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  1. I checked Billboard charts. All of Britney’s singles (except for BOMT, FTBOMBH and Stronger) charted only on the airplay chart and were N/A on the sales chart. There’s also some Billboard articles confirming it. But I think it was a common thing at the time because the singles market was dead and albums were the main metric of success. Regardless the few times Britney released physical singles they were still selling great, I mean look: Hot Single Sales chart-runs (physical sales) ...Baby One More Time: 23-15-11-6-5-6-3-3-1-1-1-1-2-2-4-8-17-28-38-55 (20 weeks) From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart: 73-3-1-2-5-7-8-6-8-8-7-7-10-10-11-10-9-7-10-16-23-25-36-43-56-58-67-75 (28 weeks) Stronger: 14-11-11-2-1-2-5-5-5-9-12-14-14-23-24-29-29-25-31-35-36-45-45-49-48-48-55-65-69-73-x-73-71-x-57-56-63-x-74 (36 weeks)
  2. Well that’s not a fair comparison at all though Lucky wasn’t physically released in America and charted at #23 only based on airplay. The same way #21 hit Sometimes was bigger than #14 hit FTBOMBH
  3. Lucky was a bigger hit. It was a bigger in the US and especially in Europe where it was as big as Oops. Nowadays in terms of legacy I’d say they’re almost equal. They almost have the same amount of streams both on YouTube and Spotify
  4. Why was this thread bumped anyways I don’t think she should have retired after Circus tour but FF era should have been postponed because she was clearly not ready. I mean the release of HIAM was an event, the song jumped straight to #1 on iTunes, broke airplay records and debuted at #1 on BBH100 with 411,000 copies sold, the most downloads sold by a female artist 1st week at the time. This just shows you that she had so much hype after Circus era. After that the promotional campaign was a mess, her abilities as a performer had heavily declined, FFT ended up being the least commercially successful tour of her career and although Femme Fatale is a good album, it’s very soulless and it’s clear she wasn’t involved at all with it. So much potential completely ruined
  5. It got another 479,422 streams, which is good for Sunday
  6. -Early Mornin’ -Piece of Me -Mannequin -How I Roll -If I’m Dancing If she decides to reconsider her retirement I hope she releases more experimental tracks since critics seem to appreciate this side of her considering that both How I Roll and If I’m Dancing made several decade-end lists
  7. The entire Glory album. Also some songs on Circus because I believe she was still kinda passionate during that era (obviously not as much as before but still). Femme Fatale and Britney Jean are her most soulless albums
  8. Hahah it’s not real but it’s a meme there’s multiple videos like this
  9. It’s the mediatraffic chart. It’s not official but it’s pretty reliable. Britney has 9 #1’s there -...Baby One More Time -(You Drive Me) Crazy -Born To Make You Happy -Oops!... I Did It Again -Me Against The Music -Toxic -Everytime -Womanizer -Scream & Shout Lucky, Gimme More, 3 and Hold It Against Me peaked at #2 there
  10. Pls someone make a thread about this since mine flopped. We need to organize another streaming party like we did with Womanizer
  11. Those 388k streams were for Thursday, on Friday it had again its biggest day @JordanMiller I wanted to update the OP but I can’t
  12. If this becomes her AIFCIY and every time there’s a pandemic it tops the charts
  13. After being added to the COVID-19 playlist Toxic had its biggest day on Spotify And also Britney Spears - Toxic iTunes: #855 United States (+263) #1130 United Kingdom (NE) Spotify: #79 Latvia (NE) Apple Music: #467 Finland (+2) #1362 United Kingdom (NE)
  14. I love the fact that she went back to pop but maybe after ASIB success she would’ve been better off releasing a ballad. The GP may not be into pop Gaga anymore. Obviously there was some hype surrounding her new single and that’s why it had a nice peak but it didn’t click with the GP. Hopefully the Ariana collab will have some longevity
  15. She said it herself in the video “I put my hand on her butt” as far as I know touching someone else’s back without their permission is ****** assault
  16. Marta ******** assaulted Britney and therefore she got kicked out lol. It’s that simple I don’t understand why some people are making such a big deal out of it
  17. Oh yeah I kinda knew about this but I mean, for as long as I’ve been here, there have been multiple rumors and when they didn’t turn out to be true no one really had a huge meltdown, I mean yeah there were some minor meltdowns but nothing particularly huge. Also was this meltdown only among Exhalers or among the entire fanbase? Because other than Exhale, a great part of the Army is on Twitter or ATRL
  18. Yeah I do lol and I still think about it omg. I remember the video popped up on my YouTube and after watching it I checked Exhale (I still wasn’t a member but I was lurking at the time). However was it a huge meltdown? Like did Exhale crash and stuff?
  19. Can someone detail what happened with the desert performance? Like I kinda know happened but I still don’t understand why the meltdown was so huge also when did y’all find out about the Myah mess?
  20. Oh yeah the “Make Me...” video leak too but I feel like it was a minor meltdown along with Domination cancellation, meanwhile #FreeBritney was pretty big, iirc Exhale even crashed a few times because there were too many people browsing and the thread, which is still active, ended up with thousands of pages
  21. I only joined in late 2018 so the only meltdowns I’ve witnessed where the Domination cancellation, which could be considered a minor meltdown and when #FreeBritney started. I often hear about the desert performance drama but I’m still not quite sure what the whole drama was about lol
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