation. If she just releases music and keeps on going as if nothing happened and even posts dismissive stuff about the fans then that the end of her.
  5. what do you mean hate ? it's one of her best ever, specially the MV, she was sooooo fierce and hot in it. and the choreo and the lives and the austin powers.... great epic era
  6. yes because official sources have said that many times. Her mom said in an interview back 11 years ago that they gave her an allowance of around 800 USD a month.
  7. Sweatheart, she tried and failed to get out. Regardless if it was yesterday or 10 years ago. Clearly there are things stopping her, either custody, visitation, contracts etc.... The court orders it does not mean that there are faults in the system, that people take advantage of loopholes that there might be corruption. Your assumption that everything should be fine just because it is and the court said so is ridiculous. She can't handle her finances and her personal matters? then she can Hire her own people to do that for her the way she wants it done like normal people of her stature do. Don't throw mental health issues excuses my way because that's also unsubstantiated, and she is not even diagnosed with anything. If she's diagnosed with something as serious as that that she should not make the simplest choices than she should be resting, taking care of herself and not working like a slave. If her father doesn't approve with the people she hires with the people she works with with the way she runs her business and if you don't approve then that's your problem. She should have the power to run her business to the ground IF she wanted to. No one should force they're own points of view on anyone. Rock out with your ***** out
  8. Exactly! i mean i love my parents and love seeing them. but when i visit i start suffocating after two days just because parents can be suffocating. And that's just with small things and not even having issues... i can't even imagine what it must feel like for her. Just numbness
  9. I agree, except that it is scary because it is abusive. He probably has "good" intentions but that's not enough. I am gay and if i had my religious and conservative father ruling my life and enforcing his views which he thinks are good it would be horrible. She was never in danger of "Dying". She was just lost and felt she had no one to trust and was all alone, of course you need your familys support but they took advantage and abused their power. And there's nothing she can do about it. And her dad has this military dictator know it all attitude (which alot of parents have in regards to their child specially when they disapprove of their children's behavior. but as a child as you grow up you can tell them to **** off and live ure life the way u want and **** up the way you want). It is really bad, because it's suffocating and it has made her more vegetable then human over the last years. If that's not a scary movie i don't know what is
  10. not a fan of the Brows for her birthday at all. they look nicer darker/her natural color
  11. Her outfit and body for the Bambi however is the best . the hat, makeup and hair not so much though
  12. I know you guys are amazing and i love you all. And that's because we love her for being herself. No shade to Beyonce for example but she bores me to death with her Diva god like syndrome. I love Brit for being down to earth and just human. For being sensitive, vulnerable for being hard working for being rebellious, she's a Rockstar but also the sweetest person ever and we should all aspire to be like her. And that's why a lot of us including myself disconnected after circus only until glory because the Britney they were selling us was not the Britney i know. And i do not care for Nb1s and global hits but that's all there was i appreciate that some people became fans in those eras because i guess they could still see who she is and look at her back catalogue but those were terrible years. A disconnected Brit singing manufactured EDM party songs just milking her legacy. What happened to her in 07-08 was Tragic she tried to rebel and stand up for herself and they broke her. They f**king broke her and forced her into submission with the kids' custody on the line and she got stock. It's f**king sad. I hope she better and she can be whoever she needs to be and do whatever she needs to do. Whatever we can do to help we will do and that's the kind of kindness i guess we want to put in the world and want to see in the world. And for this i love you all regardless of how cheesy and hippie this sounds. <3 ROCK OUT WITH YOUR ***** OUT !
  13. exactly, i am not refuting she might have "smth" but i do and always understood her behaviour back then and even commend her for the blackout part of having the balls to stand up for herself and trying to take control of her life. It backfired and they made her pay. They made her pay bigtime
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