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  1. I'm afraid of a side B. For me Future Nostalgia is so good, she shouldn't release a Side B that can ruin the album. She should release a small EP with 7-8 songs in the same universe as FN but under another title. That way she could also pretend for another Grammy and also if it flops FN will still be a success.
  2. Omg I didn't know. I'm so sad I always hoped to have this video like 20-30 years later as a remembrance of the old times
  3. It depends if the song is good it's ok for me. Take ANTI by the Avon Lady. Full of 2 minutes songs but they are all good af. The album is good thanks to it. Sometimes it's frustrating bc we want more (Hi Higher). But I love long songs I think they are the best. You can have a 6 minutes song which feels like 3 songs in one. Or big masterpiece with a real work production (Bad Romance).
  4. Taylor, Riri or Lana Taylor went from country and became the biggest pop star. Red: flawless, a perfect transition in her evolution 1989: a pop gem, Reputation: Gosh, the new bible of pop, her best album, the visuals, the sounds, the shades, the snakes ICONIC Lover: not her best work but I consider it as a gift for the fans not the GP As for Rihanna, she evolved a lot and went from one hit wonder to pop legend. This decade certified her status. But she hasn't release a lot of albums. Only 3 which is not a lot and only two are good. Anti is that *****. Loud is unforgettable and full of bops. Lana didn't have a big evolution unfortunately but even with no big success she is considered as an amazing artists. She is doing her thing amazingly and the rest she doesn't care. Ultraviolence, BTD and Paradise (LFL too) are masterpiece.
  5. For those who says it is innocent until proven guilty, just listen to Praying by Kesha and hear her pain. You should even listen to what Kelly Clarkson said about him. Or even Gaga or other artists who talked about him. I can't believe some people won't believe a word for a ****** assault victim. Why lying about it? Do you what a victim feels after a ****? I hope you'll never find out. As I said before I still listen to Circus, Since U Been Gone, Girlfriend, ET, Animal etc. I just can think about listening to new stuff after the Kesha's case.
  6. That's why I don't listen to this song. Or to any Kim Petra's song. I can't separate the art from the artist bc somehow the artist puts a bit of himself in it. I have family members and friends who were ***** and just to see their pain when a ****** gets awards or success is terrible. Some artists had cultural impact with their work (for ex: Woody Allen, Polanski) I won't deny their great work but I won't support their new ones. That is why I don't mind listening to Dr.Luke old productions with Britney, Kesha or Katy. I think even Kesha told her fans not to stop listening to her old songs because it was part of her history. I could talk about it for hours but I won't waste your time
  7. Yeah but I mean after the release of BJ and Glory she could have change the setlist and include more songs to promote the albums. Especially, BJ which was released 2 weeks before POM and promoted as if it was an album for the residency.
  8. Confession time: I always criticise BJ and say it's her worst album but at the time of the release I found it very good. Like c'mon Don't Cry is amazing. Now that I found you is straight out from an Avicii album. Body Ache is gay voguing club vibes. This album has really some good dance jams. Still not her best and maybe sounds dated now but it was good back then.
  9. As a second or third single it could have been a hit
  10. Welcome to my flop topic I'm really bored right now so I though what if Britney actually performed song from Myah Jean during POM. Britney is the queen of not performing her studio albums during their promotional tour ( Yeah I'm talking about the Circus tour in particular). I imagined something for the POM residency. I only remplace 2 songs the rest is just added songs. 23 songs performed which is not that much and could be realistic. What do you think about it guys? Show me yours with the tour of your choice 1-WB 2-Womanizer 3-3 4-Passenger 5-Perfume 6-Baby/Oops 7-Don’t Cry 8-MATM 9-Tik Tik Boom 10-GM/BTI/POM 11-Boys 12-It Should Be Easy 13-Body Ache 14-Slave 15-Freakshow 16-Alien 17-Till It’s Gone 18-Circus 19-I wanna Go 20-Lucky 21-Toxic 22-Stonger/Crazy 23-TTWE
  11. I'm still in college. I'm studying English in order to teach in France. At the same time, I work as a caissier in a supermarket. It's cool, I like it but there is very harsh days of work. The clients are the worst and best part of this job. You just need to be patient. I was supposed to teach English in a primary school. I should have started the same week as the closure of the schools in France. I'm a bit sad bc it would have been such an amazing opportunity for a beginner. It's still waiting to start it in September. They also told me, they would need some help in June for some paperworks and the after school activities.
  12. They were desperate for the number one gosh... But who tf really believed she would have shown her *****??
  13. Nicki Menage finally have her number 1. Hope she is happy. She could bring it out during her feuds with fellow rappers. A shame she had it with a remix which had 3 different versions but she had it so... I still think she doesn't deserve it and should be more humble for her success. Justice for Savage Remix best remix since the 00's.
  14. OMG slay-ney I like the original bc it's coherent with her past album (like some similar vibes/styles (cf:ITZ, FF,BJ) but this one is amazing. This era could have been one of her best if she had a proper team and her vision accepted. When she is in control she gives us the best of her (Blackout says hi )
  15. So sad of fatphobia (it is how it is called?) She looks great skinny but she was already beautiful and fabulous with curves
  16. I like Stupid Love, it's a good song but I got bored very quickly. I listen to the leak of Free Woman and I don't like it.. You know I'm a LM but since the beginning of this era I'm not feeling it. First, everything is leaking. Then, Gaga seems so fake and tries so hard to have her past looks back but it seems really forced. There is some other things I don't like either like selling 4 different K7 or album version just with a bit change and with big prices. The tickets for the show in Paris were way too expensive. She didn't use to sell her stuff with such prices I don't understand. Where is the music not the bling? I feel like she is trying to sell her 2009-2011 style to her fans just to gain money and release a pop album so she can do whatever she wants now. No matter what style she does I will follow her. I loved Cheek to Cheek. I liked most stuff in Joanne (just not the looks but the rest was good). I just don't like when she does something she doesn't want Okay sorry for the essay
  17. Email my heart is amazing. One of my fav apart from the single, maybe a bit cheesy for her to sing now but still an underrated song af. Better than all BJ combined Deep in my heart is one of my fav from the album. It could have been a success, especially if she did a remix à la Crazy. Autumn Goodbye would be my third choice. Such a shame it is a bonus track. For the singles, I would say FTBOMBH is an underrated song. It is one of her 3 best ballad single of her career. Gosh, I would pay thousands to see her singing it live again
  18. Hard to do the list so I'm going with top artists in 2019/2020 Billie Green-ish: I discovered her way before her success with Don't smile at me (wow what an EP, one of the best work of 2017), but I hate her album. I don't like it except from 3-4 songs. Also, her personality..the dark depressive rebellious teenager I hate it and she seems so sad. I want to hug her and to tell her to stop making music Drake: I liked his previous work (until Views) but now I don't understand his success??? It's boring af same thing with Post Malone. Their success is a mystery Now I'm going to be cancelled: Norman ******* Rockwell is the worst 2019/Lana's album I'm not going to defend myself for this one just stream Ultraviolence and Born to Die
  19. From what she released in 2019 I only liked Never Really Over and 365. The rest so I'm kind of anxious to see what she is going to offer this time
  20. Omg she is so pitiful I really loved her until the Queen album. I consider the Pink Print as one of the best rap albums. But then Cardi came and she started being hateful bc she had a #1 and a grammy plus all of her scandals with her ****** or murderer boyfriend (don't remember what he did) and the scandals with the ********* multicolore guy.. She should breath and start making great rap songs again. The charts doesn't matter. Proof: she was considered as a legend in rap music even though she didn't have a #1 and a grammy now she is seen as a childish and jealous women
  21. It is but not her best You should listen more by her. Like really
  22. It was hard to choose but clearly Paradinha is one of my fav by her She has so many good songs and iconic too
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