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  1. My jaw DROPPED. Also, her hair! She looks perfect. Congratulations they’re clearly very happy. That’s all that matters.
  2. I really hated it on first listen but now I’ve played it an hour straight. It’s not bad. And the girl can moveeee
  3. Brunette Hilary for Dignity wasn’t a total flop, but it wasn’t the same success she had in other albums. It was a different sound, a different image and (IMO) ahead of its time. I looove dark Hilary though.
  4. I…don’t know about this. I could see these playing at a club potentially but otherwise the original album was fine and I don’t think these remixes were needed…I did like Alice, Free Woman, Fun Tonight and Sour Candy. The Babylon Haus version was decent too. But overall, not a fan :( I will say - it doesn’t sound like anything else rn so I love the creativity! I bet if THIS was the album we’d be losing our minds over it.
  5. I’m so confused now. Is he or is he not down. The way it’s ALL over the news makes me not even care. The world pressure will still kick him out.
  6. Good for her. You can tell she feels more comfortable saying what she wants now that she has a lawyer that has her back for sure. She probably doesn’t need to feel as scared now. Can she unfollow JL now.
  7. Y’all I’ve been ASLEEP for hours. This was the best thing to wake up to. Destroy them Britney 😌
  8. Came here for the comments. Y’all are savage. Keep it up 😂
  9. I love the part where he said if Jamie loves his daughter he will step down and he said no. There you go. it’s only just beginning. I’m so proud of Britney using her voice and being so brave!! I’ve been travelling all day and finally got to read everything. I’m buzzing, can’t wait for whats next.
  10. It’s a good song. I like the lyrics. Pretty direct! It sounds like an evermore reject that the producer put on his album but I’m here for it
  11. I’m trying to hate it. I want to hate it. But I can’t. Sorry the hook is decent, and my little gay self is relating to the lyrics 😢 but I do hate the music video it’s too creepy for me
  12. I’m so proud of her. She’s making headlines for this so the pressure is on and the truth is out!!! I love how she owned it: it’s her hard work, it’s her money, she’s great at what she does etc. Most of all it’s nice to hear her speak. She sounded like herself. so was Jamie being ill all a lie btw?
  13. I’ve been stuck in work meetings all day and finally caught up. It’s worse than I ever imagined and I’m glad we were right ALL ALONG. The people who did this to her should go to jail. I’m SO proud of Britney I’m shaking
  14. 30 songs?! Damm girl it’s gonna be a 2 hour long album but I’m here for it. No one is working as hard as Taylor rn seriously. Surprised it’s such a long wait into Nov. 1989 would be perfect for the summer but oh well. excited none the less! Great cover and really interested if what she left out from All too well!!
  15. It’s growing on me. I like that she didn’t do the expected melodramatic sad kind of thing. This was a pleasant surprise. But I think she has way more in her than this.
  16. Thats so true. Tattoo would have some more hype. This is so common with Hilary’s music: sooo much potential and some small missteps :(
  17. This album, and Dignity are sooo incredible. Solid pop albums. Very few skips. I think leading her come back with Chasing the Sun was the biggest mistake. It wasn’t a good song. Had she started with Sparks as the first real single, it would have been bigger. Not everyone found Sparks. Regardless, will be streaming this bomb album all day!!
  18. I’m pleasantly surprised with the album. For me it doesn’t have replay value (yet) but for a debut album it’s pretty damn good. When other Disney stars back in the day had a debut it was all bubblegum but this is a little more angsty. Reminds me of Avril/Ashlee with some Taylor.
  19. I feel like this isn’t real but one can hope. The first film was so campy and fun. I can still see the look on my dad’s face when I asked him for it on VHS 😂 #gayawakening
  20. Love this song! I thought this era was over after her moonlight release or whatever guess not lol
  21. Good for her. But I would rather a chromatica ball so she’d come closer to me 😌
  22. He is cute and he knows it but it’s just so obvious what he’s doing. I also preferred him a bit bulkier looks like he toned up. Will wait for his onlyfans though 🧐
  23. Very good and powerful message. But I won’t be listening to it again it’s super forgettable and bland sounding.
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